My date with teen cousins -TRUE STORY-

My latest stories have been completely fictitious and imaginary, so i decided to write a true story after a long break..

It was a boring, drizzly autumn day with virtually nothing to do outside and all my friends were busy with something; school, work, f****y visits, too many excuses.. I decided to take a refreshing warm shower but water hitting my smooth, tender skin got me so aroused, i could feel my nipples getting erect and hard, i started to touch my breasts and caress my rosebud tits..I was in heat, feeling so horny and had to do something about it, i had a regular fuckbuddy but this time i wanted something different. Therefore, i turned my PC on to check out personal ads and profiles on some adult dating sites but most guys were either old or far, i was about to close the window when i noticed a post from a 19 y/o guy searching for females in my area, he was local! He replied me back a few minutes later and we exchanged numbers..He asked me to send a few pics and he did send some in return, he had big grey-blue eyes with dark brown hair and his 7'' inch weapon of mass destruction was truly mouthwatering! It was quite thick and as straight as an arrow.. I could feel my pink tight anus itching with the thought of engulfing that fat juicy cock whilst sitting on my PC chair!

He was really surprised when i explained him that i was a TS, not a genetic girl, he said it was his first time ever talking to someone like me but he was really impressed by my curvy features, especially my bubbly, perfectly round ass..When it came to set up a date, he told me he had some concerns as it would be his first time fucking a TS..I jokingly said ''Are you pissed off?''..

He said ''No, not at all! Your bubble ass made me so hard and i can't help but stroking myself since i saw your photos. I really want to feel your warm lips wrapped around my fat cock and taste your ass, but y' know, i have never done anything like this before, i haven't fucked a girl on the first date in her own place, let alone a TS! I have an idea, i have a horny, 18 y/o cousin, we tried some crazy shit together before, he's very like-minded. Would you mind if i bring him with me?''

To be honest, i wasn't expecting something like that, they could be thieves or even worse murderers, they could stab me and rob my house, how could i trust them? I continued: '' Let me think about it, if he looks as hot as you, i would have to reconsider my decision..''
He said '' He's smaller frame but same blue eyes and lighter in complexion with fair hair..''
I asked if he had any pics of his cousin and when i opened my mail box, my jaw dropped! He was too good to be true with his spiky blond hair, he looked like he could be one of these boy-band celebrities, it suddenly wiped away all of my fears!! He could be no way a thief, and if he was, only thing he could steal from me was my heart!

''And what time do you want to come?''

I directly gave him my home address, because i wanted to wear some slutty clothes for them and open the door like this..I put on some make up - mascara and shiny pink lip-gloss..I was undecided about my underwear and lingerie, i had to make a choice between lacy black and red and i picked red..My red lingerie did blend well with bright red nail polish! I was biting my lower lip whilst combing my hair and watching my own reflection in the mirror..I thought to myself ''Girl, you look stunning!'' with a naughty grin on my face..
It was almost 03.00 pm in the afternoon when my doorbell rang! I was so nervous and excited that my stomach was hurting! When i opened the door, i saw two good looking young men were staring admiringly at me who couldn't take their blue eyes off my firm body inside the red lace lingerie! After a warm welcome, we headed to the living room and it was me who broke the silence first : '' Please take a seat and let me grab a few drinks from the fridge!'' It was obvious that both boys were very nervous and tense, some alcohol would definitely work! They were sitting on my sofa when i was back from the kitchen..It was the blond one ( I will call him 'E.' and his dark haired cousin 'A.') first who took a sip from his beer..
I didn't know how to break the ice and start a conversation, so i decided to go with the follow..
I continued '' I will be straightforward, i know it's an awkward situation, i have never been with two cousins before, so i am also a first-timer today and i would like to thank you for keeping your promise and showing up today, i had some doubts until my doorbell rang, i know it's not easy, i am a total stranger, you don't know me, thanks for trusting me.''

A. replied: ''Actually we would like to thank you for inviting us to your place, i know we had some serious concerns, although we banged several chicks before, you will be our first TS experience..When i asked my cousin about it, he said 'Why not, let's give it a go, life is too short not to try, i will try anything once' and his words encouraged me, we are glad we plucked up the courage, otherwise we would miss the chance of meeting a gorgeous lady like you forever..''

