Bit of me in the beginning, skip toward the end if your looking for just the sex part.

It amazes me the beauty that nature brings to the table without even trying. From the awesome power of the sun as it sets and rises to the sensuality of woman's body to the gentle dance of plants as the breeze pushes the waves plants from side to side. As I gaze upon with excitement as the sun sets over the lake; colors of orange, yellow, and red within the center and streaks of purple and blue on the edges. I feel warmth even as I know the cold transformation of day to night will bring a slight breeze across the cool lake with a tickling chill, my adventures for the evening just beginning.

I spend almost every nights beginning here, watching the sun set, reflecting on my day. New friends, old friends, the company of those past, and the company of the person I am sharing this view with. I find such value in my interactions throughout a day. I feel compelled to close each of those with a thought at the end of my day. Something to help me remember those that have come into my life again or anew. It seems strange for me to have these views and thoughts, it is not within my overall personality to be so sentimental. Is that personality a front on to many occasions? Some people would think so but I am really am who I am, from the whatever to deep caring, I assign value to everyone, I guess this is my avenue to work that out. Those that care and respect me get the world from me, those that think I am a toilet to be shit on get what they get, everyone else gets a place in the middle.

So tonight as I reflect on a new but somewhat trying friendship hot and then cold and then gone and then back again. The problem with value is that it often changes with the stroke of a moment especially when things are so new. The discussions are matter of fact all the way to intense and deeply personal. Where do I assign value, is there a value to be set, does it even make sense to set value here, now. It is a young friendship or maybe it is like that person you meet at the bar who could be your best friend if it wasn't for the fact you would never see them again.

Time has left many wounds for me in the interrelationship thought process, some have basically vanished other than memories, others have scabbed over and are healing, but a few have left me with scars on my mind. Scars on my hands, fingers, and forearms have insured that I don't do certain things as I make repairs anymore. The scar on my neck and forearms have lead me to stay out of certain neighborhoods. The tree branch, the dry spot of pavement, the near miss with a truck, the pain I wake up with every morning remind me to drive down paths a bit slower than my youth... I have learned in the physical world that safety is a factor if I want to continue to enjoy sunrises each morning. For the mental side of life I have also learned to set up certain safety factors so that I may enjoy my sunrises. The new person; do I set a value, do I enjoy the freedom that unearned trust gives me in conversation (I don't lie and I don't embellish, life is exciting enough), do I share part of me in hopes that things grow? I have decided long ago that a certain level of open trust and risk is required to enjoy the fruits of life. Not much fun sitting on your couch watching your four walls and the world go by on TV. For me TV is filled with lies and therefore has no value. I prefer to be out enjoying all that I can feel, hear, taste, touch, smell, and sense. I enjoy the exploration of life and the comforts of the familiar, to do this though I continue through life but with a little more caution than in my youth. I have learned to protect my heart and my mind. I still enjoy the new, still enjoy the friendship, still enjoy the physical interaction of the senses. I am willing to give of me but only to a limit someone is willing to return to me. Yes I will go first if it is give and take, I am willing to make that step, I have many talents I am willing to share. I know the types of people most likely to cause me issue so I stay away from them. I step a bit more cautiously and with a bit less enthusiasm. I find that I am good in my place. Through all of the lessons I have learned to protect myself I still go out, albeit with a bit less risk and a bit more protected, to insure that I may enjoy the lifetime that I have been given.

As the tiny waves make their crash to the beach my mind clears from my reflections. I feel the slightest of breezes cooling my skin as the sun fades over the horizon. I take a few steps and place my arms around her from behind sharing a bit of warmth. In my youth I was always fumbling where to put my arms where I didn't offend her boob space, now I don't even notice other than her gentle sway that causes them to rub across then inside of my forearms. I pull her in a bit tighter and her sway moves us from side to side ever so slightly. The motion is rhythmic and flows to the sounds of the music from the bar off in the distance. There are a few other couples roaming the beach and a group of older teens playing near the water. I feel the intensity of the night rising in me, today will most likely be my only shot ever to enjoy her physically. A business trip to my neck of the woods afforded us this time to meet. Her chin in my hand now I spin her a bit keeping my other arm around her and lift her head a bit while I move down and we share our first kiss as my fingers brush across her face and run through her hair and I apply a touch of pressure to her back as my hands meet up at the small of her back. The spot just above her shorts, right above her butt is warm to my gentle touch. I can feel the 'oh shit' in her as she tenses through the first few seconds and then her body relaxes as our lips explore each others. My hand from the small of back moves up to catch her raven hair between my fingers pulling it away from our faces so that it doesn't interfere with the moment, but adds to it. The slow brushing of my hand across her face and through her hair ads to the intensity of the long awaited moment. Her tongue moves to find mine and she begins to sway to the music of a song coming from the bar without breaking from the kiss. It isn't about the music, it is about brushing her body against mine, it is about learning whether I have rhythm and motion, that which will make this one night a pleasurable memory or a 'what the fuck was I thinking' moment in her life. She tests the waters finding different little subtle ways of testing what I have to offer, should this night continue forward or stay where it is. As the last of the light from the sunset fades over the horizon we begin a stroll down along the cool wet sand, my arm around her waist, moving from the small of her back to her hip and then back. My other hand holding hers loosely, until I pull her over for another quick kiss.

