Long day......... part 2

Part 2
She reaches for a drink, she rises from the bed, her breasts feel heavy and her nipples hard, she drinks from a bottle of water, he runs his finger down her spine and circles the top of her bum, then he leans over and kisses her cheek. He stands, his cock still firm, his balls empty. He goes to the bathroom. She replaces the water on the cabinet and lay on the bed, a smile covers her faces as she relives every moment of the few hours so far. The sound of water splashing in the bath fills the quietness of the room, he stand beside her, Come on sexy, he holds out his hand to help her from the bed, she stands before him , he smiles and kisses her, her lips soft and sensual. He leads her to the bathroom and hold her hand as she climbs into the warm shower, he follows the warm water falling over her hair, cascading over her body, his hands reach round her and he pull her tight against him, as they both step back under the water, she reaches for the shower gel, her hand fill with the gel and places her hands on his chest, his nipples firm, his body taught, she runs her fingers through his chest hair, then glides them down to his cock and balls, he smiles and turns her round, his hands of gel run over her body, the soap cover her back and her bum, he probes her ass and soaps the tender bum that he just fucked, he smiles as she give a little gasp, her then gently slides in two fingers, she leans back her wet hair against his shoulder, your just too naughty she says, he just smiles broadly , turns her round and runs his soapy hands over the curvy body. Once again she hold his soaped cock and balls and glides her hands over them, he said ,you have killed me for the moment, she smiles, and whispers he’ll come back, I know he will, they change places in the shower and remove all traces of soap. He turns off the water and steps from the bath, he hold out his hand and she steps from the bath, he places a bath robe around her shoulder, and as he closes it his hands brush her nipples, and runs his hand down her moist curves and hooks his finger in to find her clit, she leans back slightly to watch him. She dries his shoulder with a towel, come you’ll get cold. She leaves him drying and returns to the bed. Sliding the robe from her shoulder she, climbs into bed and under the covers.
She faces away from him, sl**py and content. Then it happens the most horny guy in the world climbs into bed, his cock already firm, he snuggles up tight behind her spooning, his cock nudging in to her, but his met his match, she is just a horny as he.
He garb her breasts, and she lifts her legs slightly, his cock slides pass her arse and finds her wet cunt, she backs onto his firm head and feels him push all the ways in. She slides her hand in between the covers and finds her clit, her finger rubs and dances over her firm clit, she gyrates on his cock as he tugs at her nipples, her juices start to flow and his cock slides in and out and her juices cover his balls, she clenches hard, his cock deep in her, she pushed back harder on him and then her body shudders as she grabs the sheet beneath them, she groans a soft, but powerful sound, he knows that sound well as she cums hard, he holds her tight against him, as her body twitches and her breathing slows, his cock still in her, he feels the muscles of her cunt twitch and flex as they relax.
He kisses down her neck, and his finger run down her spine ,he whispers, “ you satisfied now?”. She lays her head back and kisses him, and gives a little smile, the contentment showing in her eye’s, but he knows, the morning has slid into early afternoon and there is much more to follow………

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1 year ago
wish we could have been there so horny babe xx
1 year ago
Oh you are such a clever girl I felt I was there with you wish I had been xx