Sexy married mature student 2 – bath time sl

This is not a sequel to my last story but is based on another true story of a sexual encounter with another married mature student during my studies at Newcastle University in 2007 that just loves to fuck younger guys.

I actually met Danielle through facebook. She was signed up to the same facebook network as I was and she spotted my profile photo of me cutting up some vegetables in my kitchen. She sent me a facebook message simply saying that it was nice to see a guy that could cook! I replied something along the lines of ‘and it’s all organic!’ and over the next couple of weeks we slowly increased the flirting.

In one message she noted to me that her studies were not going as well as she would have hoped. I suggested that as we were both on the same campus we should meet-up one lunchtime for a coffee and a chat if she wanted to talk about it.

She thought this would be nice and we met up a couple of days later outside the library and decided to go for a walk in the nearby park and grab a coffee on the way. First impressions do count: I was taken in by the curves of her body in her tight fitting top and jeans, showing off a nice shapely set of boobs and a lovely shaped bum. She had long brunette hair, stood at 5 foot 5, with shinning white teeth and a lovely warm smile. I was 29 at the time and whilst no six footer at five foot seven, kept in good physical shape through playing lots of sport, especially football. In fact it was my six pack, although fading slightly (!), that got girl’s attention in my younger years.

I was impressed with Danielle’s relaxed manner and confidence and the way she took control of conversation. Mmmmm would she be like that in the bedroom?! As we were walking to the park Danielle proceeded to tell me that she was 41 years of age and had finished with her boyfriend only last week as at 24, she thought he was too young for her. In fact, confusingly, it was actually her ‘husband’ who told her that she should finish with the younger guy! Basically she was married to some kind of sugar daddy who doted on her and her two c***dren but their relationship was it seems based on a friendship and noting more.

Whilst walking I stopped to tie up my shoe lace and I could not help but note to admire Danielle’s nice shapely backside and thought she had done really well to get her fantastic shape back after having two k**s. I then noted that she had clocked me looking at her bum and she gave me a rather sexy wry smile. It set the tone, well, she enjoyed my appreciative looking at her and I enjoyed her cute smile back. We had an enjoyable hour chatting, flirting and soaking up the suns shines rays in the park.

We walked back into town for our respective lectures and I kissed her on her cheeks goodbye and she said she would like to meet-up again. I said that would be great and I would be in touch, whilst quietly thinking to myself that I fancied the arse off this women and I really wanted to get into her knickers and fuck the hell out of her! As it turns out, I did not have too long to wait . . .

Over the next few days we texted each other and arranged to meet-up again and go for a walk at lunch time. However, I texted her in the morning to say I was really sorry but I was not going into Uni so we could not meet-up as I had pulled my groin slightly playing football the evening before so could not walk around very well. She replied that she hoped I was okay and it was a shame we could not meet-up. I was pretty pissed off about this injury as I was really looking forward to seeing her.

At lunchtime she sent me a text to say that she hoped I was okay. The text got me thinking about her again and how much I wanted to see her and to fuck her. I sent her a casual reply text saying I was okay and that I hoped she was as well. And I asked her that as she had previously mentioned she had an interest in natural remedies and paganism whether there were any natural remedies for helping to recover form groin strains. She replied an hour later saying that there was a plant based remedy that she could make up that I could use when I take a bath. Goodness, I was thinking to myself, how I would like to get in a bath with her!

This got me thinking and I thought that I should play on her text and increase the flirting. I replied: “I would love to have the remedy but it would mean you will have to bring it around! Oh and you would have to run the bath for me ;)” I was getting hard just thinking about it.

Getting bored with daytime TV I noted that she had still not replied to my text an hour later, so I thought whilst she is probably busy, I would send her another text anyway to get her thinking. I sent her another text saying “Hey cutie, just a thought, but if you can bring the remedy around over the next couple of days so that I can heal quicker. I will make it up to you. I will make you a nice meal for when you come around and then you will see how good a chef I am! x” (reference to my face book profile pic).

Mid afternoon she replied to my text. She seemed to be quite flattered and casually said she could come around but only if the food really would be organic! My text reply assured her that it would be.

