Sissy gurl meets Daddy

The doorbell rang, and Samantha's heart fluttered. She raced down the stairs and opened the door. She answered the door and managed to open her lipstick lips and say "hello sir". She stood in front of him with her Plaid skirt and white blouse, thigh highs with red bows, red mary janes and otherwise dolled up. Her hair in pigtails, he enters and follows Samantha up the stairs.

he sat right down in the leather chair, asking for Sissy to pose. Samantha did exactly that, prancing around in front of him in her school girl outfit. she looked right in his eyes, posed seductively and said "does daddy like?" it was right around then she noticed the growing bulge in his jeans.

Just as he was unzipping his jeans, Samantha got on her knees in front of him, and licked her lips. when Daddy finally pulled his cock free, she asked "can i please suck it sir". he didn't answer at first, starring into her eyes. he moved her hands to his cock and said "yes sissy, suck it"

She kept playing with it in her hands, before finally licking the head. she started licking up and down the shaft, before putting just the head of his now rock hard cock in her mouth. she would take about half the length of his cock and alternate before going back and forth slowly or fast. she would wait as long as she could before gasping for air, furiously pumping his cock with her hand. she tried deep throating him, making it about 6 inches before gagging, she tried this a few times with minimal progress.

he grabbed her pig tails and started fucking her face. Samantha’s eyes watered, as she kept choking at the hard massive member in her throat. He’d let her breathe only to return to the thrusting farther and faster. She looked up, his entire 8 inch cock in her throat, she finally did it. Soon he stopped, and he told her to open her mouth wide. She did as she was told, begging “daddy to cum for his sissy” he stood up, and his cock erupted, spurting cum all over her face, including more than a mouth full. “don’t swallow yet” he says, reaching for his phone and snapping some pictures. He finally let her swallow her reward.

he buttoned his pants backed up and said he’d be right back, and ran out to his car. He came back in with two bags. One was the metallic purple outfit she had told him she wanted. The other had a spreader bar, restraints, a pink collar that had the word “Slut” on it, with a tag that read “Samantha Sissy”. The was also a pink chastity device for her clitty.

“To earn these things, I want you to get your dildo and put on a show for daddy” he started moving the few things I had left on the oversized coffee table. When I went got back with my toy he had already sat down. He put my “Slut” collar on, and I noticed the three camera’s set up in the room. The toy had a suction cup, and Samantha already had her butt plug in. she took off her panties and started putting on a show.

Samantha layed in a seductive pose on the table, sucking the dildo while playing with her plug. Her sissy clitty was already hard, and her make up already a mess. After a few minutes, she grabbed the lube and lube the toy up, before finally putting it inside her. She gyrated her ass slowly on her knees, tried to be as deliberate and seductive as possible. She picked up speed, fucking herself good for a few minutes. Finally she asked daddy if she could cum. He told her to beg, so she said “pretty please daddy could I come?” he asked her why? She hesitated and then responded “because I’m a sissy slut daddy” she unknowingly came, spurting all over the table, without touching herself. He smiled, sinisterly. “lick it up”

Samantha gets off the table and kneels to where her puddle of cum is. She bends down and slowly licks it clean. SMACK! Daddy’s bare hands spank Samantha’s ass. “I never gave you permission sissy, I’m not very pleased” he instructed her to set up the spreader bar on the floor and get her ball gag and blindfold. She got up and went to retrieve what was asked of her. When she returns he has the chastity device all apart ready to be put on. It snuggly fits, and becomes locked on her soft sissy clit. Shes gagged, blindfolded and locked into the spreader bar. The position f***es her in a vulnerable ass up face down position.

Samantha’s skirt is pulled up, a lubed finger then two are inserted into her bum. He remarks, “just how I like it, nice and tight, for now. I’m gonna fuck you good slut” he pulls his fingers out and spanks her ass a few times. She moans into the gag, secretly enjoying the domination. She feels her cheeks being pulled apart, and the hard lubed cock head poking her hole. A series of slow and steady thrusts, and a screech moan made from her gagged mouth, with a pop the entire thing is in. he gently fucks her ass for a few moments, before pulling out and squirting lube right up her asshole. This time he grabs her hips and with one hard push he’s all the way in.

Samantha squeals, Daddy’s hard cock balls deep in her ass. He grabs her hips, and pounds her hard and deep. She moans, and struggles in her bonds, her locked up clitty throbbing in its new cage. Every so often he pulls all the way out, pauses and slams it all the way back in. This causes her to moan loudly. He slaps her ass every so often. He pulls her hair, grabs her shoulders; he ravishes her like the little bitch she is. He really starts picking up the pace, before finally cumming again deep inside her ass. He took a couple of pictures of the well fucked hole leaking cum. He recorded the whole thing on video as well.

He picked some things up, conveniently leaving one of the cameras set up. Samantha remained bound and gagged on the floor, freshly fucked and catching her breath. Her locked clitty leaked a mess on the floor. “I know you only have until 5 this afternoon to play, but I’ve got to go back to a meeting. I’m going to move you to the bed, you’ll stay bound, gagged and blindfolded. However I may send a friend over to check up on you. Now when I release you, stay on your hands and knees and follow me.”

Daddy releases Samantha and grabs her leash. He walks her to the bedroom, a spare done up in a rather feminine manner. It looked like a 20 something’s girl room, with a splash of pink. The bed had a metal frame with posts, purchased initially for this exact purpose. The restraints are fastened in a spread eagle manner, the leash locked to the bed as well. He holds some of the keys, and places them in his pocket. “I’ll see you later slut” and he closes the door. She’s not sure how long its been, she reached sub space.

