Student slut likes to open & spread her legs

Whilst I am usually attracted to MILFs, the following story is based on true events of a horny sexual encounter with a cum luving student slut who was a few years younger than myself. This happened during my time studying at Newcastle University in 2006.

Cat and I were not studying on the same Uni course but we met up in a bar early in the October semester as various circles of friends were mingling. I was always popular but not loud and neither did I like being the centre of attention, I just easily got along (well I still do!) within anyone.

I was ordering a couple of friends and myself some drinks quietly at the bar when Cat came over to say hello. As of yet I had not had the opportunity to say hello to her as a member of our group. I looked at her and smiled and we made our introductions. I was taken in by her nice slim but shapely figure and liked the way her modest long black dress clung to her body. She had nice long dark hair, stood at 5 ft 6, had brown puppy eyes and was 22 years of age. All in all as I attempted to subtlety observe her, it was clear she was pretty fit! I also liked her black high heels! I was 29 years of age, in good shape and stood at 5 ft 7 with brown mousy hair, however, with her heels on she came up to my height!

We chatted easily as I have a nice laid back smile that can put people at ease, and then we went back to sit with the Group but we each went to our different circle of friends. I did not get to talk to Cat for the rest of the evening until people started to make their way home. As I was leaving the bar, she was sitting on some steps outside crying a little. I was slightly surprised that none of her friends were there with her, so I stopped and asked her if she was okay and what was wrong. Cat replied through tearful sobs that some guy she fancied had been mean to her and told her he did not want anything to do with her and that he had told her she was just a slut.

I told Cat not to listen to this silly jerk. I gently put my arms around her to keep her warm and told her I would walk her home to make sure she got home okay and was nice and safe before I proceeded to my own flat. She seemed appreciative of this thought and in walking her home I used my good sense of humour to cheer her up. In no time at all she was laughing and chatting away in the same way that she had when we first had met in the bar a few hours earlier.

We got to her apartment and she asked me if I wanted to come in, I said I should really be getting off home as I had a meeting tomorrow morning but if she could make us a coffee then that would be cool. We went into her apartment which was quite new and trendy. She was sharing with some guy, an ex boyfriend - they still got on really well together as friends, however, he was not there as he was away on work business for the week. Cat suggested we should open some wine instead of a coffee and I thought what the hell, why not. Whilst she was pouring the wine in the kitchen I was standing at a distance behind her but getting an opportunity to take a good look at her. She really was, I was fast realising, one sexy minx. I loved the way her black dress hugged her nice shapely bum and I noticed that a stir was fast developing in my loins!

Cat sexily turned around and handed me the glass of wine and then we proceeded to the living room. We sat down together on the sofa and were just chatting easily. In fact we were by now both pretty d***k and we were both becoming quite sl**py. She then went and brought a duvet through from the bedroom to the lounge to lie over us on the sofa so that we could keep warm. However, we then thought it would be more comfortable to just lay the duvet on the living room floor and then lie on this, so she then went and got some blankets to lay over us as well. Quite why we just did not go into the bedroom to crash out I do not know! We both just instinctively cuddled up whilst lying together on the floor. I had my arms around her waist and started to doze off. In doing so, I felt her hand on my chest slowly working its way down my body. She then proceeded to my groin and started to feel the outline of my cock on the outside of my jeans. I pulled myself closer to her and started to kiss her and then my hands worked their way slowly up her legs towards her honey pot.

The closer my hands got to her pussy the greater the heat that was emitting from that area. She really was on fire. My hands finally reached that magical furnace and I massaged the outside of her panties. She was absolutely soaking wet as her panties were soaked though and I was fast becoming aroused and enraptured by the lovely smell of her own sex that was engulfing the space around us. Her pussy smelt great!

Unfortunately, this is the last thing I recall as I must have fallen asl**p, quite possibly with my hand still firmly placed on her pussy! We both woke up the following morning, slightly worse for wear. I had a meeting to get to for 10am so I grabbed a quick shower to wake up and then went back though to the living room where she was still dozily sl**ping, kissed her goodbye and went home to change.

