Part 2: Hungry MILF who just loves to suck, gag an

(Continued from Part One . . . )

. . . my cock was rock hard and I started to wank just looking at her as she was peeing on the toilet. I loved the way she bit her lower lip and let out a little murmur as she released a fully fledged flow of piss. I found this an incredible turn on and sight and I walked closer to her to take a closer look. I squatted down just in front of her so that my face was in-line with her lovely juicy hairy pussy and I could see the piss streaming out of it. I could not believe how full her bladder must have been. She looked at me so close to her and was bemused and quite embarrassed by how much I was turned on by her taking a piss, and she was like “oh my god!”. I just replied she was so absolutely fucking gorgeous and it was sexy as hell watching her take a pee. I was enjoying her humiliation although she was also flattered by how much attention that I was giving to her. It was clearly a long piss. I looked up from my squatting position at her lovely boobs hanging down and her cute mouth just pouting in surprise at me enjoying her pee. My cock was so horny I knew I just had to get it into that cute mouth of hers.

I stood up so that my erect cock was in line with her mouth and aimed it straight for that orifice. I was so horny with desire she knew it would be useless to resist and in fact the horny slut opened her mouth so wide so that I could feed my cock straight into her eagerly awaiting mouth. She needed no encouragement and had anticipated what to expect by hungrily deep throating my pulsating cock. I was fucking into her mouth deeply and rapidly and she was responding with her own excitement. However, I got carried away fucking her, and soon saliva began to flow out of her mouth, off my cock, down her chin and onto her boobs as she struggled to deal with my ravaging hard-on and the f***e with which I was fucking her gob. My cock was 7 inches long but thick in girth and whilst she was clearly experienced in cock sucking it was probably the fact that no other guy she had been with had used her mouth like I was which caused the horny mature MILF to gag.

She put her arms onto my belly to push me away but I was so horny my mind was simply focussed on fucking her cute mouth until every drop of cum had seeped from my cock and ball sacks. It did not help that she was making sweet sexy gargling noises which just sent my cock into overdrive. It was not intentional that I was fucking her mouth this hard, but she was so fucking gorgeous and getting to fuck any of her holes was well over due, she had flirted with me far too long, so I just could not help it.

Whilst one of my hands had the back of her head and was f***efully pulling her into me to suck my cock, my other hand wandered down to have a nice feel of her sexy hairy fanny. I could not believe how wet she was down there, she was absolutely soaking, her hairy fanny was lovely and juicy and was just ripe for a good fucking, which I was hell intent on doing to her later. At the moment, however, she was clearly loving and enjoying having her face being fucked hard. Maie, being the pro she was, began to adjust to the intensity with which I was fucking her face and realised it was no point in resisting. With all of her saliva running out of her mouth and off my cock she started to breathe more deeply through her nose and then moved her hands to my arse to pull me into her. Her intent was clear. She wanted me to continue to fuck and gag that sweet mouth of hers. I caught her eye and smiled at her and whilst her eyes were watering I could see the lust and hunger in her eyes as she took great delight in almost worshiping my hard erect throbbing cock that was moving in and out of her warm accommodating mouth with intent, desire and rapidity.

Maie then got more adventurous. It was clear she wanted all of my cum in her mouth, she was hungry to swallow every drop of my cum. One of her hands that was on my backside moved along my arse crack and then she proceeded to rub her finger against my arsehole.

She got more adventurous and after massaging my ring piece, she stuck her finger up there and finger fucked my arse slowly but with depth, whilst bobbing her head enthusiastically up and down as she was gobbling my cock. She was trying to find that prostrate centre within my rectum as the special button that would f***efully shoot loads of cum into her mouth and down the back of her throat and then deep into her hungry cum wanting belly. Maie’s other hand moved to my balls and began to massage them, almost trying to milk them of all my cum so that she could devour it. I was really struggling to hold back all of my cum and I felt the sensation point of no return soon approaching. With a deep growl I grabbed hold of her head with both hands and pulled her face hungrily into my cock. I held her there as the sperm from my ball sacks rose with such vigour and tremor that I was shaking as I held her face firmly onto my cock. I felt the sperm travel up my shaft to the helmet and the helmet was throbbing and pulsating as squirt after squirt of hot warm cum seeped out of my cock and straight down the back of Maie’s throat. It was clear that Maie was a pro at swallowing. This was the most intense orgasm of my life, but Maie hungrily drank all of my cum, and there was a lot of it, as it seeped into her awaiting mouth. I thought I had finished coming, but she held my cock deep in her mouth and she used her tongue to lick my cock completely clean and ensure that none of my cum went to waste.

