Tranny Slave to BBC

I took a drag from my cigarette as I waited on my ride to appear. Looking around it was pitch black outside with only a waning moon and a few stars to light my way in the night. I had been waiting for about ten minutes when headlights finally appeared on the road in front of me, illuminating the sidewalk I was standing on and the stop sign beside me. I could barely contain my excitement. I had been waiting for this moment for a while. I had been fantasizing about it for around five years and I had been trying to get it to happen for about a year. It was a lot of effort, but Lord, I prayed that it would be worth it.

I wasn't really concerned though. I knew in my heart that I would have an absolutely amazing night. It was already late at night, and most people were asl**p, but my night was just starting. I mused on this thought as I threw my unfinished cigarette on the ground and exhaled, just as the dark burgundy Toyota Camry with tinted windows pulled up in front of me, stopping. It was who I had been waiting for...

My heart beat faster and I smiled as a dark figure inside leaned across the center console and popped open the door, the light in the car turning on, revealing the man inside. I thought to myself "Damn, he is so sexy!" as I swung the door open the rest of the way, and put my leg inside the car and got in.

As soon as I was inside all the way, I shut the door and the car began to move, but not before a strong, black hand reached over, stopping over my crotch and then going down, grabbing where my little clit was and coming to a stop. His hand was incredibly warm resting there, even through my jean booty shorts and my black lace thong, unseen in my shorts. Immediately and u*********sly I began to feel incredibly aroused as the car took off. It was then that I realized I hadn't been breathing since I saw him and I was running dangerously short of oxygen. Finally I let out a deep sigh of breath, daring to breathe in the presence of this model of a man, the perfect representation of masculinity.

Laughing a deep, gravely and sensual voice sounded from the driver's seat. "Hello to you too Alice! It is nice to finally meet you in person. You don't have to be nervous around me, we will be enjoying each other's company a lot I think."

I needed to respond, so I put on my most believable, feminine voice, and said, "It is nice to meet you too Darius! I didn't really know what to say. I am kinda of nervous, but really excited! I have been waiting on this for a long time, as you know."

Driving, Darius turned his head and looked over at me briefly before turning his head back to the road, heading past the entrance to the neighborhood where I lived with my roommates. "You are a sexy little thing aren't you? I like what you did with your hair. I know you must be excited bitch, we have been texting for hours, days, weeks, and months! Lil white cock tease. You never fail to tell me how much you want to be honored enough to suck and fuck my superior black cock. Those are your exact words, aren't they?"

It was my turn to laugh, but my own laugh was nervously done, not anything like his. I looked over at him admiringly, saying, "Haha... Yes, those are my exact words! Thank you for the compliment daddy, I got my hair cut special for you!"

In truth I had done a lot more than get my hair cut, though I had spent a good $40 on that. My hair was normally in a swept over androgynous style that looked incredibly masculine whenever I wore it, but tonight was different. I had gone to a salon earlier in the day and got my hair cut in a layered, jagged, scene cut with special made hair extensions made to fit my new haircut and hair color. It was the best to getting the long, beautiful, scene hair I craved while maintaining the short cut I had to keep for my work. I had also gotten a full body wax, and I had gotten my nails done as well. I had beautiful French tips on both my feet and my hands, which Darius had requested special.

We spent the next thirty or so minutes talking about all sorts of stuff, mostly dirty talk of him penetrating my white ass and losing my BBC virginity to his cock, and me becoming his little black cock owned white slave. All the while, his strong hand remaining on my crotch, occasionally rubbing my hardened clit, which was standing up at full erection. Even though I had a big clit for a white gurl, I could tell that his hand would be able to easily wrap around it and crush it if I was bad.

It was 12:37 AM when we finally pulled into the Hyatt where we had reserved a suite on the top story. It was an expensive choice, but we had been planning this out for months and saving money for this night. I got out of the car and grabbed the bag that he had made for me from the back seat. He did the same and for a brief moment, my greenish blue eyes met his brown, unyielding ones. It made my clit jump and my ass twitch. Even in just his eyes, he was so dominant...