I was flattered by his words, it did boost my womanly pride..
Although it was A. whom i contacted first and sent me his nude pics, it seemed like E. was the reckless and bold one..
I was surprised when he said : '' Let's cut the chit chat babe, come here and sit on my lap..''
I was now standing between cousins whilst they were sitting on the couch, E. was caressing my inner thighs under my dress, i sat on his lap and started giving him a lap-dance, i could feel his 18 y/o rock solid prick was about to burst out of his pants. When i saw A. was stroking himself through his jeans, i said ''Don't be shy, i already saw your beautiful thick manhood in the pics, you have nothing to hide! so now unzip your fly, i will take care of the rest..''

Now i was down on my knees with two cousins sitting on the couch, E. was very aggressive and wild, he grabbed my hair *ouch* and dragged me to himself, saying ''Now show us it's true what they say about trannies..Best cocksuckers on earth, ha?!'' His wild and rebel bad-boy attitude was driving me so hot, it was a major turn-on! He spread his legs apart, so i could fit between..I unbelted him by using my mouth and teeth, i thought it was wilder this way! I bet he enjoyed that sight of me with his metal belt buckle in my mouth..His cock was smaller than his cousin, maybe 6'5 but also quite thick with a meaty mushroom head that looked like a baby bottle to my eyes! He let a soft moan out as soon as i wrapped my tongue around his shaft. Now i had a mission, i somehow felt obliged to show him i was the best cocksucker he ever had in his entire life, so i had to do my best! I did spit on his cock to make it slide easier in my mouth and watching some amount of my saliva running down and dripping off his plumb balls..
A. was now watching us, jerking himself off with his pants dropped down around his ankles, i thought it was unfair of him beating his cock whilst his cousin was enjoying my mouth-work to the fullest! So i reached out and grabbed his big, thick, juicy cock..Now i was stroking his cock in my hand with his cousin's dick buried deep down my throat! I knew he wanted and deserved more than a handjob, so i replaced my mouth on A.'s throbbing cock, i could feel every vein pulsating through his fat cock!
Meanwhile, E. was fondling my breasts and squeezing them to the point they hurt! Although they were cousins, i could tell they had different tastes, A. was a more softcore, vanilla type of guy while E. was sexually liberated, dominant and open-minded by nature..
I said '' Let's go to my bedroom if you like, my bed is more comfy and larger than this couch.. '' , as three of us headed to the bedroom, it was a funny sight to see two cousins walking naked, following me to my bedroom with their fully erect cocks waving in the air..
I continued: '' You told me you banged some chicks together, how was it? You ever DPed one? ''
E. answered me: '' Naww, unfortunately not..The bitches were so stuck up and prude, y' know? One of them freaked out and started yelling when i fingered her in the ass and it was my little finger!! ''.
As we all laughed, i thought to myself that E. seemed like a very cool, fun guy to hang out with apart from sex..I think i was getting attracted to him..

A. was also very sweet but E. had a different sparkle and a magical charm surrounding him and i felt like i was like a moth drawn to the light of a flame! But i had to be careful if i didn't want to be burned by the fire! This young, cute, funny straight teen boy must have had dozens of girls around him and i was merely a different taste, a fantasy to spice up his sex life, nothing more - nothing less! So i had to enjoy the moment now and devour the flesh of this beauty when i had the chance! And as much as i can!
I said i wanted to try giving blowjobs to both guys at the same time, but after a few sucks, my jaw bone was hurting like hell, the pain was unbearable, so i had to stop..I took two different cocks in my mouth before but none of them were so thick in girth, especially in the case of A.!
I asked them whether they have received a rim-job before or not, their response was negative, A. answered: ''Nope, no one ever tossed my salad and i am not sure if i really want it, err ain't it bit gay? I don't want anything up in my arse, it's supposed to be ''EXIT ONLY'' and wanna stay it that way!!''

E. was much more openminded as usual : '' It's not gay unless it's a cock going up in your ass dude! I am game!! Up for the challenge..''
E. had a pale, cute, white ass with light blond hair but could pass for smooth..
I told him to stick his butt out and spread his butt cheeks ,so i could eat him out easier..His anus was smelling like shampoo/soap and it was a good beginning..Before sticking my tongue in, i teased the surface, tickling that sensitive area between his scrotum and anus by using my tongue, smearing my saliva in and around his hole..And i heard him moaning a bit when i finally inserted my wet, slippery tongue in his asshole, moving it in circles! My tongue was like a snake and i was trying to move in as far as i could reach to impress this adorable teen boy..
A. was seriously aroused by this sight and seeing his cousin truly enjoying it, it helped to change his mind and i felt his ass pressed into my face..Now i was rimming two boys in a row, both laying on back with their legs up in the air, spreading their butt-cheeks for me! I was stroking their cocks whilst rimming them.. Their plumb, cum-filled big balls were sometimes completely covering my face, making it hard to breathe, but i had no complaints at all!! Getting teabagged by two cuties while eating them out would be the best way to die!..

