Part 1: Hungry MILF who just loves to suck, gag an

Unlike my other stories that are based on true events, this one is simply a MILF fantasy. I like to write long stories with a bit of a twist as they proceed. This one has included some fetishes along the way!

I met Maie whilst studying for a design course part time at Newcastle University alongside my work in 2009. I liked what I saw of her when I first set my eyes on her in the lecture hall. Different guys are attracted physically to different attributes in a woman. Some are turned on by the colour and length of their hair. Others by their eyes. Some are turned on by the shape of a woman’s legs, and others by the size of their boobs. I even have one friend who gets turned on by extra thick eye lashes or hairy armpits! My personal turn on is arses. I love a nice peach shaped bum, a nice sexy bubble butt arse. That really gets my hard cock throbbing.

You can imagine my delight, therefore, when standing right in front of me as I entered the lecture hall on the first day of the new term, I was presented with a the back view of a women that had bent slightly over from the waste downwards looking at the floor. She had lovely medium length mousy coloured hair, which as I scanned down her body, led to a lovely shaped behind in tight fitting blue jeans. It was obvious that she had dropped something on the floor and I decided to use this to my advantage. If I was ever going to be successful with women, then this was always down to my wit and intelligence!

I casually sauntered up to this lady whilst trying to take my eyes off that lovely pert bottom of hers to focus on the ground to see what she was looking for. I looked along the ground where she was not looking just in case whatever she had dropped was not within the area she was scanning. Sure enough I noticed a shiny silver pen a couple of desks away from where she was looking. I hoped this was what she was looking for.

I quickly picked the expensive looking pen up and casually approached her with a bright smile and asked her if the pen was what she was looking for. A sexy smile and wave of relief shone on her attractive face as she thanked me for finding the pen. She explained that the pen was special to her as it was crafted with her initials on it; and her twelve year old daughter had given it to her for her 41st birthday last year. She was now standing straight up and stood at 5 ft 6 to my 5 ft 7. I could not take my eyes off her attractive face. She had a very sexy and cute girl next door look, with lovely hazel eyes, a nice oval symmetrical face and was oozing feminine sexiness that is so prevalent with more mature confident woman.

The way she flirty looked at me caused a murmur and twitch in my own jeans as my cock stirred. I could not help but look away from her beautiful shinning eyes to look down at her shapely boobs that were covered by a tight fitting white top that showed off a nice shapely cleavage. When I eventually brought my eyes back to her own, she had a sparkle in them and obviously appreciated the way that I looked her up and down and admired her.

We made our introductions and I sat down next to her to listen to the lecture. It was pretty obvious that from glancing around the lecture hall that there were a lot of jealous guy students in there, at least those that fancied mature MILF’s. I was 29 compared to her 42 and it was apparent we were both the eldest students in the hall. It was also clear that as the lecture came to an end and the students started to shift out of the lecture hall, that the guys were considerably more confident and at ease chatting with the younger girls than this sexy confident mature women sitting right next to me. This suited me just fine!

Maie and I decided to grab a coffee on leaving the lecture hall. This set the scene for the development of a good friendship and over the following few months we became good friends and she began to open up to me. She would regularly explain to me during our coffee breaks that the only reason why she stayed with her husband was for the sake of her 12 year old daughter and it was not like her and her husband had sex anymore they had come to be like strangers that shared the same living space. I never really could work this out as she was so god dam hot, adorable, amusing and sexy I could think of nothing more desirable than having passionate sex with this sexy MILF every night! Geez, I thought to myself, the guy she is with must be a real jerk to not realise what a special diamond she really is.

Time went on and we got closer as friends. Four months after we had met I got a text from Maie at the weekend to tell me that her husband had taken their daughter away on holiday for a couple of days. Maie wanted to know if I wanted to meet-up with her for a coffee and to test her on questions for the up and coming exams. More than anything over the last four months all I could think about when being with her was sliding my cock into that lovely mouth of hers, with her sexy smile and shinning white teeth, and then proceeding to penetrate her lovely mature pussy . . . and maybe even her arsehole in that cute peachy bum of hers!

I was determined that if I was going to get to have some fun with this woman then this weekend was “the opportunity” to help make it happen. I mean, my cock for the last four months had been close to bursting point just hanging around her, and I was beginning to get quite sexually frustrated and to tire of all her flirtatious mannerisms that was setting my cock off into super horny mode but without seeing any action. She knew perfectly well the effect she had on me and she loved the way I gave her lots of attention. I casually texted her back and told her that I was busy that morning but I could do late afternoon in town if that suited her plans. She replied to tell me that this was fine, and we agreed to meet at Costa at 3pm.

She arrived 15 minutes late. In taking sips between my own coffee I jokingly told her that as I was supposed to be her teacher in helping her pass her exams, this also meant that I could discipline her for being late and that I had every right to spank her for being a naughty insolent girl! She laughed and gave me that sexy pout of her and then walked up to the counter wiggling her sexy bum as she went to get her coffee. I took a good look at her and noted that she was as gorgeous as ever in her tight fitting jeans that showed off her lovely sexy arse and she was wearing a tight tank top showing the shape of her wonderful handful of breasts. She came back to out table with her coffee and told me how much she liked to see me as I cheered her up. I playfully told her if she was late too many more times then she would not be happy to see me by the time I had finished with her!

