A woodland adventure - Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Your heart rate finally begins to slow as the whirlwind of abuse you have just suffered has no finally subsided, for now..

You suck my cock slowly and then eagerly, alternating between and quick and a slow action, your hand massaging my balls, weighing them gently, anticipating how much cum you will be swallowing very soon if you perform as only we both know you can.

You trace your tongue along my pulsing shaft, pulling my foreskin back gently and lapping at my fat knob end, pushing your tongue tip in to my cum hole. You are so happy to finally have this gorgeous big juicy fat swollen prick in your mouth, your pussy is leaking uncontrollably now as you think of what else you could be doing with it.....will be doing with it.

Patience is now wearing thin as you begin to wank my shaft in to your mouth, greedily sucking me, milking my big hairy full bollocks, "Oh yes.......suck at that fucking cock..........fuck thats good...........you just want to taste my cum don't you babe, want to feel it sliding down your throat babe.....................thats it........god yes......."

You look up at me, as best you can as you concentrate on getting your reward. Your eyes are smiling now, as you can tell by the way my knees are shaking slightly that i am getting close now. Your muffled moans are slightly louder now too, almost as you are trying to will me on to deliver the salty prize.

"Nearly there sexy.............. fuck yeah.............you wanna don't ya"
"Mwwwaaaaaa" you groan and quicken your pace, digging your hand into my arse cheek, pulling my cock deep into your throat.

Then i grab your head once more and wail as i pump my molten seed down the back of your throat, streams of white cream cascading down your neck, once again you gag on my big knob end as you recieved your well deserved award.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................thanks...............another good mouthful as promised" you say, then you eagerly lick and lap at my wilting cock as you make sure not a drop of the precious liquid is spilt on to the forest floor.

"You' get the next load in a much tighter hole, you filthy little lady!" Then i push you backwards on the blanket, before straddling your chest, resting my well sucked cock between your breasts.

"Now get those trousers off and lets have a look at which bits are going to clamped on my cock next, my little forest cock slut!"

You wrestle yourself out of your trousers and matching lace knickers, the dam gusset offers some resistance against your moist hole, the gentle aroma of a very horny lady is now heavy in the air.

I slide down your body, moving my cock out of reach, clamping my mouth on your hard nipple and sucking hard, my hand pinching the other one. Rolling it, tweaking it, hard then softer, tracing my finger around it. You moan and groan, you pussy tingling below.

My cock now begins to recover, you feel it limp, pressing against your hot wet cunt, your leaking juices begining to coat the side of my thick shaft. Slowly it begins to thicken and rise, you feel it getting bigger, thicker and harder and so close to your wetness, you wish you could just reach down and slide it right in.

Its full hard now and its fat head its resting against your swollen, sensitive clit, just above its target. I gently gyrate my hips so my knob is pressing gently against your button, still suckin on your big nipples. You can feel the veins in my big cock massaging your clit, you become light headed and see stars before your eyes, then i feel you shiver as an orgasm rips through your body.

You grab my head, and through gritted teeth say firmly "I need that fucking cock now, I NEED you to fuck me hard you teasing

"All in good time babe..." I say, and slide my head between your damp thighs, the heat of your pussy pours in to my nostrils and you jump as you feel my tongue lap your clit. Instinctively you pull my head hard between your legs, instantly coating my cheeks and lips with your cum. I quickly stick out my tongue and fire it straight inside your molten pussy, thrusting it in and out, fucking you with it.

I move my arm around and manage to get my thumb to your clit, massaging it once as i pump my tongue in and out of your hot sex. You release my head and begin to play with your breasts, thrashing around on the blanket, another orgasm welling up inside you and this time you want to cum all over my face.

You are pulling and pinching your rock hard teats, rolling from side to side, when i finally feel your vagina clamp down on my tongue as a massive orgasm tears through your body, i pull my cream covered face from your opening, you go limp and just lie back once more your eyes closed, enjoying the moment and its intensity.

"You bastard " you say finally " You fucking bastard!", quietly but still making your point.

When you eventually open your eyes, you can see that i am now knelt between your thighs, an large iron hard angry hard on in my hand, my hairy chest now on view. I begin to shuffle forward, postioning its fat knob at your throbbin entrance.

"Now for the real fun, time to getting a fucking bitch and take all the cock i give you. Your going home a very sore little cock slut today babe" and with that i drive it home in one swift movement, pushing all the air from your lungs. Before you know it i am full immersed inside your pussy, my replenishing bollocks resting agaist your tight little arse.

And there it rests for just a few seconds, just enough time for your under fucked pussy to adapt to the onslaught of cock that is coming its way.

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