Demon Lust Chapter 2

Serana knew the ritual. She had studied it since becoming a member of the s****rs of the Dark. She kept herself a virgin for her impending demon lover, often imagining him while she played with herself. It was strange. She had always thought she'd be afraid for her first time with him. Though she had been apprehensive at first, she now felt excitement. For years she had lived in anticipation of this moment, the moment when she would first feel his flesh. Finally it was here.

Looking up at the big, hulking demon, Serana leaned forward and untied the thick black loincloth that was fastened about his waist. The rag fell to his feet once she had it undone, pooling on the floor between his feet. Looking up from the loincloth, she finally came face to face with his demon cock. It hung there, thick and red like the rest of him. It was still flaccid, dangling there like a third leg between his muscular thighs. Leaning forward, she softly pressed her lips to it, his flesh burning against hers. He was hot! She suddenly realized that he was the source of the heat in the room.

Serana placed her hands on his thighs and looked up at him. "Ohhh Master..." she cooed. "I have kept myself pure, so that you may defile me this night. Please Lucian, I want your seed" she begged, letting her tongue slither out to lick his length.

Lucian gave a chuckle, the guttural sound reverberating off the walls. "Then take me, pet" he replied, letting his own tongue slither out to lick his lips. He made sure each of the girls got a view of his tongue, the long member sliding out about a foot before rolling back into his mouth.

Serana suddenly felt herself getting wetter, as if that were even possible. Then, wrapping a hand around his thick girth she lifted his cock and began to run her small tongue against it. It felt rough to her tongue, like a fine sandpaper as she worked along his length. As she licked up and down she felt him start to stiffen, his already immense girth only thickening in her hand. Her tongue left shiny lines of saliva on his length, making it more slippery for her. She found she had an easier time of licking him with her spit so she leaned back and collected a big wad of saliva in her mouth. Looking up at him, she spat out the gooey saliva onto his cock. Reaching in with her other hand, she started to rub it in, sliding her hands up and down as she brought her tongue to his tip, flicking it against him.

"Mmmmmmm..." Lucian let out a low groan, reaching down with one clawed hand to run into her hair. Serana's thick blonde locks were slick with sweat so his hand slipped in easily. He made a fist, tugging at her hair, though not quite hard enough to pull her off of him.

Lucian's cock was about a foot, and at least three inches thick in her hands as she opened her mouth. She stuck out her tongue, making her mouth as wide as possible as she leaned forward and took his head into her mouth. It barely fit, but she relaxed and leaned in further, trying to take in more of it. She looked up at him and was happy to see him grinning down at her, his teeth shiny and sharp in his mouth. His muscular chest heaved, expanding and contracting as she took more and more of him in.

"Good girl" Lucian whispered, though even his whispers seemed to echo through the entire room. A bead of sweat ran down Serana's forehead as she took a little more of him in. He was almost to her throat now, her jaw stretching open to take him deeper.

Lucian slid a second hand into her hair, moaning as he placed his palms on the back of her skull. Then, without any warning, Lucian thrust his hips forward while pulling her face against him. Serana's eyes popped open as his tip pushed into her throat, stretching it around its girth as it pushed past her tonsils. Serana tried to yell, but it only came out as a wet gurgling sound, thick lines of spit oozing out of her mouth to run down her chin. Lucian slid out a bit to give her some air. She filled her nose with it, worried she may have suffocated. But then, just as she was feeling safe again, he rammed his cock in a second time.

Serana moaned loud, reaching forward to grab his ass, feeling how hard and muscular he was. As Lucian's hips fell into a rhythm she found it easier to breathe between his thrusts. Her big breasts swayed as he slid in and out of her mouth. Each time he pulled out, more of her spit leaked from her, now landing in thick gobs on her tits.

As she took him over and over again, Serana began to hear him moaning, louder and louder. Looking up she saw his eyes were half closed, rolling back into his head as she deepthroated him. She was so happy that she could please him this way, giving him pleasure like this. It made her even wetter, a dark spot now staining the stone floor beneath her.