E. was a very straightforward, 'direct-to-the point' boy and i liked his attitude. He asked me ''Do you want me to do the favor in return and rim your ass?''
I answered him: ''You don't have to..Because you are my guests today and my priority is your pleasure..I never ask you to reciprocate, a real lady is never demanding..''

E. : ''No i know, but your ass looks delicious! None of the girls i have been had such a round, curvy booty, i want to give a try but keep in mind that i am totally inexperienced, so please do not expect a miracle!..Your mouth did a wonderful job on my cock and i want to show my appreciation! ''

So he made me lay on my stomach, and he almost ripped my red panties off.. Now A. was waving his big, fat cock in my face, eagerly waiting to be in my warm mouth again..I was kissing his thighs and crotch area, burying my nose in his pubes and smelling his manly boyish scent while stroking his rock hard cock with my saliva drenched fingers, so i couldn't resist the urge to suck his lolly!
Meanwhile E. was thinking ''he was rimming'' me but what he actually did was flooding my ass with his spit!..:) But as he warned me, i already didn't have any expectations, let alone great ones! It was hot and satisfying enough to know his cute face and beautiful lips were near my ass! His tongue even didn't need to touch my skin in order to get pleasure, i was appreciating that he was trying to do his best..
A. took my head between his hands and started to use it like a piston; moving up and down with his glans hitting the back of my throat and tonsils, i was gobbling and choking on his soaked cock with some of my saliva dripping down my chin..

I suddenly felt a sharp, fierce and intense pain in my rectal area that i almost did bite A.'s cock in my mouth.. (Of course i didn't! That's why i said 'ALMOST')*OUCH*
E. stuck his dick up in my asshole without any warning!!! As soon as i pulled A.'s cock out of my mouth, i turned my back and started yelling: '' Stop! Ouch!! Pull it out!!!..What the hell do you think you are doing? You even didn't prepare me with the help of a finger, you can't treat an anus like the way you treat a vagina which is an elastic organ made of muscle tissue! '' Yes, it was one of the severe consequences of dating inexperienced teen boys who have no idea what to do with their cocks...

E. was so ashamed and his face went completely red as all the bl**d rushed to his face...
'' I am! I only engaged in vaginal penetration with chicks so far, no one let me in the ass, please forgive me, i did not mean to hurt you baby..''

Awww, these blue eyes just melted my heart..I wasn't angry or mad at him despite how much he hurt me..Because he was so sweet and deep down in my heart, i knew he was genuine, very naive..He was telling me the truth..
I took his cock in my hand, spitting on it and saying : '' Let me guide you hottie..Stick the head first and do not move until you feel my muscles loosen up! ''

As he pushed it deeper, his whole shaft completely disappeared in my tight ass within a few seconds, i managed to take it like a champ with ease..
Now he was holding my narrow hips, his balls were rhythmically slapping against my bum, making funny sounds...I was panting heavily now with joy of pleasure, excitement and knowing a mission successfully accomplished! I was jerking A. off at the same time and licking tip of his cock..I knew he wanted to be inside me as well and who was i to deny my new boy-toy this pleasure?!
''Come on E., it's your cousin's turn'' i said jokingly..I knew he wasn't happy with the decision but i had to treat my boys fairly and equally! But i wanted to try a different position now, as he agreed with me sitting on A.'s cock with my feet placed on his thighs and knees..Although his dick was much thicker, my already lubed-up ass took it with ease due to his cousin's pipe-laying work earlier..

E. was standing in front of me and jerking his cock at my face..A. was making me jump up and down on his lap and with each thrust, i could feel his cock getting even bigger around my anal sphincter and anus ring, i knew he was going to release his semen deep in my bowels soon, but i didn't know him long enough to let him do that due to health concerns , well he was only 19 and have fucked a few girls, but you never know, i didn't want to take any risks, so i asked him to pull it out..
Then both cousins jerked off until they both came all over my face..My face was completely covered with a cum-cocktail coming from two different but similar DNA strands!..

It's a big regret of mine not eating E.'s baby batter that day because i wanted his first time to be perfect and flawless, but thankfully, he provided me some big, fresh loads to swallow and consume in our next dates.. Maybe i tell about it in the next episodes if you be good boys ;-) .......................................................

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I'm glad you enjoyed it!;)
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Very hot thanks