My new big friend (toy)

A few days ago I was restless in the city. I roamed around not quite knowing what I was after. At some point I wound up in a sexshop, wanting to buy some mags.
I found out those no longer seem to be sold, all the store had was DVD's, but that's when I saw it.. compared to all the other toys, it was monstrous.

made in pinkish rubber, just over a foot long, and about as wide across as my wrist, as soon as I saw it it seemed to call out to the darker parts in me.

So I went and bought it with a lump in my throat. it weighs quite a bit as well, and with a horny mind I went back home. unpacked it in my car , dropped the wrappings in a public bin, then arrived at my place.

it was allready late, so bedtime.. this time it'd take me quite a bit longer then usual to fall asl**p though.

as I took it upstairs, cradling it in my arm and checking the girth with my fingers, I felt an urge to empale myself on it, to feel it slide deep inside me, stretching me to the limit. I put some saliva on my pucker, and tried to take the tip in my mouth but failed.. it was just too wide.. so took it as deep as I could, lubricating it with my saliva as well as I could, and then couldn't help myself anymore.

I haven't had sex in quite a while, not even having used my two earlier, much more modest sextoys, so I was afraid. and not without reason, really,
As I felt the tip inside my ass, I felt as if I was being fucked deeply allready, my little hole f***ed open wider then it had been before, but when I checked how far it was really in I saw the tip had only entered 2/3rds.

I despaired a little, thinking it'd never fit, but didn't want to give up just yet. I placed the toy's base, which has a nice suctioncup, against the wall beside my bed, and firmly took hold of the shaft, aiming it to my ass again.
It hurt. that good sort of hurt. I felt like a virgin being opened up for the first time again. and then the head was inside!

I had to let it slide out of my ass several times along the way to catch my breath, but in the end over half was inside.

a real accomplishment.. was it not that I had vowed to myself to take it all!
but this was going to require more then saliva as lubricant!
I went downstairs to the shower. I took some shampoo, first package I got a hold of, and used 3 fingers to insert some into my ass, then took another bit to spread across the tip.

I slapped that huge horsecock against the tiled floor and lowered myself on top.
and it felt strange. as soon as the tip was in, it felt as if it was being sucked inside. before I knew it I had 2/3rds of it inside me allready, and was riding that huge shaft furiously by now. did one more position, doggy style, and there, being penetrated wider and deeper then I had ever been before I really felt hot and cheap, like the cumcraving fucktoy I am.

I was nearly cumming by then. I let the toy slide out of my ass, and turned around to kneel in front of it. I tried again to deepthroat it, this time being able to take it about halfway , maybe because it was a bit slippery now while I was jacking off further.

When I felt I was about to cum, I rose, and sprayed my cum all over the tip of my toy.. after I had shed my last drop, I knelt again and licked my own cum off of the tip and shaft.

This toy really is going to see a LOT of action!
actually looking forward to going to bed tonight to be honest..

And I'm hoping to be able to make some foto's soon , both of myself and of my toy, to share with you all..

anyway, wanted to share this true story.. more will cum lately :)

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3 years ago
When there is nothing else a toy can do wonders thanks for your hot story
3 years ago
I gave it a 5