Later that day I realised that I had forgotten during this random encounter with Cat to actually get her contact details! I did not get to see her for a couple of days and then I bumped into her whilst grabbing a coffee at a local café. We smiled at each other and I went over to her and said hello. We had some casual conversation and when I asked her if she was okay she mentioned she was still abit upset that this other guy was being mean to her and that he had blanked her that very morning. I told her she needs to focus on her studies and to just ignore this immature idiot, and that she should not let his naïve comments detract from the fact that she really was gorgeous and fit.

I then casually mentioned that if she would like to take her mind off things then I would like to cook her a nice meal and she can just relax and hang out around mine at sometime over the next few days. I also suggested that I should get some non-alcoholic wine in as well to avoid us both being as d***k as we were last time! She laughed and said she would like to come around and I should just let her know when. I made sure I got her phone number and then we went off our separate ways.

I texted her later that evening to ask her if she was free the following night from 7.30pm. She replied an hour later to say that she was free, and that she had just got out of the bath and was feeling nice, refreshed and relaxed. Mmmmmm I was getting hard just thinking about her being naked and in a bath! I texted back to give her my specific address which was just a 10 minute walk from her own and to say that I wanted to make her a nice meal but wanted to check she was not allergic to anything. I also suggested she brings around some DVDs to watch in case she was not keen on my movie collection. She replied that she was not allergic to any food, she was looking forward to her surprise meal and she would bring along one of her favourite DVDs.

After my studies the following day, I went via the local spa shop to pick up some vegedables on my way home. I then prepared the dish which was a home made vegetable Sheppard’s pie with side salad. I got showered and freshened up and prepared the room with some chill out music and dimmed the lights. The door bell rang at 7.30pm.

I opened the door and was pleasantly taken back by her look. She was wearing tight fitting dark blue jeans, black high heels, was wearing a faux fur coat and had put some sparkly stuff in her long hair to give it a real glamorous look. She had put a tint of glitter on her face, was wearing some dark red lipstick and she looked and smelt gorgeous. I invited her into my flat and took her coat off her. She was wearing a black top which showed off the shape of her ample breasts but which was quite moderate and was not too revealing but what I found to be quite attractive. I kindly requested that she took her high heels off as I did not like shoes being worn in my flat, but she seemed to ignore what I said and instead walked a head of me wiggling her tight arse as she did so into my living room. I was thinking I should probably at some time tonight, if things are going well, give her a good spanking on that nice sexy shapely bum of hers, for being so insolent!

I told her to make herself comfortable on the settee whilst I brought the freshly prepared food through. I then brought out the alcoholic and non alcoholic wine and asked her which she would prefer to go with the meal. She said we should probably really just have the alcoholic one! We got stuck into the meal and the conversation was flowing easily, she liked to talk about quite a range of topics ranging from her attraction to older men through to UFOs! I liked the broad spectrum of topics she wanted to talk about and the fact that she was comfortable just chatting way about these things and aimless general chit chat, notably about the movies such as legally blond!

She casually mentioned she had brought a movie around and she hoped that we could watch it later. My mind was now spinning and thinking mmmmm . . . has she brought around a nice sexy porno movie for us to watch! After we had finished the meal I poured us some more wine and we relaxed together on the sofa. She then got the DVD out of her hand bag. It was hardly porn, it was in fact legally blonde!

We watched the movie sitting close to each other but I knew there was no need to rush to proceed things - if this would happen that night where they had left off a couple of nights before, then it would do so when the time is right. Half way through the movie I stopped the movie as I wanted to go to the toilet. I came back from having a piss and during that movie break thought it would be a good idea to get us some more wine and snacks.

