When Dreams Become Reality Part 2

Jade's phone vibrated, hey what are you doing? Jade smiled as she read Codey's message, missing you. She sent back, ever since that moment they finally admitted to one another their feelings they had been messing around but other than a few select friends no one knew and mainly the people who knew were closest to her. He hadn't even said anything to his closest friends. Which was fine, she would do whatever he wanted and would support him when he decided to tell. Her phone vibrated again, she jumped slightly as she was lost in the feelings and thoughts of their last time together, already becoming moist with the thought of him fucking the living shit out of her.

Oh you are, are you? Well I miss you too, why don't you come down to Blackthorne have a few drinks, its bike week. I really want to see you. She nodded, sounded like a good idea. So she sent back, sure be there in ten. She got up changed into her high heel boots, tight torn blue jean skirt and a halter top. Did her make up and hair, grabbed her keys slipping her smokes, cell, id and money into her back pockets before getting into her car and driving five minutes down the road to the local bar/resort. She pulled in, the place was packed, bikes, cars, trucks and campers lined the road and even more inside of the campgrounds. She got out, she walked down a few steps and took her phone out about ready to text him when she peered in through the glass of the door to find him shooting some pool with a few people, he had just made a ball in and was cheering, beer clutched in his hand. She laughed and walked in, she ordered a beer and walked over.

"Hey." She said with a smile, he turned around and brought her into a big hug before introducing her to his pool buddies.

"Hey this is Jade guys, this is Mike, James and Kyle." Codey stated and she nodded her hello. "Bomb?" He asked and she gave him that look, "I know, I know stupid question." He stated and walked up to the bar, she followed as he pulled her by her hand. He ordered two Jagar bombs, once that was gone, he order another and another she was feeling pretty good by now. She knew she needed to stop so she could drive home. They sat at the bar, when she stood up.

"Bathroom." She stated and she headed toward the bathroom across the building she hadn't realized that he was following her until she turned to go down the hallway and she was spun around, pushed up against the wall and lips pressed hungrily against hers. A moan escaped her as his hand wandered down her side and in between her legs, rubbing two fingers against her cunt and his lips pressed against her neck her fingers dug into his back and a growl escaped him. Having to go to the bathroom completely escaped her mind. "Let's go back to my place." She begged.

"Just a quickie, then we will I promise. I'll probably spend the night." Codey replied and she nodded, within seconds they were in the nearest room which happened to be the broom closet. She was pushed up against the wall again as they made out he began to unbuckle his pants and allowed them to drop around his ankles as she sunk down onto her knees wrapping her hand around his already rock hard cock. She quickly went to it, deep throat his full length almost instantly and he moaned, his head going back and his hand getting tangled into her hair pulling tightly. She moaned against his erect member and he almost was done for right then and there. "Oh god Jade fuck!" He moaned as she quickened the speed. Within minutes his hot load was hitting the back of her throat, she didn't miss a drop and then his pants were up, and she was pushed onto a little table that sat in the corner. Her thong were off and her legs spread as she leaned back upon her elbows, he leaned over her and kissed her as he stuck to fingers into the seeping wet pussy and she almost screamed as he began to finger fuck her and kiss upon her neck once more. Her nails digging into him again as her mouth crashed against his.

"Oh fuck don't stop baby." She moaned as he quickened his pace, he was now on his knees his tongue her pussy lips as his fingers continued to fuck her. He felt her get closer and closer to an orgasm and once her pussy began to tighten around his fingers he pulled them out and began to suck on her clit, tongue in her hole and it sent her over the edge. "OOOO FUCK!" She screamed as she exploded and began to shake. Luckily the music and crowd was so loud no one would have been able to hear her cries of pleasure.

Once they were adjusted they exited the room and to the bar, they took a couple more shots before practically running to their cars and speeding toward her house. They pulled into the driveway, parking haphazardly before cutting the engines and running inside, her bedroom door slamming against the wall as they rushed inside. Codey untied and took off her halter top, revealing that she hadn't been wearing a bra this whole time. He was already hard as a rock, veins popping out in anticipation of being deep inside of her. Next his shirt came off, then their shoes, then the pants and boxers and panties all s**ttered upon the floor. He pushed her onto her back and pulled an erect nipple into her mouth and she let out a loud moan as he began to tease her cunt with his fingers. "Codey please just fuck me! Please!" She begged but she didn't need to he was already between her legs and the tip of his cock pushing slowly into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist as her back arched. "I've been wanting you so ba-badly." She almost whimpered as he began to go deep.

"Yea me too." He almost moaned into her ear and that sent a wave of pleasure go through her already. He moaned loudly as her pussy gripped around him tighter and tighter. "Get on your back." She demanded, a fire in her eyes and he was a bit surprised but didn't argue, he rolled onto his back without question watched her crawl on top of him his cock sliding with ease inside her seeping snatch. Her sweet necter already leaking out of her and all over him. "Fuck babe." Codey said as his hands found her hips and he pushed up making himself go even deeper inside of her, making her wither in ecstasy. It wasn't long before he couldn't take it any longer and he was out from underneath her and bending her over the bed. Jade was on the verge of yet another orgasm after the multiple she had while riding him with the thought of him fucking her from behind hard and deep.

He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled roughly as he shoved himself deeply inside of her, "OH FUCK CODEY! Don't stop!" She screamed louder than ever before as he slammed his cock in and out of her pussy both hands upon her hips now as he continued, "I wasn't planning on it." One more slam and she was shaking head to toe, her legs quivering as her biggest orgasm washed over her yet. But he didn't slow down he just went faster as within seconds after that one finished another began. "Codey your making me cum so-so hard! Fuck I love how you hit that spot baby!" She moaned, he was on the verge, "are you ready baby?" He asked his breath becoming deeper as his peak approached. She nodded, "you gonna cum with me?" He question and she nodded again unable to respond with the shortness of breath. "Good." He said as he began to slam himself into her even harder than before. "O O O OOOOOOOOO Codey!" She screamed as he shot his load into her and it came almost flying right back out as she came hard. They both collapsed onto the bed breathing heavily as he pulled her toward him and kissed her deeply. They went for a few more rounds before finally passing out.
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Great stories. Hope you write more!