It is mine for the taking at this point, I enjoy the loss of the question and enjoy the beginning of exploration. When we arrive back at the bar we enjoy the final act of the band with a few more drinks. I can feel the intensity in her as she sings along with band rubbing her ass across my cock every other swing of her hips to the beat. I notice the looks of the other guys as she moves across the bar to the ladies room. It is nice to see that she, dressed as a lady, still gets looks from the boys surrounded by little tramps in shorts with their asses hanging out the back and tits flying out of the scoop necks of their shirts. There is so much more said with less flesh hanging out. As the song goes “lady in the streets, freak in the bed”, there is no worse feeling for a guy than when he walks down the street and people look at him like how much for the ho. As a dominant I am questioned why I don't use words like whore and slut, simply because that is not what I want to be associated with, I have an expectation that my 'lady' will be recognized as just that. The return trip to me turns as many heads, it is good to see that a woman doesn't need to have it all hanging out to be seen especially since she will be in my arms tonight. When she arrives before me she stops, a bit of disappointment on a few boys faces as they turn their sites on others. She looks up into my eyes as my gaze focuses back onto her alone. She reaches up and kisses me before turning around and returning her ass to my cock again. I reach over and grab her new drink from the table next to us, bringing it over her shoulder, my arm over hers as she grabs it with her other hand and my other arm comes up underneath that arm, my hands meeting and pulling her close.

The last set ends as the dance music comes on and she locks sights with a blond walking past us. I smile and whisper in her ear that as much fun as that could be my time is for her alone tonight. She gives me the pouty eyes and I simply reply you don't need to go to the mountains I'm happy here on the hills tonight. She smiled and lead me back to the beach. We walked along the edge with our feet getting wet from the sand and the occasional unruly ripple of water. No blanket in hand but knowing what she is getting at I lead her around the thin sand line that protrudes from the cliff lines that surround the bay the bar is in. When we get to the other side I half spin her so that I can kiss her forehead, I move my one hand from her hips to her face, brushing the hair to the side my hand moving to the back of her neck as I guide her up and forward for a kiss. Soft little kisses followed by locking my lips to hers and my tongue finding its way to hers. My hand moves from her hip to her back, the two hooks were no match for my fingers before I moved up her sleeves one at a time pulling the straps down and over her hands and reaching up the front to remove her bra to the rock shelf on the side of the cliff. She steps back a few inches and smiles as she says 'that was impressive'. My hand moves from the back of her neck to join the free hand rubbing her hips. I move my way down and back up her skirt, our lips still doing their gentle dance. The feel of her ass in my hands is erotic beyond expectations, a combination of being horny before we met up for dinner, to the kisses, the rubbing of her ass against me, and the culmination of the build all evening. My fingers loop around the waist band as my palms and other fingers caress along the ridge of her hips, tongue probing her mouth and my lips along her neck. Slowly I work them down to her knees, my toes coming up to finish the job of removal of that obstacle. I feel her hands move from my shoulders to my shorts. She loops her fingers around the waistband, her knuckles going along the tickle line at the joint between pelvis and thighs. Enough pressure to be erotic and not tickle me. I pull my sweatshirt off and spread it on the ground at the base of the cliff. I grab my protection and take care of getting that on. Being sure to stay attentive to her lips. I pull her close and work my way to the sand, my butt on the sweatshirt cushioned by sand she straddles me. The kissing begins as she moves her butt backwards and her pussy meets my cock. She wiggles a bit back and forth and slides over me. She is warm and wet inside and soft and warm against my body outside. She sits there kissing me, arms around my neck, lips against my mine. I lift our shirts her naked breasts against my chest, her lips on my neck and ears, my kisses work her shoulder, my arms keeping her close to me. The occasional ride up and down me is intense as the warmth we share continues. Our eyes lock for a few moments just sharing our stares, our hands moving across each others skin, the moon providing just the right amount of light to be hidden from view yet to see each other up close. She rocks her hips back, finding a good angle for my cock to find her most erotic of places within her. Her hips move in small circles, my lips probing her neck from front to as far back as I can reach. Finding the right pressures in the right places to illicit her response, the nibble on her ear just above the lobe sends a shiver down her spine and moan from her mouth. I stay on that spot and she intensifies her circles with a short up and down motion. She digs her nails into my chest, moving her lips to mine, her tongue meeting mine, the arch of her back, tilt of her pelvis, she found the best angle. I grab her at the top of her hips as she starts to cum, I continue the motion that she has just taught me. Her nails really start to dig which is good because the pain will get me through this moment. The minutes go by feeling somewhere between forever and a flash, as passion often does. My ass gets a bit of a chill as her wetness runs down over my balls to my ass and inside of my thighs. She looks into my eyes and whispers how much 'I suck' playfully. I reply that's her job. She begins to lift off of me saying 'ok' as I pull her back down. I move her hips in circles and up and down and she falls into the rhythm and begins her ride again. She bends down during her ride teasing my nipples with her lips before sucking and nibbling on them, each step to both nipples before moving up the intensity. Her mouth is warm her tongue intense her teeth clamping down just before pain and tugging before release. My neck and ears are her next target as she has another little O before slowing so she doesn't go over the edge yet. My moaning begins as the pain of her nails is no longer a distraction for me. The she moves back into her position with her body her lips locked on my ears and neck. I can feel the wetness increasing again and she moves her lips to mine. I grab her hips again and she puts her arms around my head and neck hands on opposite scapulae, she begins her orgasm and I take over her movements with my hands. Gliding my cock against that spot, she has an intense orgasm and I keep forcing the movements. My moaning intensifies, my body stiffens, I continue that same movements, she cums again, her lips against mine, I can feel her tear fall on to the tip of my nose as I release and she goes over the edge. I gently lay back, my head against the stone of the cliff, her body d****d over mine, as a few moments of sl**p over take me. The pain in the back of my head wakes me from my daze. I gently get her up with a few kisses on her head and a caress of her arms. The lake is soothing compared to the rock of the cliffs, her body warm to the chill of the lake in places where it meets mine......