She texted back half an hour later to ask me how much notice would I need to prepare the meal for her. I simply replied that I had a fresh supply of organic food, and I was becoming an expert at walking around the house on one leg (!)so it could be done in short notice.

Danielle replied instantly, with ‘Okay, how about tonight? ? xx’. I struggled to contain my excitement. Okay, I had to play it cool! I looked at the clock and it was 4pm. I texted her back half an hour later and said ‘Okay sweetie, see you at 7.30pm xx’. That text also incorporated my more exact address details.

My first thought was that I was pleased I always keep spare bottles of wine in the flat for special occasions so I did not have to limp up to the shop to get one! My second thought was to debate to myself whether to have a wank to calm me down and in case we got it on and I wanted to make sure I lasted longer. However, I decided against it. After all, she seemed like the sort of woman that would want to drain every drop of spunk from my ball sacks with her hands, mouth or pussy . . . why should I be the one to deny her this pleasure! I proceeded to prepare a nice vegetable lasagne for when she turned up and had a shower and got myself shaved and freshened up.

The door bell rang at exactly 7.30pm and with a slightly exaggerating limp I went and opened the door. I gave her a nice hug and kiss, noting how great she smelt, and invited her into the flat and into the living room. This gave me a time to take a really good look at her. She was wearing tight fitting jeans and as she bent over to take off her shoes I got a glimpse of some sexy white undies that she was wearing. Whilst still bending over, she turned around to put her shoes on the shoe rack and I proceeded to get a good look at her white bra and her nice ample tits under her light blue loose top. Jeez, I thought I was gonna cum there and then!

She would have noted what she was showing me, but feigned innocence by just casually walking into my living room, with an exaggerated wiggle of that tight butt of hers. Fuck, I just wanted to rodger her! I had set the mood to Ibiza chillout acoustic music and had dimmed the lights to give the place abit of ambience. I told her to relax as I served food and poured us some red wine. We had a nice candle lit meal and lots of flirtatious chat and laugher was fast warming the room.

Danielle complemented me on the delicacy I had prepared for her and she was clearly linking all the questions and attention that I was giving to her. After moving to the sofa and some light touching between us as we made ourselves comfortable she opened her handbag and showed me the herbal remedy she had made for me.

I suggested that maybe she might like to run the bath for me now for the herbal remedy. With a cheeky grin she said okay and she disappeared into the bathroom and started to fill the bath. She called through to me ten minutes later to say the bath was prepared. I went through to see her, but was slightly disappointed that she was still dressed! Having established that the temperature of the bath waster was fine, she said to me just to call to her if I need any help. I cheekily explained that I would probably need help getting into and out of the bath, however, I would try and manage but I would appreciate it if she could bring me a glass of wine through in a couple of minutes once I had made myself comfortable.

Danielle came back into the bathroom with a glass of wine for herself and me. The herbal concoction she had made up done little to conceal my nakedness as there were no bubbles in the bath. She clearly was not fazed by this and neither was I. She sat on the edge of the bath and I noted as she did so her eyes were gazing straight at my semi-erect cock under the water.

I pretend not to notice and casually chatted to her. She then started to very subtlety open and close her legs. I asked her if she was okay and she said that she badly needed to pee! I suggested that if she past me the towel I would remove myself from the bathroom whilst she went to the toilet. She replied that she did not want to disturb me and if I was cool with it as well, she would be comfortable with it if I just pulled the shower curtain across so I could not see her take a pee. I said I was cool by that. She pulled the shower curtain over so that I did not have to move and then I heard her undo and unzip her jeans to get ready to pee.

After a few sighs, I heard her start to trickle out piss. My semi-erect cock was now rock solid. I could not believe this was happening! My mind was in overdrive knowing just feet was this gorgeous sexy MILF had her fanny in full view and all that was stopping me see it was this flimsy shower curtain. Her trickle soon became a full flow piss and then again reduced to a trickle and soon became silent. She gave a little murmur and then flushed the toilet; and then I heard her turn on the washbasin taps to wash her hands. I then heard her walk towards me, which at that point she then pulled the shower curtain back and came into my view.

