Hard a Fast - A Quickie!

My fat cock slams in to your dripping wet, tight bald cunt, drawing a gasp of pleasure from you.

The wet sounds of our passion seem to echo around the room, never fading as I relentlessly drill my dick in to you with brutal f***e.

My right hand clenches your long golden locks, pulling your head back, forcing you to look upwards at the ceiling.

My left hand slaps your already red arse, leaving brief imprints of my hand in white against the red flesh. Marks that sometimes fade before the next blow is struck, at other times they criss cross each other, making a mosaic of slaps on your buttocks.

Your beautiful fat tits swing with the f***e of my slamming myself in you and as they move the heavy black chain that is clamped at either end to your hard nipples jangles softly.

I am fucking my slut the way she was born to be fucked. Hard and fast.

Your breathing quickens and I can see a flush start on your body that is not caused by spanking.

You cunt grips me even tighter and I feel the spunk start to boil in my balls.

With a final shove, I push myself deep inside you, the head of my cock f***es your cervix open and the river of cum that flows from me is sent straight in to your womb.

It feels like solid ropes of cum are being pulled from my cock, ropes that link us together as they coil in to your womb, seeking something to grip on to.

You shriek as your pleasure reached its climax and your cunt squeezes me so tight it feels like a mouth sucking me dry.

My balls continues to spasm until there is nothing left in them, every drop of spunk has been fed to your hungry cunt.

I release your hair and you fall forwards on the bed, legs still spread, arse in the air, showing me your red, stretched, glistening pussy that is slowly starting to leak my cum from it.

I move to your mouth, exhausted, so you can lick me clean.

And as your pretty mouth closes around my cock, I feel a little jump.

I grin as you continue to lap me clean. Very soon we will do it all again.
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4 years ago
sound like a great evening at your place breeder
4 years ago
this story sounds like me fucking my wife and is sexy until i read the part where you call an ass an arse. that could not be a worse word to use for such a sexy part of a woman.
4 years ago
very good for being so short