The Dungeon Part 1

Jon and Kat were excited. It was their first visit to the Dungeon in L.A.. They were taking along their bodyguard Dennis, just in case of any problems. Jon was always protective of Kat in these situations, he wanted her to have a good time and he and Dennis would watch out for anything that would spoil her time.

It was costume night at the Dungeon, and Kat had chosen the outfits for all of them. For Jon, she had chosen a short roman toga costume, complete with sandals, the gold rope tied low on his hips, and the wreath of leaves on his head. For Dennis she had chosen the costume of Robin Hood, because he was going to bodyguard the night and he looked great in the tights! For herself she chose Cleopatra. The black wig and the extreme eye makeup, the silver snake upper arm bracelet, and a flowing gown of nothing but the palest gossamer silk, with nothing on underneath. Her tiny high heeled shoes sparkled in the candlelight as they breezed into the game room at the Dungeon.

All around them there were people. Some naked, some clothed, some only partially. They decided to take a tour of the playrooms and set off. The first room had a castle motif, with chains and a huge rough table in the center of the room. The table was covered with foam padding. It was a good thing, because several of the women were already being enthusiastically serviced as they either lay on or knelt on their hands and knees. Kat's eyes grew bright and sparkled up at Jon, she saw something she liked. As they scanned the room, they noticed along the walls were chairs, and in the chairs were several men, eyes fixed on the women on the tables being serviced, as they stroked themselves.

Kat had an idea. Her pussy began to drip as she turned to Jon. He had a knowing smile on his lips, so she just smiled. They entered the room, just as both of the women's servicing were being completed. The men that were pounding them deep and hard had just shuddered huge loads of cum into their willing holes. They all needed a break and left the room. As Kat looked around, she saw nothing but men, there were eight in the room right now, and all of them were hard and ready. Jon leaned down and whispered in Kat's ear "go for it, babe". That's all she needed to hear.

Dennis stood guard at the door, arms crossed, so no one dared enter. Jon took a seat to watch the show. Kat walked slowly around the room. At each man she stopped and looked them right in the eyes. On her second trip around the room, she said "you, you, you and you" to four of the men. "come with me" she said. All four jumped up, their throbbing hard cocks still in their hands. She lined them up by the table and slowly she raised herself onto the top of the table. Ever so slowly, and looking at each and every man in the room, she slid the pale pink gossamer gown off her body. She began to explore her body with her own hands, each pair of lust filled eyes strained to see her tight little body as the candlelight uncovered each new part of her.

She rubbed her breasts, pulling on a nipple, then the other. Then, running a hand down her stomach, began to caress herself between her legs. She lay flat on her back on the table now, right in front of the line of men she had selected. Ever so slowly, she parted her thighs, and watched the first man's cock jump at the sight of her drenching wet pussy.

Jon watched as the man didn't waste a moment. He stepped up to the table and slammed his nine inch cock into Kat's dripping hole. He pumped hard, grabbing her hips and pulling her back toward his thrusts. It didn't take long, he had been stroking his cock for an hour before they arrived, not knowing he would be fucking such a delicious little cunt. He couldn't wait, and groaned as his huge load of cum shot into her slippery hotness. When he was done, he simply pulled his cock out and walked out of the room. Before the first was out the door, the second man was inside her, repeating all to quickly what the first man had done. Each one of them gasped, pumped her hard and fast, loving the feel of her tight little hole milking their cocks of every drop of their thick white loads of cum. The second finished, groaning as he shot into her. Kat smiled, she loved being fucked! She glanced at Jon's face. His eyes were full of lust, he was stroking his own cock as he watched these four men filling his woman full of their thick loads of cum. After the third one finished, it started to run down between her legs. He watched the fourth man's cock sliding in and out of her velvet pussy lips amid the flowing cum stream. He knew just how her delicious little cunt milked each drop of cum from four men's huge balls, it had happened to him again and again. He watched the fourth man desperately slam into her, he was last, and had to watch three other men before it was his turn. He was desperate to cum now, his cock was huge and throbbing, his balls hung low, loaded with cum. He watched as Kat turned her head to him. Jon saw the look. The look she always gave him when they played with others that drove him wild. The fourth man fucked hard and pumped her over and over, finally yelling as the streams of hot juicy cum convulsed into her already saturated hole. As he pulled his cock from her wetness, Jon saw it run streaming down, covering her in the thick white jizz.

As the last man left the room, Dennis cleared out the rest. He closed the door and came to the table himself. Kat smiled as Dennis pulled down his tights, his huge cock springing up. He guided his cock into her, and rode her hard too. He came hard inside her, adding his load to all the rest. He kissed her on the cheek, pulled up his tights, and left the room to stand guard on the other side of the door, giving Kat and Jon just a bit of privacy.

She smiled at Jon with a knowing look. The door closed. They were alone. Jon slowly got up and walked over to her. Kat slid back on the table, giving Jon room to be on the table with her. She gave him the look. He climbed onto the table and positioned himself between her legs. Ever so slowly, she parted her legs. He saw cum dripping and running from her sweet little pussy. With a groan, Jon lay flat on his belly and buried his face in the wetness. Licking, and lapping and sucking at the huge loads left behind. He groaned with pleasure, Kat started to cum, filling his mouth with more strange white creaminess. Jon could wait no longer. He mounted Kat, and fucked her harder than he had ever before. They looked deep into each others eyes the whole time he was pumping her. His own load was massive, shooting spray after spray of his own thick white jizz into her.

They smiled. There was alot more to do tonight. This, was just the appetizer!

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3 years ago
Enjoyed looking forward to reading part II
3 years ago
sounds like a fun costume party.
3 years ago
more please :)