My Date with a Married Guy -TRUE STORY-

It was one of those boring days whilst i was surfing and browsing through some adult dating sites. I was chatting with multiple guys but they were either not my type ,fat or living far..Then i clicked on a local guy's profile, he didn't seem bad looking, not at all! He was in his mid-20s', very athletic and fit with dark complexion. Normally i am not really into dark guys but he was really funny and making me laugh and that's always a big plus! After a bit of chit chat, he asked me if '' i had a place''..?!

I said: ''Oh, you must be living with your parents then..''
He answered me: ''Erm, no, actually not..Well..I will be honest to you, i am married with a son.'' I was totally speechless! I was in a great dilemma, maybe it was his business and not my moral responsibility but...knowing he has a wife and a son bugged me.. Was it wrong or it was none of my business and his problem? I was really confused..I asked him to give me some time. He was really understanding and sweet, he was making funny jokes and entertaining me a lot, so finally i decided to give him a chance!
After 2 months of chatting, we set up a date.. He had a car and i told him to pick me up from somewhere near downtown. I wore a black dress and light make-up, only some mascara and pink lip-gloss..My heart was pounding like crazy when he opened the door of his car but all my fears suddenly disappeared when i saw his smiling face, i knew i could trust him..
Although i gave several 'road-heads' before to guys in their cars, this time i did behave and kept my hands off his dick during our short trip to my place..

''So for how long have you been married? You are a really early gunner, aren't you?'' I wasn't sure my question was really appropriate and a good ice-breaker to start a conversation..

He smiled:''She's my college sweetheart, we were both 18 when we got married..Don't get me wrong please, i do love her, but i sometimes feel like i have to experiment more to expand my sexual horizons..''
He had a point..And i guess i was the lucky one to show him a few moves in order to help him to gain some new experiences..

When we arrived at my place, i was still nervous and tense but he was really talkative, fun and his attitude was helping me to calm down a bit..
As soon as we entered my house, he dragged me to himself and started devouring my moist, thick lips..''Oh, i had been waiting for this moment for 2 months!!'' The sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife!..I felt a strong urge to get down on my knees just right there, in the doorway..I grabbed his tent-like bulge through his trousers and started kissing it, then i unzipped his fly to let his 7'' inch manhood out, it popped out of his pants and was standing right in front of my face..I admired his perfectly straight penis, the same penis that fucks his college sweetheart and conceived a baby! This inappropriate thought turned me on in a strange way, it was a major turn on to know that this same cock made a baby..
He let out a soft moan when i wrapped my thick, warm lips around his ''married penis''..
He was oozing lots of precum, i did spit some of it on his cock to make it slide easier in my mouth and some of it was dribbling from the corner of my mouth..He was caressing my head and running his fingers through my silky hair , he was a dad and perhaps that was what i need, fatherly care.. As i was 9 when my father passed away..I am still a little girl inside who needs to be protected by evil...A single man could never provide me the same care and attention i was seeking for..

He gently picked me up, took me in his arms and i let him carry me lovingly to bed..We were cuddling and kissing on sheets with my legs wrapped around his waist..I could feel his throbbing cock-head was teasing my pink cherry and i knew i would let him explore that deep, narrow valley between my round, bubble shaped ass..
I let out a moan when i felt my sphincter engulfed his glans, i shivered with pain and joy, i could feel my whole body was trembling..I was now a mistress to this married hunk, i was letting him take me from the behind like a dirty girl..Finally, he was balls deep in me, we tried many different positions like cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and doggy before he released his fertile baby-batter in my mouth..
I took his hand and put it on my throat..Because i wanted him to feel me gulping down his sperm, swallowing every precious drop..

The very same sperm he fathered a son..I was feeling his DNA was conquering me from the inside, knowing that it's fertile drove me so hot, a feeling just like drinking from the fountain of eternal life!..

He was my first married man but would it be my last?............

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6 months ago
that was great, I instantly got rock hard. excellent Gia
11 months ago
Married men can sure be fun :)
11 months ago
outstanding story!
11 months ago
Good story!
11 months ago
Nice story like to read more of your thanks for sharing