We studied for a couple of hours and then she told me she felt hungry and fancied a snack. I suggested that after a snack we could do some more studying and then if she was a good girl and was doing well on the revision we could always take a well deserved revision break by going back to mine to relax and watch a video. She warmed to this idea and we went to a local café to grab a snack and to finish the revision. It got to eight o’clock and I suggested that as she was doing well in her revision we could always stop there and go back to mine to watch a video. She agreed and we walked back to mine which was 10 minutes walk away.

She had been around mine before and so was comfortable in my environment and she was soon making herself comfortable on my sofa. She wanted to watch a girly flick so I thought well if this keeps her happy and this means that I at the very least get to kiss this girl at the end of the night then I will put up with it! I poured us some wine, dimmed the lights and we watched the movie. The physical space between us on the sofa was slowly narrowing and before long she had cuddled up to me and I was subtly stroking her lovely gorgeous brunette and medium length mousy/brunette hair. I was hoping she would not ask for another glass of wine too soon as my cock was semi-erect and it would be noticeable when I went to get us the drinks!

However, she then said she needed the loo which gave me a chance to get up once she had left the room and to pour us another glass of wine. The movie finished and then she asked me if she could stay the night so that we could do some more studying first thing in the morning. I playfully laughed and told her I would think about it as she had not been too insolent for the last couple of hours! I got up and went to take the DVD out of the player and to turn it off. I then turned around and was about to make the offer that I would sl**p on the sofa so that she could crash in my bed. However, when I looked at her sitting so sultrily on my sofa, I was overcome with a feeling of sheers and utter horniness and lust. I just wanted to kiss and taste of inch of this gorgeous sexy MILF and then proceed to pound the hell out of her!

Sexual instinct kicked in and took over. I just walked straight over to her and kissed her on the lips. A sweet smile came to her lips and she responded to my advances. I moved her onto her back on the couch and then laid on top of her snogging her passionately. I deliberately shifted my body weight so that her legs had to open and whilst both fully clothed, it meant my groin was rubbing against hers with her legs wide open and making her vulnerable. The hunger in my loins and my whole body to just have her shocked me, but she sensed that there was know going back now and she seemed prepared to just let me give her and her sexy body all the attention that I craved to give her and that she needed.

Whilst snogging her I lifted up her tank top and pulled this off her. She had a lovely sexy smile and it sent me even more wild with lust. She was clearly getting into it and was anticipating exactly what I would do to her. My attention was drawn to her gorgeous breasts and she arched her back so that I could undo her black bra. I was transfixed by the soft mounds of her breasts and hard nipples and lovingly sucked at her ever so sexy boobs. I was fondling and massaging her cute boobs and sucking hungrily at her lovely hard elongated nipples. Her breathing was becoming more rapid which in turn was making me so super thirsty and horny for her.

My sucking of her sexy nipples was sending exciting tingling feelings straight down to between her legs. It was clear her pussy was getting excited as she moved her hands down to my arse and began gyrating my groin against hers. I could have stayed sucking, licking, kissing and caressing her lovely boobs for ever, but I also had an innate desire to explore her pussy. I started to move my kisses from her breasts downwards towards her jeans. I was too gone with lust to fuck around. I undone her jeans button and zip and pulled her jeans off, revealing some very nice sexy white knickers. I proceeded to move my body downwards so that I was kneeling between her legs and then set to work kissing the inside of her legs making my way towards her knickers. I was wanton with desire and hungrily caressed and kissed the insides of her legs as I approached her knickers.

\when I noted that there were some whiskers of darkish hair coming out of the sides of her knickers I could feel a growl of utter lust deep inside my belly I was delirious with desire! I massaged her pussy through the outside of her panties and sniffed at her pussy hole. She was absolutely soaking wet as her panties were soaked though and I was fast becoming aroused and enraptured by the lovely smell of her own sex that was engulfing the space around us. Her pussy smelt great!

Her gorgeous sex intoxicated my nostrils and the heat was emitting though her knickers – beautiful and she really was on fire! I took off her knickers and hungrily lapped at her fanny, which was squelching in pussy juices, she was well up for being fucked and clearly needed this! I was delighted with the mousy hair around her cunt and lapped at her pussy like a hungry dog, I licked her clitoris and she lustfully pulled my head into her pussy, encouraging me to eat her out with all the enthusiasm and passion I could muster, and I did not need any encouragement!

I rubbed my finger up and down her slit and enjoyed how wet and wanton she was. Maie clearly just wanted to be fucked. Maie rather enthusiastically undone my jeans and I helped her pull them off, she then pulled my body upwards so that I would kiss her. We embraced in a passionate kiss and snog and I soon found her hands reaching down to my arse, removing my underwear. I wanted to do the same to hers, but she quickly pulled her own soaking wet panties off. Her breathing got more excitable and rapid as she grabbed my naked arse cheeks and pulled my cock closer to her naked pussy, beckoning me to go deep inside of her.

