Humiliated Cuckold Husband

Tell your husband you like big dicks.

Tell your husband his dick is not big enough for you.

Laugh, grin, giggle or shake your head in contempt every time you see your husbands dick.

Tell your husband you're horny because you have been thinking of some other man.

Make your husband watch as you prepare to go out to look for other men.

Make your husband bathe you, shave your legs and pussy, pick out clothes, jewellery and perfume to get you ready for your lovers.

Get a tattoo of a suggestive nature: QOS (Queen of Spades for attracting black men), black snake, "Slut", "Easy" "Steve"( your lovers name) etc.

Wear ankle bracelets. These are a sign that you are available to fuck.

Wear ultra sexy, revealing slutty clothing, especially high heels.

Don't wear underwear.

If you do, wear the skimpiest, sexiest thongs.

Flirt heavily with other men at all times, especially in front of your husband.

Make your husband go with you and watch from across the bar/club as you meet, flirt and pick up men.

Make your husband drive you and your lover around while you and him make out, suck and fuck in the back seat.

Suck off men under the table in a bar/club.

Suck off men in the parking lot or alley

Let men feel you up in public.

Let your husband see, feel and eat your lover's cum that has been deposited in your face, mouth, pussy and ass.

Fuck another man while your husband is at work.

Fuck another man while your husband is in the next room.

Fuck another man, film it and make your husband watch it later.

Tie up or otherwise restrain your husband and make him watch while you fuck other men. Consider gagging him too.

While your husband watches, always verbally express how good it feels.

Do things with other men you wouldn't or haven't done with your husband.

Fuck your husband's boss.

Tell your husband you'd like to get pregnant by another man.

Get pregnant by another man.

Go to XXX adult video booths and suck dicks through glory holes.

Make your husband get a "Cuckold" tattoo.

Piss on your husband right before you leave for a date.

Deny your husband all sex, even masturbation.

Walk around your house naked but deny your husband sex.

Watch porn movies and masturbate but deny your husband sex.

Masturbate in front of your husband while you tell him the details of your sex with others.

Wear all jewellery, clothes given to you by your lovers.

Have your lover's call you at home and ask for you when your husband answers.

Leave notes for your husband telling him your out on a date and for him to clean the house, wash the car, do chores etc.

Call your lovers in front of your husband just to flirt, chat and make dates.

Make your husband pay for all items and services related to your fucking other men.

Make your husband lick out cum from your pussy and ass.

Make your husband suck your lovers dick into a hard on so your lover can fuck your again.

Make your husband lie under the bed while you fuck your lovers.

Tell your girlfriends your husband is a cuckold and you cheat on him a lot.

Tell your lover you love him in front of your husband.

Always dress like a slut when you are in other mens company.

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20 days ago
2 months ago
Very Good !!!!
6 months ago
Very nice!
7 months ago
You're right. A weak male deserves it all. My wife hasn't gotten knocked up but that's because she doesn't want least not yet. I'm cut so if she does everyone will know. Might add watching your brothers fuck your wife.
8 months ago
I love it!
10 months ago
fine rules to live by
12 months ago
love these rules want my wife to make me a cuckold more than anything.i want her to treat me like the sissy i am
12 months ago
love these rules want my wife to make me a cuckold more than anything.i want her to treat me like the sissy i am
1 year ago
fun list
1 year ago
Whimper... oh my, i am so stiff, my panties are so wet.....
1 year ago
Have experience of this from the "other" side? ha ha
She used to tell me how her hubby couldn't get enough
of licking her pussy after she got home from a fuck session with me!
(He was quite a 'high-powered' businessman too!)
1 year ago
oh my yesssssssssss
1 year ago
great rules 4 cucks and slut wives
1 year ago
not sure who im more jealous of the guy or girl? ;)
1 year ago
very nice
1 year ago
2 years ago
You're gorgeous AND into cuckolding? PLEASE MARRY ME.
2 years ago
great list wish my wife would use it. But you did forget
make your husband get your lovers hard via sucking and if the bull wishes he may fuck the cuckold to ensure he knows his place.
2 years ago
An excellent list. I met a married slut recently who wants to make her hubby a cuckold, but didn't know how...I'm sending her this list to start his training before I fly out to start using her myself!
2 years ago
i love it.... i agree with all of it
2 years ago
Great points
2 years ago
thanks for that i will hang it in our room for wife
2 years ago
luv it
2 years ago
what a GREAT list

keep sharing more
2 years ago
we cuckolds need and enjoy this type of treatment
2 years ago
My wife saw this and printed it out.She now makes me live by most of these rules.She is asian and loves BBC.