Airconditioner repairman laid some pipe -part 2-

Oh he knew i was not a genetic girl from the beginning? I told him '' Do you mean i am not hot enough to be a girl?'' He replied ''Nooooooooo honey, you got me wrong!! You are super ultra hot, do you think would i let you touch me if i didn't find you attractive?'' I was relieved by his answer, knowing i am totally passable and confident in my looks. He continued '' I was just trying to say your round booty drove me crazy since the moment you opened the door to me, i was afraid i was going to lose my control and **** you, it was so hard to hold myself from fucking you and behave, didn't you notice my boner? I think boners do not lie.'' His response made me smile:)

He was standing in front of me with his fully erect,hard penis sticking out of his trousers, covered with my saliva, it was shining..I undid his belt and his pants dropped down to his ankles. I held his hand and brought him to my bedroom, his big calloused repairman hands were in contrast to my small baby-soft hands..I stood in the middle of the bedroom, admiring his muscular body and big throbbing erection with plumb balls, full of spunk ready to be milked by my devouring thick lips..
I made him sit on my bed, spread his legs to kneel down on the ground..
The repair-boy had a very smooth and inviting anus.I swirled my tongue around his tight asshole before i stuck my tongue in his anus.

I think the repairboy could feel himself close to cumming already without ever touching himself, he told me it was first time ever someone's eating his ass! I could feel his big,plumb balls touching my face whilst licking his ass, he was teabagging me now and i was kissing those balls which would provide me my daily protein intake! I was jerking him off with one hand whilst licking his balls and anus. Then i made a move to reach to my drawer to get some vaseline and grab a condom. I carefully made him wear the condom and smearing some amount of vaseline on his thick mushroom-headed cock. He said ''I do not have much experience in anal sex, so you should guide me.'' I did bend over with my ass up in the air, he was trying to insert the tip in my tight pink cherry,i let a big moan out when i felt his big mushroom head was finally in! This young straight boy was ultra-cautious in order not to hurt me and it did make me feel good, knowing i was not just a piece of meat to him but he cared for me! I told him ''Yes, now stick it all the way in'' and when he did, i took it like a champ! I was moaning loud now and started talking dirty to him ''Yes, yes, i want you to lay your pipe repairboy!Fix my anus with your big equipment!''

It turned me on when i felt his big strong hands holding me from my hips, his hands were so strong and manly, and like i said, it turned me on in a strange way, knowing i am his woman now, i felt so safe and secure in his arms, like no one could ever give me any harm or hurt me, the repairman suddenly turned into a prince! I wanted to try some acrobatic positions with this strong boy, i wanted him to fuck me like a sex doll or a puppet, so now my legs were wrapped around his shoulders, i could see his handsome face and beautiful eyes staring at me when he was balls deep in my tight ass, my feet were not touching the ground now,he literally swept me off my feet!
I was biting and nibbling his ears,kissing his neck when he started to pound me harder and harder,i could hear his big balls slapping against my round,bubbly, big ass cheeks, this sound echoing on my bedroom walls! I knew he was going to release his load soon but i did not want him to shoot it inside a condom, what a waste that could be! I told him to pull it out of my ass and then i took it in my mouth whilst jerking him off, i knew he was so close, he was breathing heavily and his pulsating big cock was even getting bigger in my mouth,my jaw started to ache with this pressure when i felt the first squirt of jizz, i kept sucking even harder and faster my mouth clenching on his erupting penis! He flooded my mouth with his baby batter with each thrust of his orgasm, he was so cute and i wanted to impress this repairboy, so i took his hand and put it on my throat to make him feel i'm sending his seeds down my throat to my stomach, later opening my mouth to stick my tongue out to show nothing is left, i consumed his DNA completely!

And the sweltering summer heat was finally over with a relief that came in the shape of a repairboy :-) He fixed both my air-conditioner and ........


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1 month ago
Damn. Wish I could run into an AC job like that.