High school virgin and the pope

I was a shy boy in high school in particular when it came to girls. I went to a mixed school and was blessed with a good fantasy to compensate for my lack of luck with getting laid. There was no strict dress code so some of the girls would test the limits of what the school would allow and drive us boys crazy with tight shirts and jeans. In the gym locker rooms I had discovered that my cock was amongst the big boys. To tease me my class mates would sometimes call me Dickie Dick. I was a regular visitor of the toilets and would need to wank once per day to ease my mind and avoid the risk of running around with a 'package' in my pants. When I had a hard on, there was no way I could keep him in my slip and I would have to 'arrange' my cock along my leg. I had my top ten girls to fantasize about. Katleen was in the top three for the moment. She had nice big pear shaped boobs and she usually where loose bras, allowing them to bounce about when she walks. Every year 100 days before college ends, the last year students would dress up and run riot for a day. This year was our turn and I had found nothing better then to dress up as the pope. I had made a cross from big carton roles, had a half a plastic ball as a hat, a long white robe, a red cape and only a slip underneath. To my surprise I was the hit of the day and ended up parading in front as we were roaming around going from,class room to class room. Girls seemed to get turned on and I was starting to like my role more and more. Blessing them with a kiss on the head (and staring down their blouses) or pulling them onto my lap for a 'confession' (and a squeeze in their butt). When I came across Katleen I couldn't help but getting a hard on. She had unbuttoned her shirt enough to show some cleavage and was wearing super tight jeans showing off her incredibly well proportioned butt and a nice string up her butt crack. My Pope role (and a few beers) had pushed aside my shyness and I pulled her onto my lap for her 'confession'. She was clearly in to it and started saying that she had been very naughty, while ensuring I got a good look down her blouse. She was wearing a push up bra today barely holding her nipples. As I felt my cock growing and tried to end the scene not to get embarrassed, she held on. Not so quick.. I'm not done. I could feel her shift so she would rub against against my dick. She leaned forward and now whispered into my ear. Popy, or should I say Dicky, I can't help being naughty. Meet me in 15min in front of the girls locker room. My heart started pounding. Was this,going to be my lucky day. And with hot Katleen ? We continued thought the corridors and all I could think of was her poor nipples caught up in her bra and the string up her butt. Sorry guys, I need to pee, as I ran off down the stairs. I had to stop on the way to re-arrange my cock which was not too much of a problem with the robe. Fuck, nobody there. I already thought I had been set up as,the door of the girls locker room swung open and Katleen pulled me inside. She pushed me against the wall and stepped back. I know you are not allowed to touch girls so I feel safe. I have this urge and I need you to heal me. Ok I stuttered, what is it. I like undressing in front of the window and tease strangers, hoping they would wank seeing me as she proceeded to unbutton her shirt. Her shirt fell open and her boobs were leaning forward. I had to hold my legs together to control my dick. She unzipped her jeans, turned around and slowly peeled them off. Oh fuck, I had no idea how far she wanted to go but this was already beyond my wildest dream. She turned and her tiny slip was covering a small tuff of curls sitting on top of a pair of big pussy lips. I shivered as I saw a wet spot forming between her legs. I was speechless and by now with big red cheeks. She stopped and startled me as she suddenly said in a harsh voice that she wanted to be naughty and that she wanted to punish me. We're bad and you are too good. This is the end for you. She whistled and four of her friends came around the corner of the shower room only wearing underwear. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had all shapes and sizes lined up in front of me. Elin with a very slim body with small perky tits. Betty, African with all the right curves and gorgeous legs. ... Katleen snapped me out of my screening and by now hissed at me. We want to see your dick. It's famous amongst the boys. You can't keep it a secret. Show us! I had enough beers and all I could think off that I was about to get laid by five girls for my first time! I stripped as quickly as I could and my dick leaped forward. Yes! The girls jumped up and down and were giggling madly. Katleen stepped forward and I was reaching out to her boobs but she slapped my hands away. Stay still. She pulled a rope from behind my back and tied my hands behind my back. She motioned Elin to come over and started kissing her right in front of me. They both lowered their bras strips and Elin pulled Katleen's bra of with her teeth. Two incredible stiff nipples immediately became the object of a game of sucking and biting. My cock was throbbing as mad. I could see the hands disappear into their panties and they both pulled out a dripping finger and smeared their juices on my lips. Oh god, I was getting hornier with the minute and tried to shove my cock up, hoping they would grab it. Betty and sandy had moved to my left and right and slowly stripped naked. Betty's cunt was unshaven but I could see drops of pussy juices pushing through and her boobs looked even harder than I had imagined. Sandy was the opposite. Completely shaven showing of a tight slit. They bought started,playing with their boobs and slowly moved down. I did not know where to look first. I had precum oozing out by now. Elin had kneeled down and was peeling kalteen's panties down . Betty and sandy moved their hands down their front in between their legs. I focused on Betty as she started to brush her pubic hair aside and pulled back her pussy lips one by one, I had never seen, not even in my collection of porn movies, such a nice cunt, pink, an incredible clit sticking out, which she slowly started rubbing. Sandy must have been jealous as I suddenly felt her riding up and down my leg, leaving a wet trail that made my dick even harder. The pressure was starting to hurt and I finally begged them to help me. They all stopped and laughed. Help you with what? Dickie the school wanker. Aren't you the expert in helping yourself? Fuck, one of my friends must have told my d***ken story, where I had confessed my daily visits to the toilet. They all lined up and Katleen said lets see how long you can hold it as they all started masturbating heavily. Oh fuck. I wanted so badly to cum but had so far never succeeded without jerking. Betty had three fingers up and I could see that she was no longer faking. The other girls noticed. Elin pulled her hand out and slowly pushed finger after finger up Betty's pussy. Katleen and sandy started to suck her boobs. Betty was moaning louder and louder as elin had managed to push her whole hand up her cunt. I tried to move in and rub my cock between all of the,but was shoved backwards. Betty started shaking uncontrollably and had orgasm after orgasm. Fuck fuck fuck. This is to fair . Suddenly we heard steps down the corridor. The girls scrambled, grabbed their and MY clothes and disappeared through the back. I froze not knowing what to do and hoped the steps would come and go,. The door swong open and the head teacher stepped in. He's known to be an asshole and nobody likes him. I had gotten into trouble a few times and he knew me quite well. I tried to turn around nut he grabbed me by the arm and with a smirk said: it's my lucky day. He pulled out his eye phone and too a few pictures. You better don't move or this goes all around the school. You're my little bitch as of know son as he grabbed my shaft. I was still horny as hell and to my surprise did not resist. His firm hold only made me harder again. You're naughty popy. It is indeed true what they say . You have a hell of a cock. Just as i like them. He let go and slapped my dickhead hard. And again and again. I screamed but again did not try to move away. He slapped my cock now back and forth with both hands. I could feel my cum coming. I never experienced this mixture of pain and pure pleasure. He bent down and started sucking hard on my dock. This is my first fucking time? A blowjob by my head teacher? He tried to go deep but I could hear him gag. The moment he started squeezing my balls I knew I would no longer be able to hold it. I leaned back and load after load shot out against the back of his throat . He got up and smiled. Moved behind my back to untie me. Before I knew it he had tied me to the railing. I have a few more friends in need. Don't go....
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