What greeted me was like a gift from heaven itself! She had decided to take her jeans right the way off and her white knickers were on full view, giving me a clear camel toes view of her pussy lips and some whispers of hair coming out the side of her knickers. She looked directly at me and gave me the sexiest pout and commented that as I was naked it was only fair that she should take a little something off. I did not try to conceal my admiration for her body. As she walked over to sit down on the side of the bath I asked to stop walking and stand still as she came right up to the side of the bath.

By sitting in the bath my eyes were at exactly the same level as her pussy. I was getting a perfect view of her near naked flange! I asked her to turn around for me. She looked a little surprised by this request but sexily twirled around. I got a really good look at her nice shapely arse and all that was concealing them was some white flimsy panties. I asked her to walk backwards towards me. She laughed and did as I asked. I told her she was absolutely beautiful and then I asked her to bend over and touch her toes. She parted her legs ever so slightly and then bent forward at the hips giving me the most beautiful view of rear shot view. ‘Oh my God’ I sighed, ‘you are absolutely beautiful’. Her arse was now practically in my face and I lent slightly out of the bath to feel her arse cheeks. She did not flinch and so I moved the panties out of the way slightly so that I could massage and feel her left bum cheek, all the time telling her how gorgeous she is.

I asked her if she was comfortable with this and her response was a murmur which I interpreted to mean yes! She was still bending over and I then leaned more out of the bath and slowly peeled her panties down her legs. The sight that greeted my eyes was one of the most beautiful ever. A lovely gorgeous moist pussy and cute bum hole staring right back at me. I was feeling so horney I started to kiss her backside and slowly moved my fingers towards her wet slit. I pulled her cheeks apart and gently breathed onto her pussy. She signed with pleasure, anticipating my next move. Or maybe she had not! Whilst my left hand had now made its way to her juicy fanny, my right hand had made its way to her puckered arse hole. I was using both hands to simultaneously massage the outside of both her respective holes. I was now kneeling in but hanging out of the bath tub. I grew more confident and started to finger her pussy with my left hand whilst sticking the index figure of my right hand gently into bum hole.

Danielle temporarily froze and then seductively said to me: “You like having your finger in my poop hole” don’t you. ‘Hell yeah baby” I replied, you are absolutely gorgeous and I just cannot get enough of you!”. I then turned her around so that she faced me. I kissed her pussy and then pulled her face down to my kneeling down level and kissed her passionately. I then asked her to stand on her right leg, but let her left leg rest on the tope of the edge of the bath. This opened her right up to me. Her adorable soaking wet pussy was now wide open for me and I did not hesitate to grab hold of her arse cheeks and then pull my face right into pussy.

I pulled open her flaps and started to tongue fuck her soaking arm slit. She was sighing with absolute pleasure. I moved my hands upwards towards her breasts and felt under the bra and blue top that she was still wearing. This was the first opportunity I had to fondle her breasts. She knew what I wanted and pulled her top off and undone her bra for me, allowing me full access to fondle her lovely tits. Like me she was now stark naked. I continued to lick her out enjoying her taste. She was now utterly wet and ravaged with desire. She climbed into the bath and squatted over me with her pussy inches above my cock. She leant forward and started to kiss and snog the hell out of me. ‘Oh God, please fuck me’ she moaned, ‘please’. She was giving me lots of little and big passionate kisses all over my face, I was responding in the same and we could not get enough of each other.

Danielle’s hands were concurrently making their way to be very stiff and rock hard cock. She smiled at its hardness and whilst holding my cock firmly and steady and kissing me she lowered herself onto my pole. She told me in a sexy whisper how much she wanted to fuck me and for me to release all of my warm white sperm insider her. We both gasped with pleasure as she sank deeply onto my throbbing member. Her pussy was warm, tight and just felt utterly adorable. She built up a good pace and continued to ride me, faster and harder, knowing exactly what she wanted. She was fast building up to orgasm and she lent in tightly to me, with her hands on the side of my chest and her tits swaying in my face. I was soon approaching my own orgasm and had to slow her down! However, she was hell intent on fucking me as she wanted to and she was soon back in control riding my cock at the speed that she wanted.