I then rather slowly and rather shakily pulled myself out of Maie’s mouth. She smiled at me, her eyes, bright and shinning as she told me that she was desperate to be fucked so she hoped I would recover soon! She stood up off the toilet and went to pull her panties up. However, I said ‘hey, you have not wiped yourself down there from peeing, let me help you’. She did not have much choice in the matter as I playfully half pulled her off the toilet seat and then leant her forward so that I had access to wipe her pussy clean from any pee. I pulled off some toilet role and lovingly gave her very soaking wet pussy a good wipe and clean. For good measure I also asked her to stand up and spread her legs slightly, and then I got underneath her and licked her pussy more clean. She was somewhat aghast that I was doing this, but clearly enjoyed how naughty I was being with her at the same time and she leaked more pussy juice all over my face. It was fantastic!

Having wiped and cleaned her pussy, we washed our hands and then I took her hand and took her back through to the bedroom. I was getting hard again, I had not finished with her just yet! I told her how sexy her arse was and that I wanted her on all fours so I could take a good look at her pussy in this position. She laughed and obliged and then I parted her legs so that these were more open so that I had access to her dripping wet pussy and unbeknown to her, her arsehole! I took great delight in massaging her round shapely butt and enjoyed playing with her bum cheeks and giving them a good firm massage. I started to slide a finger along her slit and then began to hungrily lap at her pussy, licking up her juices.

I casually spread her bum cheeks and took a nice long look at her tight puckered bum hole. It looked so sexy and inviting and I used a finger to gently rub up and down the opening and then slipped my finger into that twitching orifice. She temporarily froze but noted my finger was firmly stuck in her bum and it was going know where. She let her anal muscles relax to enjoy the sensation in her butt. She looked around at me and smiled and said “you like my arse don’t you?!” I replied that I liked every inch of her.

With a finger in her butt I hungrily licked out her pussy. She was so wet my face was soon splattered and engulfed with her fluids. She tasted amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed rubbing my tongue and face into her folds and nibbling on her clitoris. I proceeded to gently play with the folds of her pussy and clitoris and she was soaking and ready for me. I slipped my right index finger into her adorable pussy and started to finger fuck her and then I slipped my adjacent ring finger into her as well. She was beautifully tight and wet. I brought both these finger together and curled the ends slightly creating a hook like position with these fingers.

She had spread her legs wider to accommodate my fingers in her sex hole, and she was absolutely loving it. The moan of absolute pleasure she gave to me suggested she really was appreciating the fanny finger fucking and the finger fucking of her arse at the same time. Maie involuntarily had now spread her legs nice and wide open, spreading her gorgeous, sexy hot, welcoming heat emitting and soaking wet fanny by doing so, and giving me a fantastic view of that sexy puckered arsehole of hers. She literally purred in a sultrily voice “Oh God, please fuck me, please fuck me”. It’s not like I needed any encouragement!

I knelt behind her and rubbed my cock up against her pussy lips and then directed and pushed my cock into her soaking warm wet pussy. It was the most fantastic feeling ever! Words can’t describe how at home my cock felt in that gorgeous soaking wet welcoming hairy fanny. We both gasped with pleasure I started to penetrate in and out of her pussy developing a fantastic fucking rhythm that had her tightly gripping the bed sheets as I plumaged deep into her from behind. .

“Come inside me” she whispered huskily, she was using the tight squeezing of her cunt muscles to get me to release my sperm into her. It’s what she desired and needed and I was struggling to control my load. I was giving her pussy a good seeing to with deep, fast and hard thrusts with my cock but then I told her that I still needed to spank her for being late earlier that afternoon. Before she could reply, I proceeded to give her arse a good thrashing with my hand whilst concurrently slamming hard and fast into her wet, warm and pulsating pussy with my cock.

Her arse cheeks were beginning to glow a nice deep pink colour and she actually started to howl in pain. I told her she would have to deal with the pain and as she was such a dirty cock and cum loving slut she would soon enjoy it. I was not wrong. Her howls of “ouch!” soon became groans of passionate enjoyment as the good spanking I was giving to her bum cheeks was soon sending nice tingling sensations straight to her pussy that was getting a good pounding from my vibrant throbbing cock.

Maie exclaimed: “I like it when you fuck me hard and fast!”. The way she was practically begging me to just fuck the shit out of her nearly sent me over the edge. I increased the depth and pace that I was entering into her and in a vice like grip pinned her on all fours with my hands holding onto her around her waste. I was groaning like a caveman really ramming it into her. She was moving her hips back to meet my thrusts and we built up a synchronised fucking rhythm with her own squeals of delight matching my grunts of pleasure. I knew I could not hold out much longer and she urged to fuck her harder and harder. She could not get enough of my cock.

