*sigh* my roomate!

My roomate melissa is a beautiful blonde we live together in an apartment. One day she came home and said "I have a surprise for you..." saying that she opened up her shopping bag and pulled out a neon pink strap on. She went into the bed room for a while then opened the door enough for her hand to motion me indide. As i walked down the hallway i couldnt help wondering what she was doing in there for such a long time. i reached the door and without heasitation quickly opened it there she was sitting on our bed with nothing but high heels (whch matched the color of the strap on) and the strap on. I gasped but she crossed the room and started undressing me we were both on the bed naked. we started kissing then she starden rubbing my nipple damn she is good. slowly she slid her hand down my body and started teasing my pussy i broke the kiss to moan in ecstacy. when she was done i positioned myself over her and guided her home. her thrust made my breath rush out in a gasp. she fucked me hard for about 25 minutes then we changed positions. i was now leaning against the bed my ass in the air and her fucking me hard. finnally i came my moan filled the room and she had to remind me that this was an apartment. she brought her head down to lick up my mess. then it was her turn we fucked for about a half an hour before she came she is very sensitive.

ps: you may have heard her name is sarah well thats her middle name she loikes it better than melissa but we have been friends forever so i can call her whatever i want
73% (33/12)
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3 years ago
give us more, please!!
3 years ago
I need some roomates like the both of you!!
3 years ago
Sound like you have a great roonmate
3 years ago
good roommate ;-)
3 years ago
Short, but enjoyed it, Well Done
3 years ago
3 years ago
wow baby like how the roomate took over and did ya great and licked up that so called mess which really is all your hot lovin so thanks here are hugs and clitty and lov eto do your butthole and lick all those juices and goodies
3 years ago
very nice