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Walking down the street, thinking i gotta go forbidden planet to get some comics, when i walk past this shop i normally walk past to check for those "massage" adverts in the window. I see one, and call it and esquire about prices.

So i ring, and a Eastern European female voice answers and gives me the details, and the location, and immediately my plans change and start heading to this location as its nearby. Turns out this place is a pub which she directed me to, so i call again and she said someone will be outside to meet me, and take me in, this was very random and some guy directing me to some place on the highstreet which you have to walk past some guys table who is selling various things.

So i get to the door and i only noticed this when leaving is missing a letter box which does seem weird just some rectangle whole in the door, im led up stairs where i meet Gabriella, well i assume thats her name she had it on a small chain around her neck.

She had long black hair and was wearing a pink shirt dress like top, and her nipples were poking through the shirt. We exchanged money, and she told me to undress, and told me to lay on the bed. now heres the issue, prior to going out i did have a wank (milf porn if you really need to know lol) so when she was grabbing at my cock and balls it took a while for it react, so when she was putting on the condom to blow me she then said "help me baby"

we got the condom on, and she gave me the longest blow job ive ever received at one of these "massage" places if you never been, if you pay for 30 minutes they tend to blow you for about a minute if that. she was sucking my cock for almost 10 minutes, before she asked "do you wanna fuck me baby?" of course im gonna say yes, then she moved her pink top revealing a fantastic rack slightly sagging but giving the more natural look, with big nipples, and then she continued to suck my cock, changing the tempo up every now and again, first slow, then picking up speed and then going slow again.

Then i asked if we could 69, when she said yes if i wanted to and she sat on my face and licked away at her clit, and pre wet finger rubbing against her arsehole, then she started to grind against my face while continuing to blow away at my cock, i started to finger her sliding in first one finger then two and finally three and roughly finger fucking her.

She then popped up and guided my cock into her pussy to ride me, which she did giving me a greater view of her great set of tits which i sucked on as she rode me, she proper grinded away at my cock whilst on top, till i slid out, so i stood up and got up behind her and tried to slide into her in doggy style something about a girls arse when they are bent over really gets me, she did have a fairly nice arse enough cushion for the pushin, however despite this sight my cock suddenly went a bit soft, without hesitation she turned around said shit, and started to blow me to get hard again, and then bent over again before sliding in from behind, i tap my cock furiously against her pussy which made her moan so loud and make my cock incredibly hard then i f***efully shoved my cock in her pussy and pounded away hard and fast, then slowing down a bit, her moaning that she loves it, and then i picked up the tempo again as i came, and pushed hard with every shot of cum.

Got up and got changed, found out she was from Romania when we were talking afterwards she said that our session was good, but will be better the next time. Will i go again, maybe but i doubt it given the shadyness of the location, depends how horny i get lol. Although maybe next time ill venture to soho ;) until next time

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