Birth of a slut

It started very innocently. Went out to dinner with a few friends on a Friday night, nothing special. On the way home I asked my friend if they could drop me off at the store on the way home. It was only 3 blocks from my apartment so I told them not to wait for me and I would just walk home from there. What my friends did not know about me is that whenever I go out I always wear a nice sexy pair of panties and ether a nice pair of stockings of my pantyhose. Tonight I was wearing pantyhose. I love taking a nice stroll when I am wearing my pantyhose. I love feeling them move against my little boy clit.

On the way out of the store a homeless guy asked me for change, and I told him to get lost. Nothing different, nothing I have not done a million times before. I did not even slow down to look at him, I just kept waking taking the short cut down the alley behind the store. Thinking I was alone in the alley I decided it was a good time to practice my sexy walk, and my pantyhose were moving just right. I was in heaven. Suddenly my world went dark.

I must not have been out very long, because by the time I came to, he was just starting to rummage through my pockets. I saw the bottle lying next to me, no doubt his weapon of choice. I made a clumsy attempt to pick it up, and my assailer quickly kicked it away. “You should have given me some change, cause now I am going to take what I want”, he said in his raspy voice, his face only inches from mine and the sick stink of old booze on his breath. He turned me over, sat me up, and wedged me between a dumpster and the wall of the building all in one fluid motion. I had no time to react or even realize what he was going to do to me.

Still feeling groggy from the blow, before I even realized it he had his filthy, un-washed, un-cut, dirty homeless cock in my face. He slapped me in the face with it a few times, and then started rubbing it across my lips. “You may not think it, but you are going to suck me real nice”, he said coldly. His cock was almost fully erect now. He slapped me with his cock a few more times, but when I still would not open my mouth he punched me in the mouth and split my lip open. When I opened my mouth to spit out the bl**d he jammed his dirty cock in my mouth. It tasted like old sweat, dried piss, and filth. I tried to turn away but he had hold of my head and was jamming his full length down my waiting throat. I could feel him pushing is heavy cock down my throat. I could feel it swell and heave. Even when I gagged and almost threw up, he did not stop or even slow down for that matter. It felt like it when on forever. All I could taste was bl**d and his filthy cock. All I could hear was the ringing in my head and the sound my head made every time he banged it against the sticky dumpster.

I could feel his cock swelling in my mouth and I was almost cretin he was getting close to shooting his load, when suddenly I heard footsteps. “This Motherfucker thought he was going to walk down our alley without paying”, I heard him tell the footsteps. “OHHH Hell No”, said the footsteps. Suddenly strong hands had hold of my arms and were pulling me to the pavement. I could see two new shadowy figures in addition to the first. The two new assailers were kneeling on my forearms, one on each of my arms. With their free hands, all three were tearing at my clothing. I heard my shirt rip, and in no time my pants were off.

“Will you look at this, boys! This faggot came out tonight looking to get fucked!” I head one of them say. Then they all laughed, a horrible laugh that I knew meant this night was not going to end well for me.

I felt my pantyhose rip. My sexy panties were pulled with great f***e to the side. I don’t know how they were not torn off of me then and there. I felt something wet being dribbled across my asshole. I can only assume it was the man’s spit. Then a blinding pain as he f***ed his cock into my virgin asshole. After no time his cock felt well lubricated and I could smell fresh bl**d in the air, as the filthy homeless man took my cherry, to the hoots and re-energized yelps of his accomplices.

I was no longer struggling, feeling that this was as bad as it could get. That was the queue for one of his friends to make it worse for me. He put his legs across both my shoulders and put my head right in his crotch. His pants were all ready off, and his cock was hard. He attempted to shove his cock into my mouth, while the first man continued to fuck my no longer virgin manhole. I kept my mouth shut. I was determined this time not to suck another dirty cock. That is then the third man punched me right in the ear. White light and a horrible loud ringing, but still I would not open my mouth. That is them the third man started choking me from behind. My arms still pinned I had no defense. After what felt like eternity the man showed no sign of letting up and I felt I was getting dangerously close to blacking out. Finally I relented and opened my mouth wide for his friend’s quite sizeable cock.