I re-entered the living room and my eyes nearly popped out of my head! Cat was now lying across the sofa and had taken her black top off, revealing a considerably more flimsy black almost lacy like top. She looked absolutely fucking gorgeous. She had also underdone the first button on her jeans saying she needed to give her tummy some space as she was full. I was getting hot and feeling incredibly horny just looking at her. I poured us both a glass of wine and because she was now sitting with her legs laid across the sofa, I asked her if she would not mind temporarily lifting them so that then she could rest her legs on top of me. She moved her legs and then placed them back on top of me and we put the movie back on. All this time I was slowly stroking her legs and moving my hands up and down the outside of her jeans, towards her thighs and her pussy area . . . I was fast getting aroused.

It was at this point that Cat decided to shift her body weight and changed position. She was now lying on her tummy across the sofa and her put her head onto my lap. I was stoking her long dark hair and thinking how much I wished her face was this close to my groin but sucking my cock! In fact, my cock was feeling claustrophobic inside my pants in my own jeans and with the bl**d rushing through the shaft giving me an errection, was really bursting to get out! She did not seem to notice and just seemed transfixed with watching the movie!

The movie came to a close and I turned it off and continued to stroke her hair and gently massaged around her neck, shoulders and head. She then turned over so that she was lying on her back with the back of her head lying on my lap. She had some ties attached to the top of her flimsy black top and she started to twirl and play with these drawing my attention straight to her breasts as if she had wanted to, by undoing these ties she would have slowly revealed her boobs to me! Furthermore, she was stoking her tummy where she had undone one of her jean buttons. My cock really was at the point it just wanted to burst lots of warm liquid cum all over that pretty face of hers.

I asked her if she would like me to massage her face and head whilst she was lying there. However, she did not answer my question directly but asked me if she could stay the night, and if so, suggested we should probably get ready for crashing out in bedroom. I told her she was most welcome to stay the night.

She then went through to the bathroom to get freshened up and then went into the bedroom. I then also got freshened up in the bathroom and went through to the bedroom. The sight that greeted me was as sexy as ever and I nearly came there and then! She was lying on her tummy on top of my bed, topless, in fact naked apart from some sexy red lacy knickers she was wearing. I told her she looked absolutely gorgeous and sexy as hell and then I kneeled down beside her and started to massage her back. I asked her if this was nice and she replied yes.

I then gave her a nice firm massage from her shoulders and down the back of her body towards her nice shapely arse. I stopped at the small of her back and then started at her feet working my way up the backs of her legs and to the backs of her thighs and bum cheeks. I used my hands to part her legs so that I could kneel in between them and started to massage her bum through her panties. She was murmuring in pleasure and I could feel the heat just emitting from her pussy and out of her panties, it was fucking fantastic! I shifted my body weight to the side of her bum and then with one quick motion pulled her knickers off so that she was now lying on her tummy naked in from of me. I again knelt between her legs, which she had involuntarily opened and I took great delight in massaging her round shapely butt. I enjoyed playing with her bum cheeks and giving them a good firm massage.

I casually spread her bum cheeks and took a nice long look at her tight puckered bum hole. It looked so sexy and inviting and I used a finger to gently rub up and down the opening. She looked around at me and smiled and said “you like my arse don’t you?!” I replied that I liked every inch of her. I thought I would leave her in anticipation and stick my finger into her bum hole later, so I turned her over until she was laying on her back. I was fully dressed so I quickly stripped until I was naked and only wearing my white briefs.

This was the first time I had properly got a chance to look at Cat’s pussy. It was so fucking sexy and beautiful and I loved the brazilian hair style around it. However, I brought my attention to her nice tits and enjoyed caressing and licking them, making her sensitive nipples nice and hard in the process. I then licked her body making my way down towards her pussy and started to massage her inner thighs.

Cat looked at me and then opened her legs nice and wide, spreading her gorgeous, sexy hot, welcoming emitting and soaking wet fanny by doing so, and literally purred in a sultrily voice “Oh God, please fuck me, please fuck me”. It’s not like I needed any encouragement! However, before I wanted to fuck her I wanted to try something with her that I had seen on an xhamster video, I decided to see if this could bring her to orgasm.

