History of Auntie

I've had a few requests wanting to know about Auntie, so I decided I'd post this history of her.

Auntie is not a flesh and bl**d Auntie. She was a friend of the f****y who grew into an Auntie role around us k**s. We just started calling her Auntie. She came into my life (befriended my mother), when I was about 16 years old. She is 17 years older than me, so she was 33 at the time. I was infatuated with her right away, she was very feminine. Auntie wore skirts and dresses more than she wore slacks and I had so many slip peaks whenever she was around. She had a penchant for dark pantyhose which only enhanced the white lace of her slip whenever I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of her slip hem. I can't begin to tell you how many time I masturbated to her or envisioned her when I was with a girlfriend.

Soon I was out of the house, pursuing a hockey career amongst other things and we saw very little of each other for the next 14 years. I finally returned to my hometown when I was 30 and got married to another older lady, who was 12 years my senior. (Always had a thing for older women).

I was driving taxi at the time and our company landed a big contract with the Phone Company where we would drive the operators home after midnight. It was here that I came across Auntie again. I started becoming her regular driver home.

She was married as well, but neither of us was particularly happy with our marriages, mine had turned sexless for the most part and hers was somewhat abusive.

One night while driving her home, she steered the conversation towards my youth and said she noticed I was always watching her when I was younger, much like I watched her now (she still wore dresses and skirts a lot). It didn't take long for us to get into the conversation of lingerie and how much I liked lingerie and sexy she always looked. She gave me the first full view of her white half slip she was wearing under her skirt that night. That's as far as we went that night.

The next night, she had brought a bag of some of her lingerie with her and proceeded to show them to me, a teddy, a chemise, a couple of slips, and a couple of panties. I thought I was going to explode in my dress pants that night. We talked about possibly getting together, but both of us were really unsure about cheating on our spouses, no matter what the relationships were like for us. She let me keep the teddy, gave me a long sensual kiss, and went into her house, leaving me with a sexy teddy, a raging hard-on and time to pull into a dark alley nearby and take care of business and did I ever soak her teddy.

She was so happy when I gave her that teddy back the next night and she gave me one of her slips to replace it. This is what we did for the first couple of weeks, she would give me a piece of her lingerie, usually a slip, I would cum in it, and she would take it the next night. Our goodnight kisses became more passionate and I would be allowed to fondle her lingerie clad body, but still nothing real. We talked more and more about getting together, and we both knew it was going to happen until finally we gave in one night.

While driving her home, we went to a deserted park in the industrial part of my city, parked the car and went for a walk. There was a picnic shack in the middle of the park and that is where we ended up. The night air was cool, but were we ever hot. I pinned her up against the wall, my cock getting so hard in my pants as I dry humped her while running my hands up her nyloned legs, under her dress and onto the ass of her slip. I can still hear her breathing, her panting and her moaning as my body was firmly pressed against hers. As I worked her dress up, she was undoing my pants and letting my cock spring out and within minutes my pants had fallen down around my ankles and my cock was gliding back and forth over the front of her white shiny half slip. I had dreamed of her slips for so many years and now here I was with my cock rubbing against one, I was in sheer heaven. She had on pantyhose underneath and I could feel the outline of her full brief panties under her slip as her perfume filled my nostrils. I turned her around, facing the wall and keeping her dress up, and began to fuck her slip covered ass as she kept rhythm, grinding her sexy ass into me with each of my thrusts until I finally fulfilled my boyhood fanstasy and came all over her sexy white slip covered ass.

She took her slip off and carried it back to the car while we talked about whether or not I felt guilty for cheating on my spouse. At that point she rationalized that as long as I never entered her, she wasn't cheating on her hubby. I told her that I just loved it and couldn't wait until the next time.

The next weekend, we got a motel room, and we cheated and cheated. In the next year she left her husband and I left my wife. Our hot, torrid affair had started. Over the next twenty years, we each took a couple of other significant others in our lives, but we always got together on a regular basis. As much as we tried, we could not stay apart. She let me take a fair amount of pictures of her in her lingerie (she had a thing about hardcore pics/vids, so I don't have many of those.

After tweny plus years, I was in my fifties and she was in her seventies (still looking hot, I might add), but my current career took my away from where she was living. The first couple of years we talked about getting together, but the distance was just too great for that to happen. It's been about 4 years now since I last talked to Auntie, she is married again...and I have my career to work on. So we no longer get together. She gave me a lot of her lingerie as the current man in her life does not like lingerie, and apparently I will get all her clothes in her will. I miss her, she was the sexiest woman I ever had, and I've had some wild girlfriends who were more than willing to dress up for me, but she had something special......

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1 year ago
Great story!! Love it.
1 year ago
1 year ago
incredibly good story
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
Right! I had forgotten all about that, thanks.
1 year ago
Slipaholics Anonymous! That was the msn group.
1 year ago
Thanks for sharing this background story. She was one of the first slip models I discovered on the net way back in 2002 I think, possibly in your msn group. Enjoyed many a moment with her pics - still do!! Her new man doesn't like lingerie?? Hmmmm...
1 year ago
she is fantastic, bring on more photos of this very sexy lady.
1 year ago
That was very hot.