Dominant Couple Fantasy

The following is just a fantasy I have should I have a solo encounter with a male/female dominant couple. It ideally would happen over a long weekend, giving enough time for all the events within to occur. There is no guarantee this would ever happen, it is just want I dream about when I touch myself.

Day 1

They would come to my home and pick me up in their car. I wouldn't have any bags, nothing of my own to bring except the clothes on my back. I'd step into the car, and be immediately given my new piece of ID for the weekend: a leather collar with D-rings. I am instructed to immediately put it on, and we drive off to their cabin deep in the woods.

As we pull into the secluded driveway of their remote cottage, I am e****ted out of the car and ordered to stand with legs apart. My shirt is pulled over my head while my pants are unbuttoned and pulled down along with my underwear. My clothes get collected and I am instructed to follow the Master and Mistress to the backyard.

The Master hands me my clothes along with a small canister of gasoline. I'm ordered to put my clothes into the firepit and light them on fire. I hesitate, but ultimately do so, earning the first small bit of encouragement. I am informed that the cabin is some kilometers from the nearest person; I am not to worry about being exposed and that my attire will be chosen for the duration of my stay.

The Mistress now approaches and proceeds to order me to be inspection. I hesitate, prompting her to give me an encouragement spank. My legs stand apart, my arms are extended from my side. They look me over and nod in agreement; it's time that I am cleaned up to their exacting standards.

The Master comes up behind me and proceeds to attach a dog leash to the collar. I am permitted to walk normally, but am to follow the two in silence. Quickly, I am e****ted inside the cabin, all the way to the basement. There I will be prepped for the weekend.

In the preparation room, a large dog grooming table is setup. It is steel, with a post for attaching leashes, and a drain with hose for washing away dirt. I am told to get on the table and to get on all fours. As I do this, the leash is attached to the post with very little free length. They now wheel out the implements used for my conversion into a weekend slave.

First, the hair waxing. My body is quickly and effortlessly removed of hair. My arms, my chest, my legs, my ass - I am made smooth and feminine. Next, the enema. A small cock shaped dildo on a hose is pulled from under the table; it is lubed and inserted into my backside. I am filled multiple times until I am completely devoid of anything which would be undesirable.

Next, a hand held shower head is pulled out, and I am proceeded to be roughly washed. After I am cleaned to their satisfaction, I am dried with a towel and a hair drier. My body is smooth, and ready with a flowery scent. At this point, the Master leaves.

The Mistress now informs me she will be ensuring that I will not be engaging in any activities which will distract me. She pulls on a pair of latex gloves and wheels a small table out form the darkness. On the table are various bottles and tubes of lubricant, each with various means of application.

First she paints my behind with a thick globby lubricant using her hands. I can feel large drops of the material slide down my buttocks, over and around my scrotum, and onto the table. Next, she takes what almost looks like a caulking gun and begins to penetrate me with it's tip. Once inserted, she begins filling me with another lubricant. Once satisfied I am prepared, she inserts two of her fingers and locates my prostate.

For the next period of time, she massages me until I begin leaking. While she does not stop, she does now place a small glass in front of my penis, using it to collect the semen. She continues until she is unable to extract any further fluid. She comes to my front and informs me that this is to be part of a regular routine this weekend; finishing with being f***ed to drink my own cum.

She cleans my behind quickly, and proceeds to lock my penis into a plastic cock cage. The leash is unhooked from the table, and I am lead from the basement back to the group floor. There the Master stands, holding a bucket, stockings and maids outfit.

I am then told to dress accordingly, and to go outside and wash their car. The dress is much too short and I am completely exposed. I proceed out the front door and begin washing the car.

After sometime, the Master exits the house holding a video camera; I am being filmed as I finish the first bit of housework. Once I have completed the car, he takes my hand and leads me to the backyard. Standing in front of me, I am f***ed to my knees and told to begin my first reward: Blowing my Master while he films it.

As I am about to finish him, he pulls back and tells me to stare down his cock. As he cums on my face, I flinch; this disappoints him and I am told I will be punished later for this. I am given a wet cloth and told to clean up as I am lead back inside.

I am given more chores to do around their home - cleaning dishes, sweeping floors, and preparing a selection of horsd'oeuvres. Each task is rewarded with another sexual activity to be performed. To orally service the Mistress and to rim each of them. I am partially filmed for each chore and each reward. Each time I earn another infraction which is to be added towards my impending punishment.

With the last chore completed; I am led by one to the basement where I am cleaned of my grime, and prepared for the evening. My nails are painted, lipstick is applied, and pink lace stockings are worn. The final piece is a fox tail butt plug which is inserted with plenty of lube.

As the final touches are added, the doorbell rings. I am informed that due to my unsatisfactory performance today, I am to be punished. I am to go answer the door as is; wearing nothing but a butt plug and some stockings. After a sharp yell, I rush to answer the door.

There waits another couple; they smile at me and walk past. My Master and Mistress greet them and inform them that they have been summoned to help. I am introduced as their new trainee, and that due to my poor service today, that I will be graded by this second couple. Should I fail, I will be sent home with no further training.

We enter the living room where I am to discover that the video recorded earlier has been quickly cut together into a small film. Master and Mistress order me to collect the snacks prepared earlier, while they sit and proceed to watch and make notes upon the video. Once they have snacked, I am ordered to the ground. On all fours, I am moved into position in front of the new couple.

The proceed to use me as a living footstool while they watch the remaining video. All the while I strain to hold up under the weight of their legs. Eventually, the film finishes and I am put in the center of the room, face the new couple.

They tell me I am quite unsatisfactory and likely will not be worth the time to train. To keep my training going, I would need to prove to them that I am willing. The new couples male spreads his legs while the woman exits the room. My Master and Mistress once again begin filming.

I take the initiative and reach forward and unzip the man. As I proceed to blow him, the woman comes behind me and removes the plug from my ass. She tells me that should I be able to take her small strapon, I may be able to take my Mistresses selection of strapons. The man announces that should I be able to take his load, that I may be able to handle the volume of my Masters load.

I proceed to take the strapon and swallow the load. The couple eventually leave, and my Master and Mistress come to speak to me: Should I wish, I may remain and be trained.

I choose to stay. Once again I am led into the basement, and have my prostate milked. I am cleaned up once more, given a nightie to wear, and brought to their bedroom where a large dog pillow waits for me. They smile and tell me that over the remaining 3 days and nights I will be trained fully. I will undergo tasks which are more intense, degrading and humiliating than what I have just experiences.

They present me with a contact. It states that for the next 3 days and nights I surrender my rights as a human being. They will perform acts upon me which will be disclosed as they days progress. Once signed, I will be unable to back out of the contract until the training is complete.

I sign it.

I am immediately slapped across the face and ordered to get on the dog bed and go to sl**p. I hesitate, I remain still and confused. Again, I am slapped. This time I fall to the side and scramble to my bed. They laugh at me, call me their little fag, and begin to have sex with each other as I drift off to sl**p, waiting for the next day.
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2 years ago
Very exciting.
3 years ago
love it added to fav cant wait to hear more :)