Her orgasm was fast approaching and she started to contract her fanny muscles around my cock as she came. Her pussy was yearning for my cum and continued to contract around my cock which was so close to sending me past that point of return. It was a beautiful feeling and I continued to pound her pussy whilst using my mental strength and control of my prostrate to avoid coming just yet. The thing is, I could not get out of my mind that unknown to her, I wanted to ravage that cute puckered arsehole of hers! Her pussy was now making slurping noises and contracting around my cock and sending spasms through my pulsating shaft and bellend. She asked me to fuck her harder and harder, telling me how much she likes to be fucked hard. I continued to plough into her and enjoy the feeling of this sexy mature women and her pulsating fanny coming all over my cock. She collapsed beneath me and I held onto her tightly, and slowed down my fucking as she experienced a mind shattering orgasm.

I was impressed with myself for not coming just yet and decided it was now time to give her arse the attention that it deserved. After all hopefully she would be too tired to resist! I pulled my cock out of her soaking pussy and used my hands to spread her arse cheeks to give her tight puckered bum hole some deserved attention and lubrication. I licked along the lines of her arse crack and then decided to tease her arse hole – I stuck my tongue deep it into her puckered crevice. She gasped and her little bum hole twitched back at me ever so slightly which turned me on even more. She turned her head to look back at me and had a sexy sheepish grin on her face and was loving the fact that I was giving that saucy part of her anatomy some attention. “God that feels good” she purred as I started to fuck her puckered bum hole with my tongue. I licked her brown pucker and she reached around with her arm to hold my face there as a wave of pleasure shot through her body. She was looking around smiling at me with a dirty, naughty horny look on her face. This just sent me wild and I just went crazy lapping at her arse hole with her reaching back with her hand and smothering my face in her arse.

It was a beautiful sight - her on all fours, bum stick up in the air, with her pussy and arse wide open and vulnerable to me and for my attention and pleasure and I thoroughly enjoyed the moment. I was now delirious with lust and all I could think about was analysing this gorgeous sexy MILF. I wanted my cock to be buried deep in her arsehole. I knelt behind her with my cock resting on her bum cheeks. My cock was well lubricated from her pussy but I added some spit to the helmet of my cock and rubbed it up and down at her back door. She now knew what I wanted and was well aware that as I was so delirious with lust, even if she did not want my cock up her poop hole it was going be difficult for her to get out of this situation. She accepted her fate as I pushed my cock into that lovely sexy tight puckered arsehole of hers. It felt so bl**dy tight and amazing but I took her feelings into consideration and I paused inside her letting her get used to my girth. She relaxed her anal muscles and then lowered the front of her body, providing a wonderful sexy curve in to her spine and really showing off the beautiful curves of her bottom. She simply just relaxed her whole body to her fate knowing that her tight puckered twitching arse hole was going to get a dam good fucking.

The thing is, that by her lowering the front of her body down to really show off the curves of her arse, sent me into overdrive, and if anything it was going to make me want to ravage that cute bum hole of hers even harder! I increased my pace inside her arse and started to fuck her forcibly. However, she was obviously used to having her arse fucked more than I thought because she was taking my enthusiastic fucking of her poop hole like a pro. She had even moved her fingers down to play with her clitoris, as I pounded deep and hard into her and she started to groan with pleasure as I plumaged into her.

I increased my pace and depth of strokes, now just hell intent on releasing all of my load deep into Maie’s arse which is what I needed to do and she craved. My arms were clasped around her waste with her arse stuck in the air. She was well and truly trapped under me in doggy style and she knew that she would not be able to move until I had released every last drop of my seed deep inside her arse hole. With one big gasp and deep growl I ploughed deep and hard into her and held myself deep inside her. I pinned her to the bed with my cock firmly inside her arse to the hilt and I held myself deeply inside her. Even if she had wanted to there was no way she was going to shake me off and out of her arse. At that moment my ball sacks started to release pulsating volumes of spunk up my shaft towards the bellend which itself was contracting and pulsating wanting the release. The moment came, and I unleashed spurt after spurt of warm hot spunk deep into her wonderfully accommodating warm tight bum hole. Her anal muscles were actually contracting around my cock and was simultaneously coxing and massaging my cock of all the sperm and any reserves that was held in my ball sacks.

I instinctively moved in and out of her arse hole a couple more times to ensure I was well and truly spunked out and every last drop was inside her. This is exactly what she wanted. I then pulled out of her and kissed her on her forehead as she collapsed onto the bed on her belly well fulfilled and absolutely exhausted. I laid next to her and she held me tightly, kissing my lips and we enjoyed the comfortable silence between us until she sexily purred “That was great, Mmmm oh god, I really needed that!”

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3 years ago
even better ending baby, this one too goes in my favourites
3 years ago
very nice
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Great story with a very hot finish. Nice fantasy! and really well written. Thanks for sharing.