Streetwalker on my Road (Part 2)

I didn't think i would be writing a part two, but here goes

I was walking home from work once again, was feeling pretty hungry on the way home, so i dropped into a shop took out some cash from the cash machine and picked up a kebab, which happens to be next to a "Massage" place which i have went to once or twice... anyway i was walking home with only a £5 note in my pocket.

When i see that skinny blonde lady described in part one, was walking towards me, and she says those words to me, so i pull down the headphones and ask her to repeat the question, and she said to me "Do you want some business?" , i said "nah i dont think so tonight luv, i only got a fiver on me". To which she said "thats fine i need the money"

And she leads to me a side of a house, and she crouches down, and i unzip my trousers and pull out my cock, and she gobbles it up straight away, and starts bobbing up and down on the tip of my cock, i push her head down on my cock, as i felt her tongue ring circle around my cock head, i pulled away from her mouth and wanked my cock while her tongue flickered on the underside of the tip of my cock.

While she begged me to cum, she kept begging me to cum cause she wanted to go and piss, but each time she begged the longer it would take me to bust my nut, i pulled her up and snogged her for a bit, while i wanked my cock and then made her suck me more till i was ready to cum and i came right in her mouth, and she spat it out afterwards and then ran off to do whatever it was that she needed to do.

I pulled up my trousers did my belt, picked up my stuff and walked off in the opposite direction, and went home gave myself a proper wash.
80% (9/2)
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8 months ago
nice but short!
10 months ago
haha, did you read the other encounters on my page with essentially the same street walker
10 months ago
yeh its quite good, and most of them would do this because in actual fact they are in control by that point, however I think you should really have upped the price and give her a good poking?
1 year ago
hot story, good whore letting you cum in her mouth, yum