I Call My Sugar Candy Pt 1

Another story from Lit x

Candy was happy -- she was naked on her bed, wrists tied to the headboard, one either side, forming a "Y." Candy's ankles were tied to her wrists, so her pussy (shaved the way Sir liked it) and her tight little arse hole were displayed to anyone coming into the room. Yes, Candy was totally naked; totally exposed; totally helpless -- and totally happy. Already moisture was gathering between her legs, and her nipples were hard on her large firm breasts. Candy was a submissive slut who lived to be used by Sir. Tonight, she knew she was in for the fucking of a lifetime -- and she couldn't be more excited at the prospect.

From the moment Sir had grabbed Candy by her hair and dragged her into the bedroom, ripping off her clothes as they passed though her ground floor flat, she knew this was going to be good. He hadn't said a single word to her, just dragged and ripped and smacked when she was too slow. The fiery red imprint of His hand flamed on her left arse cheek, sending waves of heat straight to Candy's pussy -- heat and pleasure.

Five long minutes had passed since Sir had secured Candy in place, grunted his approval and then left the room. She wondered what he was doing. She wondered how long he would be. She wondered if tonight, finally, Sir really would use her as she longed to be used. Of course, Sir was always rough with her -- as she liked -- and he was firm -- as Candy needed. But Candy longed to be pushed to her limits, stretched mentally and physically until she almost was broken and then pushed again. She wanted to be used for Sir's pleasure with no regard for her own. This was Candy's lucky night.

"Well, my little slut, I hope you are ready for tonight, as I am going to push you hard."

Candy jumped at the sound of Sir's voice; she had been lost in her thoughts of submission and pleasure, and had been unaware of Sir's return. Her heart swelled at the sight of Sir -- her Lover, her Friend, her Master. Sir moved quickly across the room, carrying a large plastic bag over to drop it on the bed beside Candy. Sir pulled a butt plug from the bag. Candy had been eager to try anal penetration, but had never done so.

"Open your mouth, slut."

Confused -- surely it was meant to go in her arse? -- Candy hesitated, causing Sir to quickly slap her breasts with his hand, first right, then left.

"Ow!" Candy shrieked. Sir had slapped her harder than ever before. "Wha . . . "

As quick as a flash, Sir grabbed Candy by the throat, leaning in so that his face was right next to hers.

"Shut up! Cunt is for fucking not talking!" he practically spits in her face. "You've always said you wanted to submit totally. Made to be a fuck toy. I know you've always thought I was less of a man because I care for you and wanted to look after you -- but no more. You want to be used like a cheap worthless whore -- you've got it. No safe words. No choice. You will do everything I say, when I say, and afterwards you will thank me for it. Now -- Open. Your. Fucking. Mouth!"

Candy tries to shake her head; she's never thought he was less of a man she wants to say. Candy wants to say she appreciated his gentleness, waiting for her to be ready to meet, and then slowly testing the limits of their comfort zones. She wants to say all this and more, but Sir's hand still is around her neck, and all she can do is open her mouth.

"That's better," Sir says, removing his hand, and then thrusting the butt plug down Candy's throat. Candy gags; the butt plug quite long and thick. Seeing her discomfort, Sir grins and pushes the plug deeper, making Candy gag and choke again. Spittle flecks her lips, and Candy starts to sweat as she is denied the air she needs. As suddenly as Sir started, he pulls the plug part of the way out so Candy can breathe again. While she gasps for air, Sir says, "You will keep this plug in your mouth until I remove it. No matter what else I do to you. Do you understand?"

Candy nods and mumbles her understanding, all the while thinking, "'No matter what else?' Jeez! What the hell is Sir planning to do to me?"

Satisfied with Candy's agreement, Sir lets go of the plug, and she holds it in place with her teeth. Looking away from Candy's pretty face, Sir turns his attention to her breasts, still faintly glowing red and tingling from his earlier discipline strokes.

"Hmm, you look good with red titties -- let's see how red can we get them!" Sir then begins to spank Candy's tits, each blow pulling a little gasp from her, muffled by the plug in her mouth. Sir's blows rain down -- from the left, the right, and from above. At one point, Sir pulls one of Candy's nipples, stretching it taut, lifting her breast away from her chest so he can smack it from below as well. After granting Candy's left breast this attention, he switches and gives the right breast equal strokes. Then Sir uses one hand to rain blows on Candy's right breast, while his other hand pinches and twists the nipple of her left breast. Although dazed and confused by the pain in her breasts, Candy is amazed and transfixed by how far Sir can stretch her nipples. Tied to the bed, screaming through the butt plug in her mouth, Candy knows nothing she can do or say will stop him and there is nowhere she can go to escape. All Candy can do is concentrate on not letting the butt plug fall from her mouth -- she cannot imagine what Sir would consider appropriate punishment for failing to follow his instructions, and does not want to give him a reason demonstrate. Finally, after what seems like an age to Candy, Sir seems satisfied. Her breasts glow red and her nipples are huge -- swollen and distended, sticking out from her chest like little bullets of desire and pain.

