Laying on the bed, crisp white sheets d****d over our bodies, leaning towards you we start kissing, coming up for air I say “ don’t move”.
my hands run over your chest, nails gently scratch over your nipples. Then you feel my warm breath over your chest, my tongue would find your now pert nipples and play, suck until they are hard, then gently bite them, till you take a deep breath
With my mouth occupied on your chest, my index finger on my left hand would trace slowly down your body, it gently touches the tip of your moist cock .
Tracing round the outline of your firm cock my fingers stroke your balls, pulsing from my touch my hand gently grips your smooth skin, and i bite your right nipple again, you groan, and swear at me.
Still biting your nipple gently, the intentness soothed by my breath, you look down at me and my finger slides under you and follows a line to your tight bum, my finger strokes you tight silky hole.
I let go of your nipple, and you try to touch my bum, i said DON’T MOVE !
I kiss down your body and breath over your cock, it quivers and stands firmly to attention.
I then lick then end of your pre cum soaked cock.....mmm, playing close attention to your helmet, you breath in for ages.
Teasing my finger strokes your tight bum, as my lips slide round your cock, moist and warm, I slide the full length of your shaft and clamp my mouth firmly, per cum runs down as my tongue plays with your silky head
i slowly pump your cock in my mouth, and look up at you as your groan with pleasure, your eyes shut.
I pump firmly then slide my lips slowly from your silky head, and lick up and down your shaft.
as i lick down your shaft, i find your balls and lick and suck on them, you groan, then with my finger in your bum i lift your legs and start to lick your bum. your roll onto your side and allow me to lick and finger your bum,
Taking a firm grasp of your cock and start to wank you, your cock firms, quivers, pre cum runs over my fingers.
i carry on licking your tight bum and wanking your cock, you groan and moan,
you ask to cum inside me , but i take no notice of you.
I wank your cock harder with firm hand
fingering your bum with smooth strokes, i lean over you thigh and start to suck your cock.
i you tell me your going to cum, i keep sucking, sensual i carry on sucking you , playing with you cock with my tongue. warm spunk fills my mouth as you groan with pleasure.
i suck ever last drop from you.
Laying there just enjoying the past minutes, I lift my head, cum running from the corner of my mouth, you lift your torso and lean into me, we kiss, as you fall back onto the bed, I snuggle in bedside you.
You are a naughty girl…..you say as we lay in each others arms.

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1 year ago
that was awesome!!
1 year ago
Oh God - yes Pleeeease !
1 year ago
That is just so erotic such promise of pleasure Id love to hear more
1 year ago
oh the thought ofsheer pleasure having your hot tounge and fingers have given me lovely hard on...this fantasy needs to come true...I'm soo hard it hurts
1 year ago
Hot x