A date with a straight college student

I had been chatting with this boy for a while when he finally told me his parents were out of town and he had his father's car. So we set up a date in the evening. I told him to pick me up by his car from somewhere. I was pretty excited, this jock was a very good looking guy with a slender athletic body type, brown hair/blue eyes. I always had a thing for blue-eyed boys. I was thinking about those whilst putting on make-up in front of the mirror and combing my hair.
I was a lil bit nervous when he picked me. He looked even much more handsome than his photos. Because he was lacking a web cam, i had some doubts on his looks. Who knows, perhaps he was a faker. But no, he was all real and too good to be true..
He had a beautiful smile. I allowed him to put his hand on my knee as he drove the car on the lane..slowly touching my legs,his hand under my skirt,teasing me..then i made the first attempt and start rubbing his bulge through his pants..It was a massive boner. It was time to unzip his fly and ''set him free''...
As soon as i unzipped him, his thick monster flopped out of his fly, revealing his 7 inches manhood. Although i have seen bigger ones, his dick was sort of thick with a mushroom head..Very suckable and mouth watering..He was already dripping and oozing pre-cum when i started to stroke his cock in my hand..He made a groan and moaned softly when i gave him a hand-job.

He suddenly grabbed from my hair and pushed my head down whilst he's driving his car on the highway.. My head was literally jumping up and down like a piston on his lap..His aggressive and dominant behavior kinda turned me on..

He pushed my head deep until he made me gag..I felt that his cock was fucking my throat...reaching to my tonsils...he pushed my head with one hand and driving car with other..He f***ed me to deepthroat it all the way down until my lips reached his cold zipper/jean button..I gasped for air...leaving his cock wet and sloppy, covered with my saliva..tears running down my cheeks...my make up running..It was a mess and i think i looked horrible, but thankfully it was dark in the evening..

Then i told him to stop the car in a remote area in the woods, because i wanted him to fuck me outdoors by leaning me against a tree (I live in a suburban area surrounded by parks and forests)..He just spitted on his dick to lubricate and shoved it deep in my tight pink hole to sodomize me..I moaned with pain and pleasure.

He held from my throat and biting from my neck,blowing air to my ear..i felt his balls pounding my asscheeks..i could hear the sound..echoing in the woods..

This innocent looking school boy was talking dirty to me whilst screwing me in the middle of the forest...'''Do you like my dick bitch ha?'' '' I make you my woman and cocksucker''

''Let me strech your butthole with my big tool..Once im done with you,you wouldn't be able to sit on ur ass for a week!!''

I answered: ''Make my tiny pink asshole gape...wide open..like a big 'O'....''

Then he pulled it out of my damaged ass and grabbed me from my hair,making me kneel down...on my knees...and shoving his hard dick that he recently pulled out of my ass without wiping into my mouth again...He fucked my throat til my saliva lubed his hard dick and made wet enough..for inserting it into my damaged asshole again..

He fucked me like that for a while, but i could hear his groans, knowing he was close..''Where would you like to shoot your load?'' i asked..He told me ''May i cum on all over your face?''..I said that was not a good idea because we were doing it outdoors and it would be hard to clean my face..I said ''I want your seeds in my mouth''..
I took his cock in my mouth again..It didn't taste bad but was a strange feeling, it was not my first time going Ass-to-Mouth on a cock though..
Whilst giving head,i usually ask a guy to tell me when he is about cumming...close to his orgasm..on the edge..He thinks i'm asking because i want to pull his dick out of my mouth before he shoots..but nah!!the opposite..;) I ask; because i start to suck harder and harder..when he cums..

I was using both my hands & mouth as he was about shooting his load..When i felt his aroused glans swelling in my mouth,i knew he was going to shoot his baby-batter in my warm wet mouth soon..He made a weird sound as his pulsating cock started to pump this warm salty-sour juice in my mouth with each thrust..
After he full filled my mouth with his white cream,i took his hand and put it on my throat for him to feel me ''gulping down'' while looking deep into his eyes...I always want to have eye contact in that moment...Although it was dark in the woods, i could still feel his lustful looks..

And swallowed each precious drop without wasting any...like it's the fountain of eternal life and youth..Then i opened my mouth to show him it's all gone...empty..nothing left..like a good girl;)..to impress this cute straight college boy...


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2 years ago
Awasome story made me cum in mypanties first of the day
2 years ago
nice story! thanks for posting!
2 years ago
You are a HOT slut gurl friend!!!! More please!
2 years ago
mexaa wooow nice Story> Thank For The Posting
2 years ago
extreamly hot you sexy bitch.