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I'm:Mikalah, 36
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Kids:No, and do not want any
Star sign:Libra
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Body type:Slim
Height:5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
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About Me
I am a submissive male with a tiny pee-pee, who is impotent and most likely infertile. Thin and slight in stature, weak, submissive in every aspect of my life. Always picked last in sports, well me or the fat kid. A born sissy-boy. My Mother use to ask me all the time if I was gay, when I was in High school. Then reassure me it was O.K. if I was. I think in her mind it would be better for me to be Gay than what I really am, a full on sissy. To put it another way, even if I got my tiny worthless pee-pee into a Real Woman, I still would not be man enough to fuck. Just a sissy-boy in desperate need of training.

I have long been a true believer in Black Superiority. I find Black People extremely sexy and extraordinarily powerful. I have always been very impressed with the confidence Black People seem to exude in every aspect of their daily lives. Black Women know they are the Queens of the World and should be treated as such. Black Women know that true beauty does not come from numbers on a scale or the pages of a magazine but something deep inside you. I know I am to worthless and pathetic to ever pleasure a Black Goddess, but I have dated Black Women in the past and served them to the best of my ability. I fully understand that I will never be more to my Black Goddess than her sissy-servant, but just being close to her is enough.

I have never considered myself Gay or even Bi. The thought of sucking a white man’s tiny dick makes me sick to my stomach, but I have had occasion to serve Black Men in the past. Taking a Black Man’s Cock into my mouth or even my sissy-hole left me feeling like I could serve a purpose. It did not feel “Gay” because the Black Man is not anywhere close to my sissy level. He is so far above me that the first time I took a Black Man into my mouth and he shot his Gift all over my face, I surprised myself by thanking him.

I truly believe that this is the century that we will see the decline in the white race as more women of all races choose to marry or just have children with Powerful Superior Black Men. I have a lot of respect for those Women who have decided to have children with Superior Black Men, especially those still in relationships with inferior males. It takes a lot of strength to have a Real Man’s child while making an inferior man help raise the child. I know society probably looks down on these Women today, but one day very soon this will be the norm. What evidence do I have for this? Nothing scientific, to be honest, but just as soon as my own Mother divorced my father in 1989, she started dating Black Men, almost exclusively, before the divorce papers were even signed. In my High School the girls who were getting pregnant were getting pregnant with Black Men (I graduated in 1996). I have had several Girlfriends who broke up with me and started dating or were pregnant by Black Men within weeks of braking up with me. I know this is all anecdotal, but I can’t be the only one seeing this trend.

I have a Fantasy were a Black Couple takes control of my worthless sissy body. One of their first acts is to castrate me. This is an act of mercy as i have been cursed with a tiny pee-pee and worthless balls. My Superior compassionate Black Superiors then begin training me to be their vision of a perfect sissy-slave. I can only hope this fantasy will one day become my reality.
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7 hours ago
Thanks for the add.
2 days ago
Thanks To You Darling, Kisses
15 days ago
Hello to you! Special Profile! Hot and Sexy Videos and Photos!
22 days ago
╔════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ════════╗
*♥✿♥✿....HAPPY NEW YEAR !.... ✿♥✿♥*
╚════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ════════╝
23 days ago
Thanks for adding me among you.
I am glad to be your friend!
23 days ago
Hey there I ran across your profile and just wanted to say I love everything on it, I would enjoy letting you taste my black cock and cum.
24 days ago
Thanks for the add sexy Slave_Mike.
1 month ago
I am a Japanese crossdresser
living in Japan as a woman
many hours in a day.
I want you to add me as a friend.

Thanks for your comment to my pics !!!
1 month ago
Good luck with your hormones.
1 month ago
Love men with tiny cocks
1 month ago
Awesome profile. I also believe in black superiority. Actually, not a belief, it just is. But I accept it and welcome it.
1 month ago
Thanks for the comments on my vids.. Keep watching more to come
1 month ago
thanks for accepting my invite
1 month ago
Thanks for comment :)
1 month ago
Not to weird, it was probably just too much for her. So after she found out, is that when you stopped the hormones?
1 month ago
u would fully go along with it because daddy was
showing you so much attention.
mom didn't know about the feminization, or maybe
she chose not to.
she eventually realized what he had done but it was too late, i already had hips n tits n an
hourglass figure.
she divorced him n go most of his money, the house,
everything. he died in a 'car accident' he killed
she knew all about the prostitution but never
mentioned it. weird
1 month ago
I guess I would. It sounds perfect to me now, just don't know how i would react back then. Where was your Mom during all of this?
1 month ago
imagine you're 9
you're already feminine, kind of a sissy
then your step dad decides he wants to make
you his ladyboy
he smears estrogen cream on your body
you kind of know what hormones are n
you're excited about becoming a pretty girl
what would you do?
wouldn't u convince yourself that it
was all your own idea?
1 month ago
Going on hormones??
good luck!!!
1 month ago
Thanks for the invite.
1 month ago
Thanks for your comment
will be posting more for the next couple weeks hope you enjoy
1 month ago
Thank you sweetie! Say hello to the Tidewater area for me!!

1 month ago
hi! love ur sexy profile...
1 month ago
What a true sissy you are. You would be a worthy cum dump for any Superior Black Man. Cheers to you for recognizing your role in life and then embracing it.
1 month ago
Thanks for your comments on my gallerie http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/817040/art.html
1 month ago
They were very tasty, I'll be bringing her back to suck on those wrinkled feet
1 month ago
The center of a circle jerk...would love to drop my load on you..
1 month ago
thanks for the add..big kisses.xx
2 months ago
lovely profile x
2 months ago
Glad you like my galleries

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