First, I started to lick her out and I was after all just longing to taste her gorgeous honey juices. I did not have to try that hard because she was so wet my face was soon splattered and engulfed with her fluids. She tasted amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed rubbing my tongue and face into her folds. I proceeded to gently play with the folds of her pussy and she was soaking and ready for me. I slipped my right index finger into her adorable pussy and started to finger fuck her and then I slipped my adjacent ring finger into her as well. She was beautifully tight and wet. I brought both these finger together and curled the ends slightly creating a hook like position with these fingers. This is what I had seen on xhamster!

I then proceeded to push and pull with these fingers into and out of her soaking wet pussy in a hook structure and motion. My other hand was firmly wrapped around her waste holding her in position as I slowly built up a fast and hard rhythm so that I was really hammering into her with my hook type finger fucking. At first I was not really sure if I was doing it right as her body was not being that responsive, but I kept this hard and fast penetration of her pussy going, it’s not like she told me to stop. Slowly, her mummers became groans of passion and excitement and she then started to involuntarily move her hips and moan “oh God yeah, fuck, Oh, God yeah, fuck me, keep fucking me”, although my wrist was hurting, this was the encouragement I needed and I kept that firm fucking rhythm motion going, plummeting my to fingers deep into the depths of her pussy. She had spread her legs wider and these were now almost behind her ears to accommodate my fingers in her sex hole, and she was absolutely loving it.

I then decided to add another sensation for her. I spat on my left index finger to lubricate this up and then rubbed it against her tight little bum hole. I then slowly penetrated her tight little orifice. The moan of absolute pleasure she gave to me suggested she really was appreciating the fanny finger fucking and the finger fucking her arse at the same time.

She was now thrusting her hips back at me in time with my own thrusting of my fingers into her wet and willing accommodating fanny and her twitching arse hole.
I kept this rhythm up and her grasps and groans were becoming louder.

What happened next as she had an orgasm, slightly dumfounded me. She thrust her hips up to meet my penetration of her holes and then through the sheer build up of pleasure inside her, she involuntarily used her legs to literally lift her arse up off the bed and she arched her back. In doing so, she flew away from me across the bed and landed half on the bed and half on the floor. . . she was utterly exhausted and just lied there in that position like a well fucked rag doll. I gently pulled her back onto the bed and kissed her and then lay my head on her breasts. I then went and got her some fresh orange juice to help her recover!

After our little break I was still feeling as horny as hell and my fingers soon returned to her pussy and was plying with this again. This time I wanted to not only work her up again but also to penetrate her with my cock, I needed my own cum orgasm release!
First and foremost I decided I wanted a blow job. I shifted my body weight until I was squatting just above her face and then stuck my cock straight down the back of her throat. She did not object and sucked on my cock hungrily, enjoying how much she was turning me on. She was working her lips up and down my shaft and was also taking the time to give attention to gentle sucking and nibbling of my balls . . . fucking fantastic!

I reached over to the bedside table to get out a condom. I unwrapped one and asked her to role it into my cock with her mouth. However, she sexily purred “I just want to feel you abit inside me without that, just a bit and its okay I am also on the pill”. I thought to myself, well okay, I guess a little dip into her nice wet and willing pussy without a condom will be fine. I moved my bodyweight until my cock was at her pussy entrance. She took over from there and grabbed hold of my cock and directed me straight into her. Her pussy felt absolutely amazing, so fucking tight and wet, it was out of this world.

We both gasped with pleasure and then she used her hands to pull me more into her, I was so overcome with lust and passion I let her pull my cock into the depths of her accommodating hole. It just felt to fucking fantastic to pull back out and put a condom on. As if reading my thoughts Cat placed her hands on my waist and beckoned me to properly fuck her tight hole. I started to penetrate in and out of her pussy developing a fantastic fucking rhythm that had her holding tightly onto me as I plumaged deep into her.