Above the sounds of her gurgling throat and his deep moans, she started to hear something higher-pitched. Suddenly, she realized that her s****rs were all pleasuring themselves as they watch, fingers digging and sliding into their wet pussies as they watched their Serana pleasure their new mate. She knew they would all try to top her abilities, but she felt no jealousy. If someone could pleasure Lucian, it would only make her happier.

Finally, Lucian released his grip on her head. Serana took the opportunity to slide her mouth off of him, taking a hand and sliding it under his slick shaft to hold it. Gooey lines of spit hung from her lips to his cock as she looked up at him. "Was I not pleasing you?" she asked, hoping she had in fact satisfied him.

"Oh yes Serana. For a virgin you have quite the set of skills" he said to her. "But now it is time. You have lived without my spawn inside you long enough."

Serana almost jumped. It was time! Finally, the moment she had been waiting for. Almost u*********sly her free hand slid down to her tummy, rubbing it as she imagined it growing big and fat with his baby demons. "Take me Lucian. I am yours" she told him, bowing her head.

Lucian squatted down in front of her, his cock completely hard now, standing up between his legs. He slid a hand under her chin and lifted her face to look into her eyes. She gazed back into those dark pools, imagining what darkness lay within his demonic soul. With a grin, Lucian leaned forward and let his tongue slither out. It easily covered the foot and a half distance between their faces to rub against her chin. He collected her spit on his tongue, the thick gooey saliva covering it. Then he slowly retracted it, sliding his spit covered tongue back into his mouth. He made a swishing sound before swallowing. "Mmmmmmm" he said, licking his lips. "You're a very yummy woman, Serana" he said playfully. Then he reached forward and pushed her onto her back. He had such strength, but strangely she seemed to land softly on the hard stone ground. Gasps came from her s****rs, all sitting in a circle around her. They were watching intently, their eyes glazed and their hands buried between their legs.

As Serana lay back she spread her legs. Lucian leaned forward and then crawled on top of her. She bit her lip as she felt his thick cock pressing against her flat tummy; a tummy that would not be flat for long. She gave him a grin, looking up into his eyes. But instead of sliding his cock into her, he again let his tongue out. This time it moved out of him, like a long prehensile snake. It slithered down and ran up between her breasts, collecting her sweat. He kept licking her, covering his tongue in her sweat, like he had her spit before. Rolling his tongue back, he moaned. Goosebumps appeared all over her body as she watched him suck up her sweat, swallowing it too.

"Ohh yes, very yummy indeed" he teased. Then he reached down and took his hard cock in his hand. Realigning his hips he started to rub his tip along her wet lips. This was it! The first and only man to ever penetrate her was about to.

"Oh please Master. Please take me" she pleaded, wanting to feel his roughness inside of her. Her lips were slick with her wetness as he coated his head in it. He leaned in, his hot breath flowing out over Serana's skin as she wrapped her legs around him, wanting him inside her so desperately. Suddenly, she felt him start to push.

Serana groaned out as she felt her lips parting to take him in. She never knew she could fit something like that inside of her, but with every inch she took, she started to realize how much she was made for him. She seemed to spread open, her pussy splitting as he slid deeper, and deeper. She bit her lip, grunting as he invaded her. "Ohhhhhhhhh" she let out a moan as her eyes rolled back in her head.

She wrapped her arms around him and clawed at his back, wanting him to go even deeper. Suddenly, she felt a brief moment of pain inside of her. She grunted as she realized he had bottomed out, his tip pushing against her cervix. At the exact moment, she felt something strange inside of her. Somehow she knew what was happening. Deep inside of her, a clutch of eggs had been released from her ovaries. She could feel them floating down her fallopian tube and settle in, waiting.

"Ohhhhhh" she let out another groan as he started to pull back. It was as if she was being emptied of him and she hated it. But suddenly, he rammed back in, pressing up against her cervix. Serana dug her nails into Lucian's back as he started to slide in an out of her. He built up a steady rhythm, getting a little faster with each thrust as he invaded her over and over again.