My ever so throbbing hard cock was fully loaded with lots of hot lovely warm healthy sperm, all for her, and I was desiring to enter and to pound the shit out of her. I was so fucking horny to be inside of her and to feel her fanny fuck juices deep inside of her that my cock was throbbing uncontrollably as I rubbed my hard eager shaft at her outer pussy lips. Furthermore, I could smell the aroma of Maie’s lovely hot sex and it was having an erotic effect on my cock at it was literally salivated with precum and was well prepared to enter her, to feel her lovely tight , wet, warm and accommodating mature MILF hairy pussy. Maie sensed my urgency to fuck her and could feel the stiffness and heat emitting from my cock at her entrance, and this made her even more horny, wet and wanting.

My hard lean throbbing cock was teasing her, rubbing up against her fanny lips . . . and she bucked her hips wanting the helmet of my pulsating cock to slowly make its way into her and then for it to thrust deep into her so that she would gasp with pleasure. As much as I wanted to slide my cock into and be deep inside of her, I kept her on the edge. I kept her wanting and waiting. I teased her clit and her pussy entrance lips with the helmet of my hard twitching cock, rubbing it up and down her entrance, as she got wetter and wetter, desiring my hard pulsating cock deep inside of her.

I kept the teasing up by rubbing her slit with my cock, although my cock was so hungry to penetrate her sexy tight cunt and mingle with her own pussy juices deep inside of her. And this is what she desired and wanted. Maie was lying there legs wide open and spread, waiting, willing, gasping, with a deep itch in her loins, just needing to be fucked, needing a nice younger, eager meaty hard cock so very deep inside of her warm, wet, hairy and cock loving accommodating pussy.

It was at this point of wanton lust where I was about to penetrate her, that the smoke alarm went off in the kitchen. What the fuck?! I tried to ignore it, but reluctantly got off Maie, kissed her on the forehead and went to investigate. Thankfully there was no smoke or fire so I could only assume the battery must be getting low, so I took this out of the alarm and hurriedly returned to the bedroom!

I returned to the bedroom to find that Maie had put her knickers back on. My heart almost sank! She was bemused by the look of anguish on my face because she had put her knickers back on and she cheekily explained she thought I just lost interest in wanting to fuck her so she was getting dressed again! Before she could get any more clothes back on I playfully jumped on her and started tickling her telling her she really was a naughty insolent flirty slut. She was laughing and then said that if I did not stop tickling her she would pee her knickers.

I don’t know whether it was the way she said that, or the thought of seeing her piss her knickers caused by me tickling her that set me off, but either way, I found the whole thing strangely erotic! So I carried on tickling her, she was beginning to squirm underneath me and held her legs tightly together to stop the stream of pee coming out. She was laughing by my tickling but then said to me “hey I really am” and then I noted she had a trickle of pee running down her legs. I held her down a bit longer and she blushed as she fought to control her bladder. I then thought I had probably let her finish off peeing in the bathroom so I stopped pinning her down on the bed and let her get up. She went through to the toilet only I was so fucking horny by what had happened I just followed her through to the bathroom.

Maie paused and looked at me in the bathroom whilst crossing her legs trying not to urinate and she said to me “what are you doing?!” I replied, “baby you are so fucking sexy, I just want to watch you take a pee”. Maie looked slightly embarrassed and blushed even more at this, but said “well okay”. She pulled her knickers down and sat on the toilet seat. She shifted uncomfortably under my watchful gaze, and she went really red with embarrassment although I also sensed she was getting horny as hell from the humiliation as she squirmed uncomfortably on the toilet seat.

My cock was rock hard and I started to wank just looking at her as she was peeing on the toilet. I loved the way she bit her lower lip and let out a little murmur as she released a fully fledged flow of piss. I found this an incredible turn on and sight and I walked closer to her to take a closer look. I squatted down just in front of her so that my face was in-line with her lovely juicy hairy pussy and I could see the piss streaming out of it. I could not believe how full her bladder must have been. She looked at me so close to her and was bemused and quite embarrassed by how much I was turned on by her taking a piss, and she was like “oh my god!”. I just replied she was so absolutely fucking gorgeous and it was sexy as hell watching her take a pee. I was enjoying her humiliation although she was also flattered by how much attention that I was giving to her. It was clearly a long piss. I looked up from my squatting position at her lovely boobs hanging down and her cute mouth just pouting in surprise at me enjoying her pee. My cock was so horny I knew I just had to get it into that cute mouth of hers.

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3 years ago
Fantastic, and great to have Maie as your muse, we are friends and I LOVE her pics. Kisses.
3 years ago
Love the taste of piss from a sexy woman
3 years ago
4 years ago
Wow even more hot than your other mature creampie stories! Very naughty and a good story.