A Slut's punishment

Originally written for me on Literotica. Hope you enjoy x

Petra Agnes Johnson was tied up, laying on her belly, on the bed.

Her legs were spread wide, bent at the knees, held open by the bar that was tied across her ankles. Her arms were stretched out behind her and her wrists were also bound to her ankles.

The final rope was looped through a hook on the collar around her neck, pulling her head upwards so she stared straight ahead. Her body was positioned so her full, ripe tits were hanging over the edge of the bed, her nipples slowly stiffening in anticipation of what was to come. She shivered with a mixture of fear and excitement, feeling the pig tails Sir had insisted that she tied her hair on to, before he had bound her, move softly against her face.

She heard his footsteps approach.

As he moved in to the room she was once again caught out by the fact that he looked so... well soft. Overweight and generally smiling, a kind loving man with heart that matched his waistline, she sometimes couldn't believe that Sir lived in there or that he was let out to play as and when it suited them and at other times effortlessly held back. But she was glad that he did, and she could see from the hard set of his face that Sir was certainly in charge now!

She noticed that he was hiding something behind his back and just had a time to wonder what it was before he spoke.

"Slut, what have I told you about emailing the Janitor?"

She felt panic rise within her. This was going to piss him off! She had asked him to deal with her sad, bitter ex (though ex was going a little far, they had only ever been online lovers at best) but she had, in a moment of weakness replied to one of his emails recently. And now, she knew, she was going to pay for the moment of weakness. Still, she tried to defend herself.

"Sorry Sir, I was just..."

He cut her off with a wave of his hand.

"Sorry Sir," he mimicked in a whiny voice, "It's just that I am so fucking stupid I can not do as I am told!" His voice hardened again.

"I have told you, that sad pathetic little man is of no concern to you. You will not humour him by replying to his c***dish rants. All that does is make him believe that he is getting to you. Which he's not. He can do nothing to you that you have not already done to yourself many, many times over and it really is quite funny that he is so obsessed that he keeps trying to create fake profiles for you on swinger sites, not understanding that all the effort he puts in can be undone with one two line email. And that you don't even send the emails - I do! So it has no effect on you what so ever!"

"But you replied to him and so now you must be punished."

Petra tried to reply, but didn't have a chance to get the words out before the first blow from the cane he had hidden behind her back landed on her exposed arse.

"AAAhhhhhhh!" She cried out, "Please Sir I won't....."

The rest of the sentence was lost in her cry of pain as the cane whipped downwards again. He settled in to a steady rhythm, whipping and spanking her arse with his bamboo cane until the tears ran freely from her eyes and her arse was criss crossed with red welts.

He paused, breathing slightly heavily.

"Normally that would do for you punishment slut, but you have been a bad girl, a very bad girl and you think you deserve more punishment, don't you?"

Sobbing, held so firmly and open to him by the ropes she knew that she couldn't resist him even if she wanted to. And more than that, she did deserve it. She had let him down and made an irritating situation just a little bit more irritating. For letting him down and irritating him, she deserved whatever punishment he deemed fit.

"Yes Sir, I do deserve more. Please punish me Sir. Please show this unworthy slut the error of her ways."

He flashed her a pleased smile and bent to kiss her hard on the lips, with a passion the left her breathless.

"Good girl. Your punishment begins.... now."

He brought his arm around and upwards, a bit like he was throwing an uppercut. The cane flashed in front of her eyes on its short sharp journey to her exposed breasts.

Fire exploded within her as the blow landed right across her left nipple and she screamed out in the agony of it. In the joy of it.

"Please Sir, more Sir. Teach this worthless whore the error of her ways. Please Sir, PLEASE!"

And he did.

He spanked her tits with the cane, hard. She knew she would carry the bruises of his displeasure and she welcomed them. She would be a better, more loyal slut in the future.

Suddenly, he threw the cane to the floor and stepped in front of her breathing heavily. Reaching down, her grabbed her pigtails in one hand and pulled her head back even further than it was already stretched, the other hand went to his trousers and released his already hard, fat cock.

She opened her mouth, ready for him. Smiling through her tears. Even when she disappointed him she excited him, that was the mark of a good slut.

He thrust his hips forward and drove his while length down her throat to his balls rested on her chin. As he entered her she felt a surge of warmth flood from her pussy and through to he belly.

"My God," she thought, her mouth full of cock, "he's going to make me cum by whipping me and fucking my face!"

And he did.

As he fucked her face, sometimes thrusting with his hips, using her mouth as a cunt, sometimes keeping still and using the pig tails to guide her head up and down his cock while he kept still the pleasure grew and grew within her till as he cried out and thrust his cock as far down her throat as he could go, his dick expanding as it pumped a huge amount of cum straight down her throat and in to her belly, she came with him, stars exploding in front of her eyes making it hard for her to concentrate on swallowing the vast quantities of cum being pumped in to her. Cum and drool ran from her mouth and down her face and she started to blackout both from the intensity of her orgasm had the fact that the cock in her throat was making breathing difficult.

Finally he released her and she gasped in big lungfuls of air.

"That was very, very good slut. You really are a natural born cock sucker. And what a slut! Cumming from being whipped and face fucked? Only a true whore can achieve that!"

"Unfortunately, you have disappointed me again. That's my cum running down your face and dripping on to the floor and you know that is to important for a cheap whore like yo to waste even a drop."

She actually smiled as he reached once more for the cane. He would teach her in the end. She would be a good slut, the perfect slut. She would be is slut. Sirs Special Girl.

She just needed a little more teaching...
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2 years ago
I agree with them all, but, I want more clarity also. I would also like to see more please
2 years ago
okay lots of potential for a serial but clarity please! Is Mister the cuddly soft sadist kept in a room to be let out to play and sometimes with restraint? I am so lost so I couldn't get into why he is domming...every good sub (and I pretty damn good one) knows you need to connect with the dom. Come on step up and keep the serial coming...
2 years ago
This is a fantastic story. It really shows the intense relation between a Sir and His slut.
3 years ago
3 years ago
The story is incredible, I enjoyed it greatly!!!
4 years ago
that was very well written - and turned me on quite unexpectedly x
4 years ago
A marvellous story - I really enjoyed reading it.

5 Xs and a plea for more - this is good stuff!

4 years ago
very good