For Jane

I found myself with an extra day off from the daily grind and decided to treat myself to a days shopping away from my normal haunts,so I booked a train ticket from Trent Vale station Stoke to Manchester.Boarding the train with magazine in hand I sat back and enjoyed the thought of a free day to do whatever I want.The journey to Manchester went smoothly apart from the usual looks from guys trying to get a peek up my skirt while I read my mag,boys will be boys so nothing unusual in that, in fact its quite flattering that they want to look,between you and me I get a kick from watching them, does that make me a naughty girl then Ha Ha.Anyway the shopping was really good in Manchester I treated myself to some new sexy gear,a couple of really hot basques and some stockings and suspender sets and WOW a really horn inducing pair of red knee high boots,feel so sexy in them,and as a special treat I bought a nice big thick vibrator,just for a bit of fun you understand He He.As I sat waiting for my train for the return jouney home I noticed how quiet it was at that time of evening,good I thought a nice peacefull trip home.On entering the train I looked up and down the carriage to see very few people on board,i soon settled down to reading my mag as the train pulled out of the station,homeward bound at last.It wasn't long before the rocking motion of the train sent me into that half asl**p half awake state you get into when totally relaxed.I woke suddenly as something brushed my foot,looking up I saw a young fit looking guy sitting opposite me im sure he was further up the carriage when I boarded,checking along the carriage I noticed there were only two other passengers on the train both much the same age as the guy sitting opposite me.That worried me a little bit but strangely it made me feel a little bit excited.While I continued to read my mag I couldn't resist peeking over the top to see what the young guy was doing,no surprise his gaze was fixed on my legs,so for a bit of devilment I sread them a little wider to see what his reaction would be.Well it worked he let out a little moan and plunged his hand into his pocket.I got back to reading for a short while then decided to up the game,i sread my legs wider so he could see the white of my panties,when he saw that his hand started fumbling inside his pants,i was getting turned on by this myself so I started to push my skirt up further and slid my hand inside my panties,needless to say they were wet.After a couple of minutes he moved onto the seat beside me saying "I hope you don't mind"What else could I say but"of course not".I could see the bulge in his trousers it looked like it was about to pop the zip.He slipped his hand inside my legs and looked at me as I nodded approval,no going back now, things were hotting up too much for me to walk away.I relaxed back into the seat as he gently rubbed his hand up and down my thigh ,pausing just before he reached my now soaking pussy,he unbuttoned my blouse to reveal my breasts in all their glory as he pulled the outside my bra and started to kiss and nibble them,i love that feeling of tingling as they are gently bit and kissed.After a few minutes of pussy stroking and heavy breathing he moved onto his knees in front of me and started to lick his way along my thighs up to my pussy,he lifted me up gently and removed my panties and started licking my pussy lips,this sent me into a state of wanting more.With one push he slid his tongue inside me harder and harder trying to get as far in as he could,this brought me to a climax which only made me want more.I closed my eyes as he lapped up the juices from my soaking pussy.Suddenly I felt another presence,opening my eyes I got the shock of seeing another of the guys standing next to me with his rather large cock in hand,what can a girl do in that situation?I heard him say "room for one more"the only thing I could think to say amid my mounting excitement was a feeble"feel free".I was manhandled up of the seat as one of them sat down and told me to sit on his cock with my back to him,i didn't need to be told twice as I slowly lowered myself on to the throbbing manhood,ooohhhh it felt so nice as i slid up and down on it.The other one stood in front of my face thrusting his cock and balls towards me,grabbing his balls I pulled him close enough to reach out and run my tongue up and down his shaft,he moaned and let out such heavy breathing I thought he would keel over,by now I was fully enjoying the scenario,my body was vitually shaking with pleasure,but there was more to come.After a few minutes of sheer delight,thrusting and licking I was told to stand up,i duly did what I was told, I was in the mood for anything now.One of the guys sat on the seat and told me to straddle him facing towards him,as I slid down his still throbbing cock I felt the other one position himself behind me,sliding down the full shaft of one cock I felt the other one probing me from behind,god im going to be double teamed for the first time,i felt the second cock probing to find a way into my other hole,something I never experienced before,i wasn't sure about this but when he gave one almighty push and entered me it felt like fireworks going off all around me,my body skook with a feling I never had before,"Christ" I yelled as they both started to pound both my holes I kept feeling mini orgasms with virtually every thrust my god this is so good,i closed my eyes and just let myself go into the zone of sheer pleasure my body was feeling when I felt something brush against my face,opening my eyes I saw the third passenger standing behind the seat facing me with another massive cock pointed at my face,with two filling my other holes there was only one thing I could do,i grabbed it and started stroking and wanking him off.Boy did he enjoy it,the feelings I was experiencing now were nothing like I had ever felt before as I was being pounded by the two cocks I slid the third one into my mouth as he groaned with pleasure,he started to cum inside my mouth I could feel it pumping his spunk,i pulled away just as he was cumming and he came all over my face the other two saw this and pumped themselves into a frenzy cumming deeply inside both my holes.This sent me into the craziest most spine tingling orgasm I have ever felt,it just would not stop wave after wave of small electric shocks shooting through my body making my legs shake and my knees buckle,after what felt like as small earthquake inside my body I slumped down on the seat.The three guys got themselves sorted out and without a word returned to their seats back down the carriage.Pulling myself rather shakily together I tidied myself up and restored my clothes to mormal.I settled back into the seat to reflect on the thrill I just felt and dropped off onto a light sl**p.I awoke to the train stopping at my station,leaving the carriage I thought "boy that was some dream I had" as the train started to pull away from the platform I looked back at the carriage as it passed by and what did I see,the three young guys sitting in the carriage looking out and smiling at me.WAS IT ALL A DREAM OR NOT? YOU TELL ME.HHHHMMMMMMM
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