"How do you like that, pet?" Lucian whispered into her ear.

"Ohhhh, I love it!" she screamed. "Breed me Lucian, put your demonspawn inside of me!" she called out. She craned her head as he pounded her and was granted with a view of Reina. She was leaning back with her legs spread. She had two fingers inside of her, her hand and the stone around her glistening with her juices. Her fingers slid in and out as she watched Serana mate. Reina's mouth was open, her tongue hanging out as she cupped a breast with her other hand, rolling her nipple between two fingers.

Lucian and Serana made a loud, wet smacking noise as he rammed into her, over and over again. She could feel his balls nestle into her ass crack each time he entered her. They felt so big and tight. She knew they were full of sperm and that it was all for her. The thought pushed even further over the edge, if that was even possible.

Sliding a hand up into his hair, Serana pulled Lucian's face to her and planted a kiss on his lips. They were as hot as his cock was. The heat on her mouth mirrored the heat moving inside of her. She sucked on his bottom lip and was pleased as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. She moaned as he filled her mouth with his thick, rough tongue, his cock still plunging into her over and over again.

He slid his tongue deeper and Serana's eyes bulged as she felt it rubbing against her tonsils. She gripped him harder, trying not to choke on his tongue. Then, pushing against him she turned them over, rolling so that she was on top of him.

He grinned as she pulled her lips from his so she could sit up on his cock. Reaching down to brace herself against his muscular abdomen she started to grind her hips, sliding herself up and down on him. He air was slick, hanging down in strands around her shoulders. Her breasts bounced as she slid up and down him, a thick, wet slurping sound emanating from her wet pussy as she took him inside, over and over again.

Serana looked around as she rode him, seeing each of her s****rs watching them. Her s****rs were so beautiful, naked and sweaty, pleasuring themselves. This was strange. She had never thought them beautiful before. Maybe she was changing.

Looking down, she was taken again by his eyes. Both of them grunted in unison, a chorus of pleasured notes filling the hot, humid room. Serana bit her lip as she felt him start to tighten inside of her. His cock seemed to throb inside of her, pulsating and stretching her. She knew he was close.

"Cum for me Master. Fill me with that seed!" she shouted, throwing her head back. With a grunt Lucian reached down and grabbed her hips roughly. He held her down on him as she felt his cock start to jerk and sputter inside of her. It seemed as if pure heat exploded inside of her as he came, splattering his thick creamy demon seed against her cervix. As her own orgasm came, her cervix began to quiver, sucking his thick semen into her.

Her head swam. It must have been his magic, but she could feel each and every one of his billions of sperm as they invaded her womb. They swam into her, spreading out and filling every corner of her womb. They flooded her, his cock still pumping and spasming as he sent load after load into her. She could feel it leaking out of her around his thick shaft as she exhaled sharply, her breasts heaving. Her face was red as she grasped onto her muscular biceps, holding herself onto him as his sperm swam frantically in a thick writhing mass into her fallopian tubes. She smiled down at her demon lover, who returned it with a mouthful of sharp teeth as she felt his sperm crawling all over her eggs. Then finally, she felt his sperm slip inside of her eggs, one by one. She had finally been seeded.

Serana gave a sigh as she collapsed on her new demon lover. Her orgasm subsided and she heard other moans, signaling the same for her s****rs. She rested her head on Lucian's muscular chest as she closed her eyes.

"Thank you. Thank you for filling me with your demon spawn, Lucian" she said softly, giving his rock hard chest a kiss. She looked up at him and he placed a hand on her back, holding her against him.

"And thank you Serana. This world will now be different because of what we have done this night. For now, we rest. When we awaken, we will all discuss our plan, together."

Serana nodded as she suddenly felt tired. She closed her eyes and placed a hand on her belly, rubbing it in circles. She couldn't wait until she was big and fat with his spawn. A grin spread across her face as she drifted off into dreams of their demon c***dren running around the world, slaughtering and destroying human armies as they built Lucian's empire of evil.
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