A woodland adventure - Chapter Four

Chapter Four
You have a stunned look on your face as the hunky young ranger slowly walks towards you, your still impaled on my big cock as you see him getting closer.

"Now what do we have going on here?" he asks, loosening his button now. "Looks like we have a naughty girl who needs some punishing, need any help there big guy?" he asks as he looks down at me on the blanket, your legs astride me. A smile creeps across my face "Are you up for it then mate?" i ask.

"Lets see what she thinks" he says, finally releasing a smiliarly impressive hard cock to the one that is currently stretching your dripping pussy. You look down at his huge swollen knob, but before you can agree, he tugs at your hair and presses his cock against your mouth. You open it quickly, taking all his eight inches straight down your throat.

"Fuck, she is an eager beaver" he says "Don't let me stop you mate" he says to me. Then begins to fuck your face, holding your head tightly by the hair, as i grab your hips, lean you forward slightly and start to pump by throbbin erection once more in and out.

You think your head will explode with this combination of sheer bliss and such brazen behaviour, a strange man has jammed his cock down your throat, your pussy its getting mercilessly fucked at the sametime. You need to taste his cum desperately, you want to climax once more on the my big cock too, you just want to be showered in cream by this two lush cocks.

Gagging on one cock and being rammed by another, another deep muffled groan emits from your well filled mouth as once more your cunt tightens and another orgasmic waves rips through your abused body.

"Does she swallow then" the ranger asks, and before i can answer you increase the pace with which you are hungrily suckin his ample cock, which seems to answer his question.

To your dismay though he pulls it out of your mouth though and decides he wants some more action than just a great blow job.
"I need to fuck this little lady" he says smiling.

And just to double your disappointment continues to lift you off my cock and leave you empty, where second ago you were well and truely full and happy.

" No get on all fours" says to you, and you do it with any hesitation at all, intrigued to know what is instore for you now.

"You go round the front" he says "and i'll just sort this pussy out round here"

Then you can feel his warm knob parting your sensitive sore pussy lips being parted and he drives his cock home in one swift thrust. The intense heat of your inner walls on his cock, make him hold it there for just a moment as he enjoys the tightness of you.

"This girls certainly hard some cock today" he recites " and she's gonna get a whole lot more too!" and then begins to slowly, yet deeply pump you hard from behind.

I am now at the front, my big hairy bollocks touching the tip of your nose, the smell of your dried pussy juice on them fills your nostrils, the heat radiating from my balls.

"Now if you play with my balls really nice, then you can suck my cock once" i say " I know you like to suck cock don't you girl?!

"I love to suck cock, i would suck you both all day if you wanted me to, to taste your seed, to swallow it all down, please let me, i need to have that salty taste again"

"Show me how much" i say, and with that you start to kiss and caress my balls with your mouth, gentle kisses, licking them with your tongue, rolling them in your mouth, working them hard. Whilst the young ranger ravages his attention on your pussy. You close your eyes and focus on pleasuring and being pleasured in unison.

"Catch" i say and lob something from the bag of toys to the enthusiastic ranger, you didn't see what it was and you begin to wonder.

"I think you know what to do with" i say grinning, "I sure do" he says

Suddenly you hear a buzzing sound behind you, and you realise what he now has in his hand. You then feel the tip of your bullet touching your arse and a intense sensation goes through you. "Got any lube in there?" he enquires "Yes" and lob him the tube of KY.

He quickly smothers the shaft of the bullet and begins to inch it to your tight little ass, the vibtarion feels amazing, not only for you, but he can feel it through your then thin wall between your arse and cunt.

"God thats is..............fucking great........." he stammers as the intense sensation blows his mind.

Before you know it your in heaven, the large cocked ranger is still plundering your pussy, he is gently fucking your bum hole with your bullet and i have finally let you suck my big cock once more. A task you undertake with the usual skill and enthusiasm.

Your world is certainly in a spin now as you feel the ranger's cock twitch violently as he empties a massive load of hot stuff deep inside your pussy, this combined with anal pleasure your feeling, brings you to a huge climax too, which once again triggers me to hold your head once more and empty another salty load down the back of your throat. Which as usual you swallow with gusto.

The emotions are running very high now and the thought runs through your spinning head, This electric charged forest encounter can't get any better for you, can it?

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