جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly's Lesbian Lovefest

Hey, guys!

By now you probably all know what a complete slut I am when it comes to cock. I LOVE cock! Nothing in this world is more important to me than cock. I crave it! Need it! Whenever I meet a man for the first time my thoughts immediately go toward his cock; how big it is, how it tastes, how good it will feel inside me &, most of all, what I need to do to have it!

All my favorite masturbation fantasies involve many, many hard glistening cocks - especially those big, thick, long black ones.... Mmmmmm....

Anyway, I could talk about cocks all day but there's something else I love almost as much - pussy!

I'd known about my insatiable craving for cock ever since I was a senior at high school but my desire for pussy was not awakened until my twenties...
Before becoming a TV news anchor in Lebanon & Dubai, I earned my stripes in the USA as an intern & an "on the spot" reporter at a syndicated cable network. On my first day I was introduced to my team; my camerawoman who was a tall, leggy, athletic, blonde called Chrissie who appeared to be in her late twenties, & my sound girl who was a cute, brazen, little redhead with a big smile & plenty of attitude called Suzie.

We were sent out to do some silly human interest story (or 'cat up a tree story' as the girls called them) so we all got into the van & were on our way. We spent most of the trip chatting & giggling. They asked me lots of questions about my life back in Lebanon & gave me lots of sweet compliments about my hair, eyes, skin, figure & accent. It was quite flattering receiving compliments from Chrissie; a beach volleyball player who paid her way through college by modelling & from little Suzie, who had only just finished high school & was just adorable! We got many admiring toots & amorous comments from passing male motorists. Haha!

Once the story was wrapped, we were heading back to the station. Little Suzie was driving & Chrissie & I were in the back of the van.
"How about we show our beautiful new playmate the scenic route, hon?" Chrissie called to Suzie.

"You bet!" was the giggly reply.

We were soon miles from any main road & surrounded by trees. Chrissie had sidled up beside me and started to stroke my hair saying how beautiful it was & complementing my golden skin. Her other hand rested gently on my leg. Where I come from, women didn't usually get so close but, when in Rome...

The van stopped & Suzie giggled, "Ready or not, here I come!"

I turned back to Chrissie whose face was so close that it brushed against mine as I turned back. I immediately apologized but she just stroked my cheek softly & said, "Don't be sorry, hon."

Before I knew what happening, she was kissing me. The shock of another women doing this to me made me want try to pull & turn away.... but something stirred within me, something that made my eyes close, my mouth open wider & let her tongue in....

I felt another hand working its way under my skirt; Suzie, who already had her top off, was now sitting at the other side of me & working her hands up to my panties (which were now getting quite wet). When she had a good hold of them, I lifted myself up slightly to help her remove them & she locked her young lips against mine - my second taste of a woman's tongue. Mmmmmm....

Chrissie now had all her clothes off (as did little Suzie) &, by now, both girls were breathing deeply & rapidly & impatiently undressing me...

The three of us were sitting together, naked - with me nervously in the middle. The kissing was so passionate & so intense. Sometimes all three of us kissing at once! The feeling of two beautiful women's tongues licking & sliding all over my tongue was incredible! Then they were both biting and kissing down my neck, working their way down until they got to my breasts where they both spent what felt like an eternity kissing, sucking & gently biting my nipples. I was going crazy! I couldn't stand it any longer & started rubbing my throbbing, soaking wet pussy. I was just about to insert a couple of fingers when Chrissie growled at me, "What do you think you're doing, young lady? That's my job!"
Suzie got up & planted herself down on the single seat opposite us & Chrissie laid me out on our bench seat. She wasted no time kissing & licking her way up the inside of my legs. When she got to my waiting, wet pussy I saw her eyes light up & heard her whisper "I love eating Lebanese" to herself. I squealed as I felt her tongue enter me. I'd never felt anything like it & she went straight for my G-spot making me pant & moan uncontrollably. As if that wasn't intense enough, I then felt her finger sliding into my ass. Oh my god! I could not describe to you what this horny bitch was doing to me!

I was not the only one making noise. Little Suzie on her seat was squeezing one of her pert little titties with one hand & finger-fucking herself with the other. The site of what we were doing was obviously more than she could bare & she leaped over to me kneeling & spreading her legs over my face begging me to eat her pussy.

"Eat me, Jilnar! For fuck sake eat me, you fucking sexy Arab slut! EAT MEEEE!!!!" she cried. How could I not oblige such a horny request?

I got my first taste of pussy - sweet, young, American pussy. And it was delicious!

Pretty soon Suzie & I were both coming hard. I squirted stream after stream into Chrissie's hungry mouth who moaned her approval, just as Suzie unloaded, filling my mouth with her sweet young love juice. She came sooo much! When my mouth was full it overflowed all over my face, in my hair & ran down over my neck & breasts.

"Okay, you two nasty little bitches have had your fun," said a cum-covered cheeky faced Chrissie, "now it's Momma's turn!"

"She eats pussy good Chris & she learns fast," said Suzie breathlessly (obviously satisfied with me), "You have to try her. She's way more awesome than the last bitch."

"Oh, I intend to," said the beautiful, blonde, statuesque, goddess.

She looked down & gave me a wink just before she straddled my face. I held her buttocks, digging my long fingernails into them & got my first taste of her pussy. It tasted & felt different to little Suzie's but it was still every bit as good.

I felt some clambering & shifting about down below until it became clear what was going on...

"We call this scissoring," said Suzie as she manoeuvred her pussy so it was pressed up hard against mine.

The taste of Chrissie's pussy, my finger in her tight ass & the incredible feeling of Suzie's & my hairless pussies grinding against each other was too much for us all...

A squealing Chrissie was soon squirting thick jets of her cunt juice into my hungry mouth & Suzie & I were squirting hot streams of lady-cum all over each others pussies & writhing bodies.

After lots & lots of post-coitus kissing (with all three of our pussy drenched mouths locked together), we all fell asl**p in in a loving blissful heap of satisfied rampant sluttiness for what could've been hours. When we woke up we were stuck together by the now drying mixtures of our dirty whorish juices, so we separated ourselves, got dressed & Suzie asked Chrissie, "Should we bring our strap-ons tomorrow?"

"I think we better," was the reply.

Love and lust,

جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly
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