My Feminization of the day

Ever love the feeling of a woman cummin on you? Well I felt that this evening after I picked up a random woman off the street who asked to be drive home. When we reached the house she asked me to come in. I did and she actually blindfolded me into here bedroom where she tied me up on her bed. I didn't need that but I just played along with it begging to be let go. Of course she didn't let me go. Then she started to tear off my clothing and found me wearing a bra and panty. Then she said,"Well aren't you dressed up nice?" she pulled on my panties and let go juggling my balls around. She laughed and left the room leaving me tied up there struggling to get free. Out of the whole city of Pheonix I found the only woman that was dominating.
She came back with a whole bunch of panties and bras, and she was wearing a latex suit. Also she brought a whip, clamps and a butt plug. Immediately she pulled off my pan items and bra and said," Nice tits, and a little cock. You are such a slut."
She put the butt plug in and then started whipping my boobs and cock. I jerked each time feeling pain radiating through my body. After a few minutes of whipping she untied the rope around my legs and put on a pair of black panties that read "I am a slut" on it. She said," There that fits you a little better. Now let's put some clamps on those tits." She put them on and then she took out a pair of pink bras and said," Now these and then you are ready." She untied the top ropes and she held my arms down and put them on. I looked down and saw that they read "Fuck me good."
She laughed and said," Now that fits you." She got out the whip again and started hitting my tits again. She did so for a minute then she said," Now it is time for my pleasure and she took off her clothes and showed her D size boobs, and her perfect pussy. Then she sat on top of me with here pussy in my face and pulled out a vibrator. She set it on maximum power and set it on her pussy," saying," Fuck yeah oh fuck. Get ready for that cum slut." Thirty seconds later she started cumming a whole boat load on me. It felt so good and it made me hard, and then she shut off the vibrator once my whole face was full of it. She saw I was hard and said," You like that don't you slut? Now go, and no you don't get your clothes back so you have to drive like that." She got her butt plug back and hauled me out the door saying," Be back tomorrow or I will find you and torture you." Then she slammed the door in my face and I drove home. When I got home I got out and most of my neighbors saw me and laughed. It felt great so I am going back tomorrow.
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2 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
Yeh but what an experience thanks
3 years ago