Little did she know, he had planned this. Samantha’s room was rigged up with webcams, aimed conveniently on the bed. That’s how he had discovered her initially. At around 1 o clock, Tyrone came over. Tyrone was a friend of Daddy’s, he had a massive black cock and a thing for sissy gurls. He walked into the room and said “hot damn look at that bitch, oh man.” He started licking her ass, most likely tasting Daddys cum from earlier. He poured lube on his fingers and started finger fucking her. It caught her off guard, but she could do little more than moan into the gag and wiggle under her bonds. “like that huh slut, oh I bet. Your gonna love this big back cock up your ass. I’m going to fuck you real good sissy”

Unlike daddy there was no slowness. In one hip pulling thrust, his massive 10 inch thick cock was deep in her ass. he pulled it back out, only to do it again, repeating this a few times. Finally he stops and adds more lube both to her ass and his cock. His cock fits easier, between the lube and getting loosened up. Samantha had been moaning hard into the gag, but when he finally went balls deep in her ass she screamed. This fueled his desire even more, and he started fucking her like a stallion. “yea bitch I told you I was gonna fuck your ass good, my big black cock in your tight white ass. no wonder he was so happy he found you.” He kept slapping her ass, each time his hand hit her ass immediately after he’d shove his cock all the way in with one quick thrust. He came this way, deep inside of her. His cock softened in her ass before he finally got up. His voice hinted that he was her age, or maybe even younger.

He left and returned into the room, and undid the locks on the restraints. Tyrone was instructed to lock the 5 inch chain to her wrists, and the foot long chain to her ankles. Before doing that, he put a tattoo of an A of spades on her left ass cheek, a temporary one. Resituated, he ordered Samantha to get him a beer. She was still blindfolded, and gagged, so she could only nod. She made her way there and returned with a beer. He was sitting down, unbeknownst to her stroking his once again hardening cock. He undid the gag, and ordered her to suck his cock.

The thought of sucking the big black b**st of a cock that just fucked her ass made Samantha’s sissy clitty twitch in its cage. She wasted no time getting on her knees and trying to suck it, but she found it more effective to lick up and down the shaft, and all over the head. She had grabbed a cup of water for herself, and stopped to drink some for her now dry throat. She could manage to get the head in, and suck that, while stroking the rest with her hand. The other hand cradling his massive balls. Surprisingly it didn’t take him long to blow his second load, this time in her mouth. He came so much it went in her nose, and she spilt some out of the corners of her mouth. He asked her to open wide and see it, and taunted her about being a cum filled sissy.

Tyrone left, and Daddy had logged in and saw parts of the action. He had left her a message instructing her to do her normal chores for the day just like she was. Tyrone had told her to take the blind fold off when he left. This would be interesting to do bound, but not impossible. At about 3 the phone rang, it was Daddy telling me to move what was left in the living room into Samantha’s room. He also gave me about a 5 minute warning that a woman was coming over with a cum filled pussy. I was to clean it and please her by the time he got there.

Samantha was in the kitchen when she heard a female voice say hello? She had been walking up, she grabbed the leash and pulled me into the living room. She sat on the edge of the couch and opened her legs, she had no panties either under her skirt. “well, its not gonna lick its self sissy” she grabbed the leash and pulled me in. She spent the next half an hour having me eat her pussy, while she watched tv. She reached under my skirt and teased my locked clitty. “hmmmm that’s not gonna work.” She reached into her bag and grabbed a toy. “lick my ass sissy”, Samantha did as she was told and licked her somewhat loosened up asshole. She played with her rabbit, and finally got off.

“That was a nice show” Daddy said, standing there watching what happened. “Your sissy needs work Jeff” the unknown woman told the man. “I know, she’s knew.” The woman told Samantha to practice, and left. Daddy had a paddle in his hand, and told me to lay across his lap. He paddled my ass 50 times for taking so long getting his wife off. They stung on my soon to be red bum. By the time he was done, his cock was rock hard and I felt it poking me threw his pants. “I’m going to unlock your clitty, now that you know I’m serious. Friday we’ll meet again, your girlfriend will be away thanks to me. Don’t worry, you’ll pay me back, my sissy’s always do.” Samantha was shocked, and didn’t know what to say. He unlocked her clit, and told her this was his chance to cum.

she straddled his lap and looked into his eyes. He asked her to tell him what she wanted. “Daddy I want your cock in my ass please”

“oh yea sissy, you want my cock in your ass?” he replied

“yes daddy, I want you to fuck me. I cum so hard getting fucked in the ass” Samantha replied, in as feminine a voice as she could muster.

“so take it out, and put it in your ass slut. I know you know how to do that”

she pulled his cock out of his pants, and stuck it right in her ass. between the cum from tyrone and the size of his cock she didn’t need much to get it in there and start ridding him. She rode him hard and fast, gyrating in the same fashion she did when she played with the dildo earlier. “oh daddy I love your cock in my ass” she moaned, panting like a bitch in heat. He played with her stiff clitty, stroking it while she rode his cock. All of a sudden it exploded, and she really shook and shot a massive load of sissy cum. He fed it to her, with his cock in her ass, letting her rest.

“well now that you’ve cum, daddy wants a blowjob until he cums. Come on show me just how thankful you are for what daddy just helped you do”

that’s all Samantha needed to hear before slut mode took over. She sucked his cock, savoring it. She pretended she was a pornstar, and went all out giving daddy oral pleasure. She licked his balls, his asshole, and managed to deep throat him a few times. He finally came without warning, thankfully in her mouth and not down her throat. Before she was allowed to swallow, she had to open wide, and say thank you daddy.

He had left an envelope on the table, and told Samantha not to read it until she was alone later that night. He had to go home, so he left, and she had roughly an hour to shower and clean up. Things resumed relatively until normal for the rest of the evening.

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beautiful sissy story
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