My b*****r's secretary takes me hostage

I went to see my b*****r in Thailand for new year. I like Thai people. They like to have fun and throw a party. We are having a great time and I can't keep my eyes of all the beautiful women. Most of them have tight bodies and perky tits. Their skinny clothes are sexy and I feel aroused all night. Before I know it, there is just a handful of us left and I end up talking to my b*****r's secretary joy. She's gorgeous, wearing a tank top with a nice cleavage showing off slightly bigger than average boobies. We both have been drinking. It takes away some of my normal shyness. Suddenly she sits on my lap and asks me if I'm as boring as my b*****r. Huh, huh, ... Not sure.. What do you mean? She gently moves her hips without the others noticing and easily finds my dick. Luckily I'm wearing jeans but I get an immediate hard on. She makes sure I can stare down her tank top. Are you boring? Want to have some fun? Wow, getting laid in Thailand? I nod, hoping that this is my lucky night. I'll walk out and you follow me in five minutes so your b*****r doesn't see it. I nod again and see her walk out. Her butt is tight and has a very nice curve to it. I tell my b*****r I need some air and follow her outside. She's waiting on a motorcycle. She tells me to take over and she jumps on the back. Straight she says. She guides me through Bangkok traffic. I speed up and she is holding close. I can feel her boobies press into my back and I would swear I can feel her nipples poke me. She puts her hands under my shirt and gently makes her way down. My cock is rock hard by now as there is no doubt that this is my lucky night. We're going at a good speed and traffic is hectic. I suddenly feel the top button of my pants pop and I feel her hands slide down, finding my dickhead. I tried to wriggle her hand out as i try to focus on traffic. Wait I shout. Don't be boring she shouts back and in one move unzips my pants and takes out my cock. We re in the middle of traffic and I try to lean forward to hide my dick. Luckily it is dark. She doesn't wait at all and starts wanking me. A taxi with 4 girls in the back moves along and I hear her shout something in Thai. At the same time she pulls me straight without letting go of my cock. I hear the girls scream at the sight of my dick. I try to speed ahead but the taxi keeps pace. Yeah cock! We want big white cock I hear in broken English. I look over and all of them are flashing their titties. It's a great sight and I decide to play the game. I lean back as far as I can and slow the bike down as to get closer to the taxi and let them have a closer look. This fucking horny and i'be never been this hard . I'm surprised at the size of my own cock. Joy keeps wanking me quicker and quicker. One of the girls is leaning out of the taxi now, trying to reach for my cock. I don't hesitate and slow down to a snails pace holding on to the taxi that does the same clearly following instructions from his screaming passengers. The other girls hold on to her and before I know it she's hanging out so far that she manages to grab my dick and put her lips around it. She sucks like a mad man. I can't keep the bike steady any more and push her off. Joy speeds up the wanking and I feel my load shooting up. Fucking cumming! She points my dick at the girl still trying to get back and the first load lands on her face. With a big smile she falls back into the taxi and I see the other girls reaching out to taste my cum. Wow. This is nuts. Joy indicates me to turn and we speed of in another direction. She zips my pants up again and we drive for another twenty minutes. We get to an apartment block and take the elevator up to her pace. She has fallen silent. I try to kiss her but she pushes me back. Guess she doesn't want the neighbors to see us. She has a nice tidy apartment and she leads me into a dark room. Just undress , ill be back in a second. Light I ask? Just undress. Ok. I quickly take everything off and try to see where I am. I can't find a light switch. Another game? No problem. I hear the door and joy comes in. She grabs my hands and brings them to my back. Click. She's fucking has put a pair of handcuffs on my wrists. The light switches on and joy is standing in front of me naked with a whip in one hand, high leather boots. Euh joy, can't we just have sex? I'm not into this stuff I stutter. Don't be boring she hisses. I hear another click and realize that she has hooked me onto a chain in the wall. On your knees little wanker. Your mine! You shouldn't have let that girl suck your dick. She blindfolds me and im Back in the dark. I feel a sharp pain as she puts two clamps on my nipples. It sends a shiver through my body but cant help noticing that my cock is coming back to life. ha, you like it little fucker. She slaps my dick hard and it slams into my belly. it hurts but my dick is only getting harder and standing out full now. she slaps my cock back and forth. i hear the whip come down and she hits me full on my ass. i scream it out. Fuck. she comes down again and i feel the bl**d shooting up my dick. i'm really horny now. Eat my pussy as she grabs my head and pushes it into her crotch. I find an open cunt with an incredible clit sticking out. I suck and lick as fast as I can. I hear her moaning and breathing faster and faster. I tried to breath but she shoves me back. Don't you dare to stop little fucker. She yells. The whip comes down again on my butt. I zoom in on her clit. It's so big that its feels like sucking a little dick. I bite and suck and I can feel her orgasm building up. She pulls my head back and keeps my mouth open with her fingers. She screams and I feel her up juices gushing out as she squirts right into my mouth. She f***es me to swallow. It's sweet and I lick whatever I can. No it's my turn she says. Get up and bend down. I do as she says. I hear her opening a cupboard and going through omits contents. I feel a hot oily liquid dripping down my butt crack. You better be relaxed she says as she pushes a strap on against my butt hole. I never had done anal before except with my toothbrush at home. I feel her finger side in and out. She pulls my butcheeks apart and rams her 'cock' up my ass. I yell. Easy, easy please. No, this is what you deserve as she keeps pushing g in and out with long hauls. I' m getting hard again. She sees it and starts yanking me again as she slides in and out. From time to time she pullls the nipple clams. pain and pleasure is mixing itself and before i notice i'm yelling to her to fuck me hard. We're both screaming and moaning now and I feel an orgasm building up. She pulls out and I she lifts herself up onto my cock. She comes down hard and in seconds I have a massive orgasm, shooting load after load up her cunt. She slides off kisses me on the cheek. Thanks, you're not that boring after all. I hear her slam the door and leave me behind. ... To be continued
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