Because she was leaning close into me, this gave me some access to her gorgeous behind and my hands were ravaging all over her sexy backside. I was obsessed with her lovely arse and arse hole! Increasingly my hands were approaching near to her arsehole, and I soon realised that every time I brought my hands near to her puckered orifice her groans of pleasure actually became louder. It struck me that she really enjoyed having this sensitive area of her body played with and I decided to take full advantage of this. My fingers found there way to that tight opening and using the water as a lubricant I stuck my finger right up into her bum hole. She sighed with pleasure and I simultaneously finger fucked her bum hole as she fucked my cock.

Her orgasm was fast approaching and she started to contract her fanny muscles around my cock as she came. It was a beautiful feeling and I just lay back enjoying the feeling of this sexy mature women and her pulsating fanny coming all over my cock. She collapsed on me and I held onto her tightly, my finger was still massaging her bum hole. Danielle then said to me that whilst she loves having a finger up her bum hole, one of her fantasies is for a guy to lick her there.

I needed no encouragement and so I gently moved her off me and turned her over so that she was on all fours. I knelt behind her and spread her arse cheeks. I kissed every square inch of her gorgeous round arse and then proceeded to that puckered twitching arsehole of hers. I lapped at her pussy enjoying the view and then moved my tongue upwards and placed the tip around the edges of her arsehole. She shuddered in pleasure and then using my hands to pull her arse cheeks wide so that her arse hole was vulnerable and open to me I proceeded to move my tongue further into her light little crevice. A wave of pleasure shot through her body and she turned around to smile at me with a dirty, naughty horney look on her face. This just sent me wild and I just went crazy lapping at her arse hole as she reached back with her hand and smothered my face in her arse.

I really was really feeling the urge to put my cock back into her pussy, however, I was also feeling the urge to stick my cock into her tight bum hole. I stopped licking her and mounted her from behind my cock now resting at her bum hole entrance. She froze and looked around at me and was clearly unsure about this. She said ‘maybe we can do that another time, but right now I want all of your cum in my pussy, please come deep inside me’. I was so fucking horney I needed no encouragement. My balls were just bursting for release. I moved my cock down to align it with her pussy and moved it up and down her moist flaps. I then slid it into her and started to fuck her, but then slowed down, alternating between shallow and deep strokes, I was not sure where I was getting the control from! She exclaimed: ‘I like it when you fuck me hard and fast!’. The way she was practically begging me to just fuck the shit out of her sent me over the edge. I increased the depth and pace that I was entering into her and in a vice like grip pinned her on all fours with my hands holding onto her around her waste. I was groaning like a caveman really ramming it into her. She was moving her hips back to meat my thrusts and we built up a synchronised fucking rhythm with her own squeals of delight matching my grunts of pleasure. I could not hold out much longer and she urged to fuck her harder and harder. She could not get enough of my cock. I felt my sperm start to leave my ball sack and shoot up my shaft towards my pulsating bell end. I groaned “I’m coming” and with one deep motion I thrust into her and held myself deeply inside her. Even if she had wanted to there was no way she was gonna shake me off her and at the moment out of my cock seeped all of my hot sperm deep inside her into her gorgeous accommodating warm and soaking wet fanny.

I instinctively moved in and out of her a couple more times to ensure I was well and truly spunked out and every last drop was inside her. This is exactly what she wanted. I then pulled out of her and she made space in the bath for me to lie on my back. She laid on top of me and held me tightly, kissing my lips and we enjoyed the comfortable silence between us. ‘I think we both liked that didn’t we honey’ she light heartedly whispered smiling at me, as I smiled back, my breath now back to a normal pace. “We sure as well did gorgeous”, I replied, she then kissed me and said “honey next time I need to take a pee I’m not gonna pull the shower curtain across okay”. “That’s fine baby”, I responded, but she was not listening, her lips were now making there way down the trunk of my body towards my now semi-erect cock to give me a blow job . . . and it’s not like I was complaining!

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very good
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very nicely written with a good lead up to the seduction ,
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Good story!