Fun on the tube ( sexed up)

Her phone rings, "hi" says the gentle voice a guy. "you all set for our day in the city"?
"Mmmm" she replies, "what’s the plan"?
"Are you ok to wear something special for me"? He replies. "Special"? she enquires, " like what"?
He pauses and thinks for a moment, "how about that short black skirt, holdups, heels, that sheer cream blouse, with a black bra, oh and bring a cardigan, it may get cold"
Listening to the soft breath down the phone, she pauses and slowly and seductively runs her fingers over her moist pussy, caressing her clit ever so softly. "What about panties" she says softly, playfully biting her bottom lip, then pausing to enjoy the wetness of her fingers as they stroked her willing lips, gently parting ever so slightly to allow her index finger to explore her willing hole
He smiles as he says "no panties babe, travel down here with no nicks on"
"What do you have planned"she asks.
"You will see, it will be fun". They continue a normal conversation, their last words that day are "you, see you tomorrow".
Dressed as requested she arrives at a busy London station, her heart beating fast, she’s acutely aware that people are giving her inquisitive looks as she know her black bra is very visible under her blouse. Where is he? she wonders, maybe he's late, or is he standing looking at her from a far, getting turned on by the looks of passers by.
Her phone rings, his sexy voice says, "where are you"?, "near the information desk" she replies, "ok i see you" came the reply.
The she feels the warmness of his breath as he stands behind and softly kisses her neck, she stands still and enjoys the moment as her lover slides his hand up her skirt feeling the top of her lace hold ups, she can feel the moistness of her pussy and the temptation to guide her lovers hand down to her willing clit was growing by the second.
He takes her hand, looks down at her breast, with a little adoring groan, they make their way down to the bustling underground, travelling down on the escalators they chat about the journey, his morning at work, he slowly leans forward and kisses her head, his hand seductively brushes her skirt, he breathes in a hushed tone and smiles"you naughty girl".
Standing close together on the busy tube, her lovers hands gently sliding up and down her leg, skirt rising with each stroke, suddenly his hand moves towards her moist pussy, his finger tip gently parts her lips and then gently withdrawing his moist finger, he leans closer and says in hushed tones "you are a slut" and passionately kisses her full on the lips and licks his fingers.
Reaching their stop, they stroll off the train and ride on the steep escalator, standing behind her, slowly fingering her pussy, making her wetter and wetter. "Where are we going"she asks, "to the river, its lovely down there" came the reply
Now out in the street they chat and walk, holding hands,jay-walking towards the to the banks of the river.
He leans again the wall and pulls her towards him they kiss a long and lingering kiss, her leg between his. His firm cock throbbing. The people on the street, just walk on by with no concept of their world.
Her hand slides over his cock, it throbs and twitches with her every touch, his tight trousers getting tighter as his manhood grows. She finds the tip of his cock and rubs her thumb across and a small damp patch is felt. His eyes are drawn to her cleavage; his finger traces her sumptuous breast line. "Mmmmm, a fab view"…….. he smiles and kisses her. They walk and talk, hand in hand along the bank of the river, other people rushing in the city.
"Come on,lets ride the tube",tightening his firm grip around her hand, once again into the underground play ground , for another round of fingering pussy, licking fingers and touching his cock smiling and kissing as the world passes by. Leaving the tube once more, they and sit in the park, her lover making some phone calls as she playfully teases his hard cock discreetly through his now bulging trousers, locals and palace sightseers meandering past the park bench oblivious to their sexual arousal, she leans her head forward and bites his firm throbbing cock through his trousers, in return his hand slides down the back of her skirt, gently stroking the base of her spine; he pulls her tighter towards him and slides his fingers in her wet pussy, after a few moments of playing, his finger strokes her tight bum, she groans with pleasure, feeling her cunt filling with her juices.
Leaving the bench behind they head of toward the bustling London streets, full of people who are blissfully unaware of the height of sexual tension between these two lovers,
Travelling the tube is great fun……………………. Will they?
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