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[Story] Erotic poetry "rent boy part1"

Call me on the phone to deciede a meeting place... as long as you got the money
to blow you can fuck at your own pace... then when you are done pullout and cum
All on my face know i am a true freak so i have to get a taste.. It all started out in my prime when i was much younger...I was sitting outside on the porch this beautiful summer .i was looking at my neighbor's jail body and developed such a hunger ...his sweat ran down into the deep crack of his ass...never knew i could get so turned on watching a motherfucker.. cut some grass...six foot tall ,lightskinned and played ball ... Continue»
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coach Jackson part1

It all started one day late in July mom said she was going to the store and asked me if i would like to come i told her "No" and another argument erupted, as usual when i wanted to stay around the house with Tyrell."Now i done told you" ...Mama started."That I don't want you hanging around with them twins."They are bad as hell and they always in some shit!" "They aint been right since they mama died and the daddy ain't got time to pay them no attention cause all he worry about is winning dumb ass basketball games." But "Ma" i said trying to reason..."BUT MY ASS! " mama screamed ."You been warn... Continue»
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