I then walked around to the front of the car, meeting him and putting my dainty little hand with its French nails inside of his hand, my fingers interlaced with his. That is how we walked in, getting glances from the receptionist at the desk and the other employees who had the late shift. It was almost like they knew I was about to surrender to this amazing black man. They looked disgusted, but I could care less, I was ready to be fucked!

We made our way to the elevator and he pressed the button to the top floor. I walked inside the elevator and he did the same. When the doors shut though, before I could even react he turned on me and slammed me against the side of the elevator, hand wrapped around my throat, choking me just enough. I simply did nothing as he leaned in and f***efully made out with me, his tongue darting inside of my mouth, his dick grinding against the front of my shorts. When the elevator door finally opened on our floor, he grabbed me by the waist and took me like a rag doll into his arms. I only weighed 140 to his probably 240 pounds of pure muscle. That was how he carried me to our room as I squealed his name.

When he swung the door open to our suite he continued carrying me, bag and all, straight into the prepared bedroom. The king size bed already had the sheets pulled down as he threw me onto it. He dropped his bag and said, "Bitch, come suck my dick if you want it so bad! Crawl to it like the slut you are though!"

Moving onto my hands and knees I swung my legs off of the side of the bed and onto the floor, my Converse high tops making no sound as my feet touched the floor. As soon as my legs were down, I immediately dropped to my knees and crawled towards him, making sure my ass swayed as much as possible. It seemed like I was hypnotized and it took forever to him, but by the time I did, his tank top was already off, revealing his heavily tattooed and muscled chest to my wandering eyes. When I reached him I looked up at him and moved my right hand to his jean short's zipper, unzipping it slowly. As I did I could see the bulging, gigantic size of his trapped erection in his shorts. It was my duty as his bitch to free it and soon!

The zipper reached the bottom of its trail and I moved my hands up to unbutton his shorts, which fell away easily. He stepped out of his shorts and was standing before me in just his boxers, which he soon pulled down. The erection that flew free smacked me in the face. It was probably 13 inches of veiny, thick, black dick. It made me gasp with surprise as it dangled near my lips. It was so huge...

Darius looked down at me and said, "Yeah, that's what I thought! Little surprised? Don't be, all you white bitches make the same little noises the first time you see a black dick. Your friend Brooke did the same when she saw it for the first time!"

I couldn't control myself at all. My head went instinctively towards his dick and my parted lips touched his glorious dick and I moved my head down his shaft. That is when he yanked my head off of his dick and I cried out. He followed this motion by punching me as hard as he could in my head, knocking me onto the floor. He bellowed at me, saying, "Bitch! What the fuck are you doin? Beg for my dick before you touch it!"

My head aching, I pushed myself off the ground. I moaned and said, "Please daddy! Please let me suck your big black cock! Make me your white bitch forever..."

Darius softened his voice and said, "Oh, I will bitch, I will.." Leaning forward, my lips wrapped around his dick again and I started down his shaft, sucking deep, letting his dick slide through my mouth and down my throat. The only response from Darius was, "Oh, damn you white girls are good at this..."

I sucked his dick deep, throating it and sucking as much of it as I could as he face fucked me, grabbing the back of my head and forcing me up and down on his shaft. In the meanwhile I, being his good bitch kept my lips nice and tight, letting him fuck my throat good and relaxing. It went on like this for about twenty minutes, and just as I started to get raw, he stopped and pulled out with a popping noise. I was raw and hoarse now, but I put my hand on his back and said, "Please daddy, put your superior cock back in my mouth!"

Darius simply looked at me, lust crazed and said, "Get da fuck up and bend over."

Moaning I stood and turned around, facing the bed and bending over slowly for him. That is when I felt his hand grab a hold of my booty shorts and rip them off and down my legs, revealing my waxed smooth ass. I moaned deeply as he smacked my ass, admiring the jiggle. It was then that he said, "Take off your shirt and bra, now!"

I did as he asked as quickly as I could, desiring to please him as much as possible. As I took of my shirt my bra was revealed and he promptly snapped it off of my chest, leaving it to fall to the floor, letting my pushed up A-cup breasts fall free. That was when he spun me around and I looked over him while he did the same. He was probably 6 foot 3 inches, much taller than me, around 240 pounds of pure muscle, with long dreadlocks, unyielding brown eyes, and of course that massive bitch tamer of his.

