A woodland adventure - Chapter One

Chapter One

We have arranged to meet in a local wood, somewhere in rural location. You have been instructed to bring your toys, some KY and a blanket. Your sitting nervously in the agreed car park meeting point, gently, but discreetly ruubing the hot space between your legs, and stroking the new rabbit in your bag of tricks.

Then you see the familar white van that contains the gorgeous cock that you are so desperate to get your hands on, a smile creeps across your face and you feel your pussy throb at the sheer thought of what may be to come. I park the van on the opposite side of the car park, climb out, lock it and start walking towards one of the forest paths, just like we had planned.

You quickly exit the car, after checkng you have everything you need. You then walk down a path simliar to mine and continue walking behind me, not together, as we both make our way to the liason point, deep in the trees, away from prying eyes.

I am about 100 yards ahead of you, but i know you are behind me, and my cock begins to thicken in anticipation of it being gorged on by your eager mouth, and very soon too. I walk past the overgrown path that leads to what will some become our sex den, but i know that you are now taking that turning without needing to look around, i pause to look at something moving in the undergrowth, buying me some time.

When the coast is clear i circle back around and duck through the gap you went through minutes earlier. I finally arrived at a clearing, nestly away from the rest of the forest, surrounded by tall trees and and very secluded. I spy you laying out the blanket and rumaging through your bag, checking its contents once more.

I sneak up behind you, then wrap my arms around and cup your breasts, my breath on your ear, i whisper "Hey there sexy, so who wants to be a the baddest girl ini the woods then?" and begin to kiss your neck. " Oh my god " you mutter, your eyes rolling, your pussy dampening and the nipples i am stroking just getting harder and harder.

You are twisting your arm behind you frantically, trying to get a feel of my thick cock with your hand, but you can't, but you can feel it hard and pulsing against your bottom. " God i want it right now Chris, i want to feel it in my mouth" you say, your eyes burning into mine. I press my mouth hard on to yours, kissing you hungrily, tongues dancing, fighting, battling.

You push me away, and drop to your knees in one swift, yet desparate movement. Suddenly your hands are on my belt, unbuckling me, the catch released, the zip down, reaching for my.......

I grab your hair hard, you yelp in shock and pain, you look at me. " Not so fast my little cum guzzling cock slut. First i want to see those tits and how fucking hard those nipples are. Then we'll see if your worthy of a little salty drink." You look hurt and surprised, you just want to suck cock, and this bastard is denying you,, for now. You pull at your clothes, undressing with haste.

"That a very sexy bra your wearing" i say admiring your lacey black and white lingerie. "Looks like someone was determined to be fucked today and has made and effort it seems" I feel my cock twitch in my briefs as i admire those awesome breasts and he throbs once more as you unclip the bra and your suckable tits fall out in the open air. Your nipples look very hard, almost painfully so.

"Fuck! your tits are gorgeous" i say then pull you to your feet by your hair, you let out a scream as you clamber to your feet, i drop to my knees, burying my head eagerly in your bosom. My hands kneading your huge boobs and my mouth hungrily sucking, nipping, biting at your swollen nipples. You grab my head drawing me deeper into your heaving chest. " Bite my nipples you horny cunt!" you scream, "Bite them harder.........Oh fuck..............thats the way, Oh Chris........."

Your head is all over the place, moaning loudly, screaming when i bite your nipples, eyes rolling around, head thrashing from side to side. " God i need you.....i want some cock you bastard!" Your nipples are now very red and very sensitive, every contact with the now, seems to shock you to your very core. I stand up slowly, your stood wit your head back, eyes closed, moaning gently, your chest is red and your heavy breathing makes your huge tits rise and fall in a very sexy way.

I slap your cheek with my hand to snap you out of it, "Now the you horny bitch, its time to fuck that sexy little mouth of yours"
So i grab your hair with both hand, forcing you down, not with much resistance though it seems. You quickly pull down my trousers and briefs in the blink of an eye. Suddenly my fat throbbing veiny cock is there right in front of you face, you instinctly open your mouth and dive forwards, swallowing it whole. Your inbuilt passion for sucking cock and the prize it delivers kicks in.

You gag as i drive it into your mouth, my big swollen knob crashing against the back of your throat, bringing tears to your eyes and sending your saliva glands in to overdrive to compensate for this violation. You try to slow the pace, but i pump my thick shaft in to your mouth at relentless pace, your saliva now running down my shaft, coating it, dripping from it as i pound your

Finally i let go of your hair and let you show me the talents that have made you into the best woman to have ever sucked my cock..................
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