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coach Jackson part1

It all started one day late in July mom said she was going to the store and asked me if i would like to come i told her "No" and another argument erupted, as usual when i wanted to stay around the house with Tyrell."Now i done told you" ...Mama started."That I don't want you hanging around with them twins."They are bad as hell and they always in some shit!" "They aint been right since they mama died and the daddy ain't got time to pay them no attention cause all he worry about is winning dumb ass basketball games." But "Ma" i said trying to reason..."BUT MY ASS! " mama screamed ."You been warned now don't let them be the reason that you get your ass beat ...UNDERSTAND...? "Yes ma'am " I Mumbled ."Ok well i will be back around 4 cause imma run to Aldi's first and then to moo and oink to get my meats." Mama said as she took a drag off her cigarette. "You behave and if you need anything go next door and talk to miss Carol.With that,mama turned and left. About 5 minutes later i heard a knock on the door it was Tyrell and Tyreek .As i came to the screen door Tyrell yelled through the screen "we jus seen yo mama ole mean ass leave...So is you coming outside or what?"MaPn i don't know she said she was gone whoop me " I winned." PUSSY " Tyreek yelled as he popped up from behind his b*****r "Dat bitch don't neva let you do nuttin" Tyrell finished ."Aight man let me grab my key "i told them .Good Tyreek said cause the coach told us today he was gone show us some moves! On da court.
Posted by SirRimmington 2 years ago
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