We make our way to the truck, glad the bar is closed and empty. The smiles on our faces and the giddy behavior would give us away to even a d***k. The evening has been beautiful, to have to make the walk of shame at this point would take away from the magic. We drive to grab a coffee, some sugar and fat rings, and a much needed conventional potty break. The conversation is light and cheerful as the rain taps on the windows. The rhythm sets a tone for much needed sl**p and we drift off into a pleasant nap. I awake to her soft kisses along my jaw line, her hand in my shorts, she kisses my lips. We spend the next few minutes enjoying the back of each others throat. She smiles, that devil made me do it smile, as she heads down 'time to do my job'. I release the seat back again so I'm a bit more relaxed and she has room to do her work. Her skill level is about average but her enthusiasm is by far way ahead of the curve. Attitude is everything as they say and it doesn't take long for me to match her strokes with my breathing. As the drive-thru line begins the morning back-up no one notices or just keeps moving because they don't care. Even as the sun rises and discovery more possible, I soon forget the other drivers on their cruise past my truck brought on more by the pleasure from her, than the normality of them driving by so close. My fingers running through her hair as I reach the brink. My body becomes ridged, my fingers lock around her hair neither pulling or pushing, my back arches as she takes the last deep dive down on me and I fall over the edge. The sucking stops in favor of her tongue moving all over, her hand at the base milking me slowly as I reach the the end of my climax. That skill level is perfected, I owe her teacher a beer at least. I look at her, moving my hand to her thighs, and she waves me off 'all good'.

After finishing my trip to the restroom, I order some quick breakfast and a couple of coffees to go, while she finishes in the restroom. We enjoy conversation with our breakfast and some snuggle time after. The trip back to her rental car is quiet, the conversation intermittent and difficult. She is heading back to her hotel and then flying out in the afternoon. We enjoy the last few minutes that she has in conversation while we snuggle, her arms tighter around me than they were when our night began. A smile rises on her face as I close her door for her, one last kiss through the window before she departs. It is long and intense, I pull back through the window sad she is leaving yet happy with the memory that I will have of this past night.

On my trip back to my place memories are getting replayed and filed. I stop at the store to get a few things for dinner that night. I enjoy her texts, smiling through the store. When I reach the registers she asks what it was that I was thinking about when we first got to the beach. I hadn't thought about explaining my ritual in years. I went through the basics without explaining the details of last night. My phone rings she wants a better explanation than texting can ever provide. As I get back to my truck I begin my explanation. I have to wait as she returns her rental car, just nice to hear her voice as she talks to the actually intelligent sounding clerk. Our conversation ends as she reaches the counter at the airport. She is crowded in as she waits for her flight but we manage through texts to finish our discussion. As her flight boards she promises to text or call when she arrives.

I finally get that text that she has arrived, it simply states 'made it back, waiting for luggage with husband, text you soon'. It will be a long night watching the sunset...
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