“Come inside my she whispered huskily, as she was kissing my deeply on my lips, using all of her seductive charm and the tight squeezing of her cunt muscles to get me to release my sperm into her. It’s what she desired and needed and I was struggling to control my load. I then recalled somewhere in the recesses of my mind that I had not given her sexy arse the attention that it deserved.

I pulled out of her, which really confused her, but then I told her to get on to all fours! My attention went straight to her arse cheeks and started to massage them and kiss them. I then started to rub her bum cheeks and playfully slapped her on the bum. She looked slightly startled, but I said to her she had been an insolent naughty girl from the moment she entered my flat by not taking her high heeled shoes off when I requested this. She gave me a sheepish look, that just sent my cock into over drive and she knew what to now expect.

I pulled her over my knee and playfully slapped her bottom. Her arse cheeks were beginning to glow a nice deep pink colour, not the different to the insides of her nice pussy (!). I continued to slap her arse and then every 5 slaps, massage her arse cheeks and pussy, the latter of which was now absolutely soaking. It was clear that why there must have been some pain, she was really enjoying the pleasure of the spanking as well. Playing with her bottom was driving me crazy and I spread her arse cheeks to give her tight puckered bum hole some deserved attention. I licked along the lines of her arse crack and then decided to tease her arse hole – I stuck my tongue deep it into her puckered crevice. She gasped and her little bum hole twitched back at me ever so slightly which turned me on even more.

It was a beautiful sight - her on all fours, bum stick up in the air, with her pussy and arse wide open and vulnerable to me and for my attention and pleasure and I thoroughly enjoyed the moment. I really was tempted to just jack my cock abit and shoot all of my load over her arse crack!

She then said to me rather huskily, “before you put it in there (I assumed she meant my cock with reference to penetrating her arse), I want your cock and cum inside my pussy”. I was now delirious with lust and I mounted her from behind., fucking her forcibly. Her pussy was now making slurping noises and contracting around my cock and sending spasms through my pulsating shaft and bell end. She asked me to fuck her harder and harder, telling me how much she likes to be fucked hard. I increased my pace and depth of strokes, now just hell intent on releasing all of my load deep into her which is what I needed to do and she craved. My arms were clasped around her waste with her arse stuck in the air. She was well and truly trapped under me in doggy style and she knew that she would not be able to move until I had released every last drop of my seed deep inside her.

Her pussy was yearning for my cum and continued to contract around my cock which was just sending be past the point of return . . . with one big gasp and deep growl I ploughed deep and hard into her and held myself deep inside her, pinning her to the bed as spurt after spurt of my nice warm hot spunk seeped into her. Cats pussy was simultaneously coxing and massaging my cock of all the sperm and any reserves that was held in my ball sacks. She was moaning with pleasure and the power she had over me that I could not hold back my cum but needed to release it inside her.

I practically collapsed on top of her out of breath. With shaking legs I then moved off her and lied next to Cat, kissing her forehead and gasping for breath. I noted that her hands had moved down to her pussy and she was playing with herself. She brought her hands up to her mouth with my cum on them tasted it. “Mmmmm” the ever horny and wanting Cat purred, “I need to get you hard again so that next time I can swallow every drop of this nutritious delicious tasting recipe!”.

With that the insatisfiably horny young woman set to work moving her body downwards towards the end of the bed where she could make her self more comfortable to suck my cock and get it hard again. Revenge is sweet . . . the first thing she did however, was to stick a finger up my own arsehole!

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3 years ago
Wonderful story! Thank you for sharing!
3 years ago
4 years ago
excellent story , look forward to reading the next chapter hearing how much you enjoy her fingering your ass and massageing your prostate as she sucks you off , before you fuck her beautiful ass
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
o my god so hotttttttttt
4 years ago
Slow to get going but very hot, sexy & naughty from middle2emd with horny seduction. I will look out 4 the 'hook' technique on xhamster!