Sir looks at Candy, breathing heavily, sweat standing out on his brow, before removing his trousers, under which he wears no underwear. Sir's cock, swollen and red from the excitement of his strokes to Candy's breasts, glistens with pre-cum. Candy thinks Sir's cock is beautiful, so hard and large that it scares her.

"Well done, Candy slut," Sir says, pulling the plug from her mouth. "Here's your reward."

Sir thrusts the big plug straight up Candy's arse hole -- no preparation, no warning -- one second, she is empty; the next, her arse hole is burning and full. As Candy screams, Sir moves between her bound arms and legs so his cock is hanging by her open mouth. Just one drop of pre cum falls between Candy's open lips before Sir's cock is shoved down her throat, cutting her scream short. Sir fucks her mouth like a cunt, hard, fast, and deep. Sir ignores Candy's gurgles and gagging, and concentrates solely on his own pleasure. Only a few minutes pass, however, before Sir leans forward, and, whilst still fucking Candy's face, rubs her wet, hot pussy. Sir's whole hand rubs from the tip of her clit down her pussy lips to where he can feel only the base of the butt plug framed by her arse cheeks. Sir rubs Candy hard and fast; it's too much for her -- the burning from her nipples; the hard, fat plug stretching her arse; the stimulation of her clit and pussy; and Sir's cock in her mouth and down her throat. Candy has the biggest orgasm of her life; her back arches and she cries out her pleasure and pain around the cock in her mouth. Candy's stomach muscles contract and hot wet waves of pleasure run through her whole body, building and growing in their intensity. Yet still Sir carries on fucking and rubbing Candy. She is only barely aware of the cock in her mouth starting to swell, and barely hears Sir's bellow of pleasure as his orgasm explodes, flooding her mouth with his seed. Sir's ejaculate is too much for Candy to swallow, it bubbles out of her mouth and nose, and leaving wet sticky trails of cum down her face.

Candy knows then that she is Sir's slut forever, and that knowledge makes her cum again, even harder than before. Sir pulls his cock from her mouth, and wipes the spit and sperm from it on Candy's face and hair. As Sir rises from her bed to leave the room, leaving the plug still tightly wedged in Candy's ass, she hears him say, "Pretty good, Candy girl -- I hope you are ready for Round Two in about 10 minutes."

"'Round two??!!'," Candy thinks, "Fuck, I am barely alive after Round One! Still -- if that's what Sir wants from me -- that's what he will have!" This is Candy's last thought before sl**p takes her until Sir is ready again.

Round Two

Candy has no idea how long she had been asl**p when she is roughly awakened by two fingers being shoved inside her pussy. After her earlier orgasms, and with the butt plug still tight in her arse, the fingers feel like they belong to a giant -- huge fat fingers, f***ed inside her tender twat, pushing her open. With a yelp, Candy raises her head to look down at her body, but Sir's sperm has dried, partly sealing her eyes shut. As Candy struggles to open her eyes, a third finger enters her pussy, prompting a louder, more protesting yelp from her.

"Shut up, fuck toy," Sir says in a hard voice. "You are going to need a bit of stretching for what is going to happen next, so don't complain." With this, Sir's fourth finger joins the others in Candy's pussy. Candy stifles her cry, but not her hope that nothing else will be f***ed inside her. Helpless as she is, Candy can do nothing to stop Sir, and fears her once tight little pussy never will be the same, especially if Sir's whole hand is pushed inside her. As if Sir can hear Candy's thoughts, he grins at her, and bends his thumb down from where it has been brushing her clit.

By now, being the slut she is, Candy's pussy is very, very wet. Sir's four fingers are making a squishing sound as they press inside her, but even hearing all that lubrication, Candy cannot imagine yet another finger -- Sir's whole hand! -- being f***ed into her. Candy cannot say, "No" to Sir, but she cannot stop shaking her head from side to side with a look of terror on her face. Sir catches her movement. The grin that was lighting Sir's face fades, leaving a stern expression.

