Airconditioner repairman laid some pipe

I was literally bored to death when my mom went on a vacation, i was hoping that i was gonna enjoy freedom when mom's away but things got worse as i found out the air-conditioner wasn't cooling the house, it was the dog days of summer and i really hate this muggy, hot weather. So i gave a call to the place where we bought it and asked them if they could send someone to fix it. Like i said, the weather was terribly hot, therefore i was wearing a micro-mini short which was showing of my curves in a very revealing way. It was almost 4.00 pm when the doorbell rang. I was expecting the same guy in his late 40s' who fixed it last summer but this time to my surprise, it was a young, dark stud standing on my porch! ''Oh it's terrible outside'' i said, welcoming the repairman in; ''Can I get you a glass of cold orange juice?'' He nodded his head. I knew he was staring at my round booty when i was on my way to the kitchen. I explained him that air-conditioner wasn't cooling as it was supposed to be. ''How old are you by the way?'' trying to be chatty, he said ''21''. ''Wow! Don't get me wrong but aren't you just too young? To be honest, i was expecting the same elderly guy who fixed it last year''
He said ''Oh, i have been working since i left school, you know someone's gotta pay the bills'''
''Oh yeah sure, but doesn't your girlfriend support you?'' i asked. ''Nope,i am single since last May and have my own place.'' ''You surprised me again, how could a hot guy like you be single? It's her loss anyway, never mind,it's none of my business '' i giggled. Omg, i felt like a cheap slut, i was openly flirting with him! He returned the smile and looked appreciatively at my stunning legs. ''It's all right,you can ask me anything you wanna know,none of my clients were pretty and chatty like you recently.'' I went red,blushing.. I could notice he had a boner, a growing bulge in front of his pants..I dared to ask ''Pardon me but have you ever had anything sexual with your clients?'' Now he was laughing loudly ''Hell no, of course not! Like i said, i never had a client before who had such an amazing hot ass before''. I was petrified by his response, my heart was throbbing like crazy with excitement.The sexual tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife! I made an attempt to grab his bulge and took his hand and replaced it on my booty for him to feel my curves. I felt his warm strong hands on my butt cheeks, trying to spread them and fingering my tight pink asshole. I stopped him because i was afraid he would find out i wasn't born a girl and got down my knees,unzipping his fly to reveal his 8' inch manhood sticking out of his trousers and i wrapped my greedy silky warm lips around the helmet when he let out his moan, i was licking the head whilst grabbing the rest of his shaft in my hand, jerking him off. His cock was as straight as an arrow, slightly curved-up. Now i had it all in my mouth as he took my head between his hands and rotating me up and down bouncing on his dick, i knew he was trying to make me deepthroat him,so i spitted on his cock to slide it easier down my throat. I could feel his big mushroom helmet was rubbing against my tonsils, making me gag and choke on his cock..Then i heard him saying ''Mmmh so it's really true that you give much better head than biological girls..'' I stopped sucking, pulling his dick out of my mouth and looked to his grinning face ''Oh??'' He was grinning like a Cheshire cat now ''Do you really think that i didn't know you were a TS? I knew from the beginning..''


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1 year ago
so now your comitted what happened next another story looking forward to it
1 year ago