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Hi guys,

I remember my favourite news day...

During the bulletin we had a guest come into the studio to do a live interview. I've always had a weakness for black men and their huge, thick, long, hard cocks so imagine my excitement when the guest turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous big black stud!

I tried to stay focused and keep my questions on the subject but all I could think about was how much I wanted to see, feel, taste and ride his big black cock. My hungry pussy ached for it and was getting wetter and wetter...

Before I knew it, my hand had subconsciously slipped under the desk and was working its way up his muscular leg to his crotch. He was finding it a little more difficult to stay on topic but didn't seem to mind so I took it as my cue to get even more daring...

I slid my hand up to his crotch and was delighted to feel his already semi-erect cock. The poor thing seemed so uncomfortable, trapped in its tight fabric prison so I decided to set it free. I unzipped his pants and pulled it out. And what a monster it was!

It was so difficult for us both to keep looking into each others eyes, be professional, and stay focused on the interview so the people watching at home would have no idea what it was we were really up to.

I was moving my fingers all over his beautiful licorice shaft, stroking and fondling it lovingly. Seeing his breathing become more deep and rapid, the increasing sweat on his brow and hearing the soft moaning under his breath got me so excited and made me pump his man-meat even faster...

It was about then that I felt my co-host grab my other hand under the desk and move it over to his cock which he already had out for my convenience. The poor dear must have been feeling left out.

There I was, stroking and pumping two beautiful hard cocks under the desk. It was so much fun and the risk of being found out made it even more exciting! The ecstasy they must have felt and the agony of trying to hide it. Then, finally, we went over to a commercial break. They were both rolling their heads back, with their eyes closed and moaning uncontrollably so I knew it was time...

I didn't want to waste any of their precious seed by letting it squirt all over the underside of a news desk so I hitched up my skirt, pointed their throbbing cocks at my long golden legs and let them both unload all over them. Oh my! You would not believe how much sticky, hot cum they let go!

The commercial break was over, our lovely guest had left and I spent the whole of the next section reading more news while, under the desk, I was massaging their beautiful, thick,creamy cum into my legs and pussy, making sure to not waste a single drop. I love cum!

Love and lust,

جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly
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