So there I was on a Friday night just needed some milk for the morning and found myself sucking off a homeless man while one of his friends ****s my manhole.

I noticed the man fucking me was pumping with more vigor, to the amusement of his friends. He started pulling hard on my panties, using them as a handle to pull my tight ass hard against his cock. Each time his stroke ended with a loud slap as his balls hit my ass. This gave his friend the encouragement to start feverishly pumping his cock in and out of my mouth and throat. His cock now well lubricated from my saliva had done a good job of destroying any hint of my once quite sensitive gag reflex.

I felt what was left of my panties being ripped from my body. I could feel his cock swelling as his body jerked. His swollen cock moved freely in and out of my manhole, as he pumped his seed deep into me. He pressed hard against my body and did not pull out till he was sure he pumped every last drop of his cum into my ass.

Before he could pull out, his friend jammed my head down hard on his cock, shoving it deep into my throat. I could feel his cock swelling against my tongue with each pump of cum. He had his cock so deep into my throat I had no choice but to swallow every drop.

When they were finished, I heard one of them say, “Now it is Darrell’s turn”. This is when I got my first good look at Darrell. He was a tall man, much taller than the other two. He had his cock out and was stroking it. His cock looked like a baseball bat, thick and long. His cock was much bigger than both of his friends, and both of their cocks were much bigger than my tiny embarrassing dick. Darrell wasted no time. He was not interested in foreplay. He just shoved that monster cock of his right into my manhole. Even after the fucking the first homeless man gave me and the lube he left dripping from my ass, I could feel Darrell’s cock stretching and tearing my manhole even further. “UUUUMMMM you are nice and tight, aren’t you sissy bitch. This is the best fucking I have had in a long time.”

Darrell had me laying flat on the pavement. He was lying on top of me with his arm wrapped around my throat, like in a choke hold. But he was not choking me, just using that position to pull my body against his quite sizable cock. After my body relaxed enough to except the fucking Darrell was giving me, something surprising happened. I started enjoying the fucking. My tiny dick was getting ground against the blacktop. It was being ground against the loose gravel and the broken glass, but that did not stop it from getting hard. After what felt like an hour but was probably only 10 minutes, I let out a little whimper, my body tensed, and I filled what was left of my pantyhose with my sissy cum. I was shocked. I could not believe my body would betray me like this.

Darrell was laughing in my ear. He felt me cumming. “I told you I would turn you into a little bitch.” This was the only excuse he needed to really give me a fucking. In no time I could feel him pumping his seed deep in me. “I want you to hold that in for at least 24 hours. You are mine now, Bitch! I own you!” Then Darrell pulled his still hard cock from my manhole.

I could hear them whispering to each other before they all surrounded me. Before I could even tell what was happening, they were all three pissing on my face and body. And it was there receiving my baptism in piss that I knew what the rest of my life would be. Lying there covered in bl**d, cum, and now piss, I knew who I truly was and what I was born to do. My life suddenly had meaning, a purpose. But first I had to make it home wearing only a ripped shirt and a torn pair of pantyhose.
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2 months ago
IRL this would be horrible. I'd puke my guts out.
i was raped a few times but never by stinking filthy bums
thumb up (guess where? :))
4 months ago
Awesome story, it's probably one of the best unwilling / willing stories I've read in while, it's ways nice to know what you really are isn't it :-))
6 months ago
wow that was some story
7 months ago
oh my yess i love it love the piss too
7 months ago
I love drinking piss!
8 months ago
I really enjoyed it
9 months ago
1 year ago
OMG HELL YEA SEXY,what a lucky bitch boi,wish it was me,sweetie,love to used and abused,sweetie, and get NECTAR of the SEXY DICK GODS and GOLDEN NECTAR also sweetie!
1 year ago
god i want that to happen to me
1 year ago
got what you deserved, you cum slut
1 year ago
very hot! :)