He put his hands on my hips and spun me around then, forcing me to bend over. He put his dark hands on my ample ass and pushed me forward onto the bed, smacking my ass again once I was there before cradling it and admiring it. "I can't wait to demolish that tight white ass!" He said, moving my black thong to the side and slitting on his cock. He had to spit several times just to cover the huge thing and I did the same, coating my now exposed and vulnerable asshole. I couldn't believe I was about to get fucked by this gorgeous black man, and my clit was as hard as it was going to get at 7 inches... I was so ready, or that is what I thought...

I felt him line up his massive cock at the entrance of my asshole and as he pushed it in, abruptly, he said "Say goodbye to your BBC virginity white hoe, you mine now!"

My mind was blown away and immediately I came like I never had before. He was barely into me and be felt so amazing, filling me to my full capacity. I moaned luridly as he grabbed me by the hips and impaled me further unto his cock. When he was all the way in, he pulled out before popping it back in, drawing a cry of pain from me. He laughed as he fucked me, laughing at my pathetic moans, my crus of pleasure, and my begging for him to stop. He wouldn't stop though... Instead he pummeled my poor ass for two hours at a brutal pace before stopping and pulling out.

By this time I had grown used to his cock and I missed him being in me. I moaned and said, "Please Darius, fuck me! Put it back in and make me your bitch! I will do anything to have your dick all the time!"

With that Darius smiled and said, "Anything whore?" I turned around and nodded yes vigorously. He smiled and then pulled my thong down.

I was completely revealed for the first time and totally vulnerable, but it couldn't have felt better. He made me lay in my back and put my legs up as he fucked me, forcing me to look into his eyes as he pounded me. I was loosing myself in his dick with which he was dominating me... I came again and again as he fucked me, I lost track after six orgasms in five minutes...

He fucked me like that, missionary, standing up, and doggy for what seemed like days, all the while telling me how he owned me and what a slut I was, and of course, I agreed, I was loving being fucked by a real man! His black dick inside my white ass, fucking me again and again...

When he turned me over for the third time, to ride him, I rode him like a wild bronco for as long as I could, but my legs gave out before I could drive him to finish. Being a real man, he thrusted up into me as my little clit, by now deflated by his superior manhood, flopped against his dark chest. That was when he started grunting and moaning as he f***ed his oversized cock in my tiny ass, I knew he was about to cum.

It was then that he cried my name, "Oh, fuck Alice!!! You dirty bitch!" He shouted as he blasted a huge load inside of me, as of course, we were fucking bareback. No white bitch could ever put a condom on a dick as big as that, it would ruin the experience. Black cock was far too superior to be chained by contraceptives...

I could feel him unload, hot cum inside of my sore ass. I came as well, blasting his chest with a final load as he pushed me off of him. It was then that he took his phone out and took a picture of my ass, which was leaking his potent cum. He laughed as he said, "'Nother covert to BBC claimed! You are black owned now bitch, just like all your friends! If you were a real girl, you would be pregnant with my babies now! You will be my bitch forever and you will never be the same. You are Alice the Nigger Lover now, and I, by the power my cock has over you, make you my bitch forever to do with what I please! If you don't agree you will never have my cock again!"

Moaning, I knew that I needed his cock and that it had ready claimed me. I couldn't refuse it... I was black owned and I loved it, like so many white girls and gurls before me. The only thing I could manage to say before I fell asl**p in his arms, naked, was "Yes master..."

The next day I found myself in his arms, sore as Hell, but the first thing I did was get my daily dose of cum by sucking his morning wood till he woke up and came in my mouth, me swallowing every drop like a good slut. I didn't really believe him that he would make me his bitch forever, but by the time we checked out of the hotel and were in the car, I couldn't ever go back. The next place he took me was the tattoo parlor and he paid for my first and second tattoos. One of which was a black spade on my left hip bone, which said "Black Owned" around it, and the next was a tramp stamp in intricate designs which said, "Darius's Girl" on it. By the time I snapped out of this trance and wanted to go home, I knew that I couldn't, not anymore and not like this. He had won truly and completely... I was his...

The next place he took me was his house...

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11 months ago
great story!
11 months ago
lovely story :) i can only dream to meet my own BBC master one day!