"So, my slut thinks she is too good for my hand does she? The dirty pig, fucking whore thinks that she can say 'No' to the one who owns her, body and soul? Even after I have told her it's for her own good? Well, fine, if my worthless cum dump slut thinks she knows best, then so be it." Sir snatches his hand from within her with a loud, wet, squelching sound. Candy gasps at the sudden feeling of emptiness, and overwhelming sadness that comes with knowing she has disappointed Sir. Candy's mind floods with thoughts, fuelled by fear and regret -- "Has Sir finished with me? Will Sir ever love me again? Does Sir now believe I am not and never will be worthy to serve him?" The thoughts flashing through Candy's mind f***e the words from between her lips --

"Sorry, Sir, I . . . "

"SHUT YOUR FUCKIN' WHORE MOUTH," Sir screams. "I told you it was for your own good, but you didn't believe me, and now you will suffer for that disbelief!" Sir reaches into the plastic bag that Candy had all but forgotten about. From the bag, Sir pulls a vibrator that he shows to Candy. It is about 8 inches long, and 4 inches wide, smooth pink plastic with a black grip handle.

"There were better toys available when I brought this," Sir tells Candy. "But when I explained to the clerk that I was buying a toy for a cheap slut to use, she advised me that I shouldn't waste my money -- that a cheap whore would get off with cheap vibrator just as well as with an expensive one."

As Sir talks, he pushes the vibrator deep inside Candy's pussy, turning it to its highest setting straight away, causing Candy to convulse as it reaches the depths of her womb.

"She was very attractive, actually, this clerk -- long red hair, firm little boobies, and her arse," he pauses to gather his thoughts, "her arse was a thing of beauty; finely sculpted and tight. Oh, it looked so tight, slut, you wouldn't believe."

Sir reaches down to tap the plug still buried in Candy's arse before continuing, "Unlike some slut's arse hole that now is stretched and loose, eh?" Candy groans as the taps on the plug send vibrations back towards the toy in her pussy. As the vibrations meet, they seem to merge inside her before swirling outwards, making every nerve in her body come alive.

"She was so good looking, in fact, my slut, that I shall probably think of her while I fuck you."

Candy opens her mouth so Sir can fuck her face again, but he laughs at her.

"It's no good offering you mouth to me, you silly girl. It's all dirty, and I don't want to play with dirty toys. Oh no, I have something else in mind."

Sir moves up between Candy's legs; she is confused. Her arse is full of plug, and her pussy is stuffed with the vibrator. What could Sir be planning? Candy gets her answer, and it hurts. Slowly, Sir pushes his engorged cock into Candy's pussy, above the vibrator. Candy screams; this is so much worse than Sir's four fingers. She is so much fuller; so stretched; so pained. But she feels so . . . good!

Sir sees the change in Candy's eyes, the moment when pain rolls into pleasure that as his balls slap against the butt plug in her arse. Candy cums, hard; lights flash before her eyes, and her screams of pleasure reverberate around the room. Dimly, Candy is aware of Sir slowly withdrawing until only the tip of his cock still is inside her. Then, as Sir pushes his full length back into her in one hard stroke, the lights begin to flash more brightly as Candy continues to orgasm. As Sir settles into a hard, fast rhythm, Candy continues to cum, experiencing an ever-growing, ever-expanding burst of pleasure that leaves her barely aware of anything beyond the screaming of her nerves. As Sir leans forward to take each of her nipples into his mouth, bestowing a hard suck and quick bite to each before releasing it, Candy admits the truth to herself. No one but Sir could ever love and respect her, whilst recognizing her as the wanton slut she is, and giving her the treatment she craves. Candy is staggered to recall that she met Sir only a month ago -- he was with his wife (soon also to be Candy's lover), at a pub in Canterbury when Candy showed up for a fun lunch during a boring day of work. Candy feels as if she has been Sir's forever, and Sir demonstrates an uncanny knowledge of her thoughts as he whispers, even as he goes on fucking Candy, "That's right -- cum for me, my little Candy slut. You know you have to. I want you to. And what I want, you give me. You are mine -- body, mind, and soul forever. What we have, others can't understand, but we don't need their understanding. What we have is for us, and only we matter. You are mine, and I want you to cum harder as I pump my load inside you. You will be my cum dump, and you will love it. Won't you?"

Candy's only reply is to cum harder, and harder, and harder. As Candy's pussy milks and squeezes Sir's cock against the vibrator, he explodes inside her, pumping his thick, hot cum straight to her pussy. The sudden rush of liquid heat inside Candy pushes her once more to new heights of passion and, for the second time that night, she passes out, taking with her Sir's words: "You are mine . . . mine . . . MINE!"
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3 years ago
Shut your fucking whore mouth
3 years ago
Not my "thing" BUT this has given me the beginning of an understanding of it for close to the first time.You made it educational for me,thanks.
4 years ago
very good start
4 years ago
Great introductory chapter - thanks - I can hardly wait to read part two!