Streetwalkers on my road

I live in London, and occasionally on nights out stumbling home, i will get approached on the way to my house on my road, by a street walker, generally not the best looking women. They'll whisper, "do you want some business?"

Sometimes i walk by and just say no, always thinking what if its a police officer and i get arrested, not something i wanna get done for, but then there are nights when i think fuck it.

So this one night, i was just walking home from work, when i got approached, it was this skinny way past her prime blonde woman, possibly been on the meth, making her look older im gonnna say about early 40s,

She makes eye contact with me in the street as to remove my headphones, I remove my headphones, she asks "do you want some business?" i respond " What you offering?" what she says next takes me by surprise, she whispers "a Blowjob for £10 and Sex £20" and flicked her tongue at me, bringing to view that she had her tongue pieced, however this is when my inner conscience talks to me and tells me not to, and i walk away, but then 5 minutes later my cock has suddenly become the voice of reason, and start to follow her and ask her for a blow job.

This is the part that got me worried, we ended up walking a fair bit to a area which was out of sight in a residential area however the whole time this is me thinking this is the point where i get jumped by her partner and get robbed. However that didnt happen she led me towards a set of houses and near a raised bush, where we had to climb a wall to get into, where the motion sensor of the house nearby on the outside light kept going off and the light kept coming on and off.

Swapped over the money, and she got down on her the ground inside this bush and i undid my belt and unzipped and pulled out my cock, and she took me into her mouth and started to suck me, getting my cock really hard very quickly, i put my hand on her head forcing her head right down onto my cock, she took my cock out of her mouth and started to lick away at my balls whilst wanking my cock.

After a good ball licking she said, do you wanna fuck me for another fiver? i refused this offer even though afterwards i was thinking maybe i should have. But after saying no to the offer of sex, she stood up my cock still in her hand stroking it, and started to lick away at my ear, when i turned and we kissed, my tongue and her tongue deep in each others mouths, she tasted of cigarettes, when i pulled away to get a breath, i asked her if i could cum on her face, she replied no, not on my face but you can cum in my mouth, i suppose this was a better offer cant go wrong for a tenner.

Anyway she got back down onto the ground started sucking away at my cock and then as i got the urge to cum i wanked my cock shaft while my head was still in her mouth, and then let it shoot into her mouth. Im not sure if she spat or swallowed, cause after i came i was very quick to zip up my trousers and buckle my belt. As we then jokes how the fuck are we gonna get out of this bush, cause getting in there was a bit of a mission in itself.
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7 months ago
8 months ago
gr8 story!
1 year ago
What a great story and great hooker!! No better woman than a good whore!!
2 years ago
last brass i had tryd do a runner as i was taking my trousers off lol