Meeting my slave friend

I´m going to tell you about when I visited a slave women I know.
This story is true so maybe somebody would like it to be something different or more hardcore but I decided to not change anything.

We talked a little bit about what was going to happen but decided not to decide everything before, so it wouldn´t be boring.

Helene was a bit older than me or 39. She wasn’t thin like a supermodel but she had a good looking body and long blonde hair and she took good care of herself and was shaved in her private parts.

We met in a BDSM club and had the facilities for ourselves.

I came before her and waited for her to come.

As she walked into the door I became excited.

She had red shirt and blue jeans on, just some every day clothes.

She was not allowed to speak until I spoke to her. She just stood there.

I told her to take her shirt and her bra off.
Then I took her jeans off and told her to remove everything else.

I’m not used to be very strict, except when I’m making videos with friends, but that’s another thing because then I’m acting. She asked me to be strict in this session. I’ve only played once before with her and that wasn’t serious, just a little spanking and anal.
This was going to be special.

I grabbed her boobs and rubbed them gently. Then I touched her ass and spread the cheeks a bit and let my finger gently on her butthole but didn’t put it in.

“Now go to the bed and lay on your stomach” I told her.

I took a rectal thermometer and a jar of Vaseline and walked to the bed.

“I’m going to take your temperature” I said.

I opened the jar of Vaseline and dipped the thermometer in. It made a nice hole that fitted perfectly in with the other holes.
I took a toilet paper and let some Vaseline on it and put on the thermometer, just so the Vaseline would be perfect and not too much and not too little.

I spread her cheeks and gently inserted the thermometer.

I waited few seconds and the put the thermometer further up her great looking asshole.
She liked it.

She laid there and said nothing. She didn’t turn her head to me but after 1 minute a told her to do so.

It was little embarassing for her just laying there naked with a thermometer up her ass and me looking at her.

After 3 minutes I said: Time is up but you’ll leave it in for two more minutes.

I walked to her in put the thermometer further up her anus.
She was relaxed but the thermometer can always slip a little bit out of the ass so I made sure it wouldn’t go out. It should always be deep in the ass but not too deep of course.

“Time’s up” I said.

I spread her cheeks and removed the thermometer slowly. She had 37,1, that’s just normal.
She liked it more when I took the thermometer out then she did when I inserted it.

“The thermometer is clean so I don’t have to whip you for not being clean enough I think”.

She wasn’t allowed to take an enema before our meeting but of course she was supposed to be well showered and clean but nothing special.

“I have one Microlax (a suppository) I’m going to give you”. “ It will help clean you up”.

I gave her the suppository. At first, it came out because I didn’t help it enough but the second try I let my finger follow and fingered her for few seconds.

“It will work within 15 minutes”. “You don’t go to the toilet until you have my permission”.

I started to give her a massage. I touch her ass gently and put one finger into her vagina.

After about 6 minutes she began to move a bit more and I told her that she had to hold herself.

3 minutes later I told her that she could go to the toilet.

She walked slowly to the toilet.
“Close the door” I ordered.

I wasn´t interested in seeing her doing her thing at the toilet.

Few minutes later she came out and she asked if she could have one more, then she would be fine.

I told her that she should give herself the suppository.

“Kneel down in the bed so I can see your ass and then put it in and don’t let it slip out”.

She did as told and after another visit to the toilet I told her that she should take a quick shower.

She came back after about 8 minutes and I said to her:
“I think I will spank you now”.

I sat down in bed and told her to get over my knees.
I started spanking her and she liked it.
I started gently and was only using my hand.

I spread her cheeks and looked at her ass. Just amazing.

I began to spank her little harder, still only using my hand and always spanking one cheek and then the other.

I spanked her harder and harder en could hear see definitely felt it.

A began to spank her over both cheeks at the same time and spanked her very fast and hard. She enjoyed it.

I rubbed her cheeks and felt her wet vagina. I put one finger in and fingered her for few seconds.
Then I began to finger her anally.
I fingered her slowly and she liked it a lot.

I stopped and began to spank her and didn´t remove my finger from her ass.
I spanked her and grabbed her ass and rubbed it. I fingered her faster and spanked her.

I removed my finger and told her to get a hairbrush.

She came back with a wooden hairbrush and I told her to lay on the stomach in bed and start spank herself.

She did as told and I got to the table where most of the toys are and took anal beads and a tube of KY gel.

“Stop spanking yourself”.

“Give me your hand”.

I put a little bit of KY gel on her middle finger.

“Put the finger in your ass and start finger yourself”.

I watched her and then told her to insert the first bead in her ass, and gave her the tube of the KY, just if she needed more but the beads weren´t very big but nothing she could insert quickly (without hurting herself).

“Now get over my knee” I said.

I moved the beads in circles and then hit her left asscheek very hard with the hairbrush.

“Aah” she said.
I hit the other cheek very hard and than spanked her 4 times more on each cheek.

I put other anal bead in her ass and spanked her more with the hairbrush.

Then I put the last 3 in her ass, nice and slowly.
Then I spanked her like 10 times on each cheek and she was in pain and pleasure at the same time.

I slowly removed 3 anal beads and told her to remove the rest, very slowly and I told her to finger her in her pussy while she removed the anal beads.

I watched her enjoying herself and then told her to put the toys in place.

“Go the bed and let pillow under your stomach so you are well relaxed”.

I got to bed and gently started to touch her ass and rubbed it. It was red and sore and she shaked a little when I touched it.

I put my middle finger into her anus and started finger her very gently.

Few seconds later I put another finger in and fingered her, slowly but moved the finger a lot and checked her ass well out.

I put more KY gel on her ass and then I put my dick in.

I only put a little bit and took it out very soon.
I fingered her more and then I put my dick in, very slowly and gently.
I took it out very slowly and then I put it in again.

I kept it for few seconds and then I took it out but just a little bit and then I put it all the way in again.

I did it few times and took it more out and let it in again, very gently because I don´t like to hurt women in anal sex.
They are supposed to enjoy it and she was definitely enjoying it.

After I had warmed her up for few minutes I started to fuck her faster.

I spanked her on her left cheek and after I had fucked her for I while I put my dick as far as I could up her lovely and juicy ass and I came and she was screaming in pleasure:

Aaaaah, aaaaaah, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

I took my dick out and removed the condom.

She layed there and I watched her. I spread her asscheeks and took good look of her amazingly good looking asshole. That´s something I just love.

I kissed both her asscheeks and told her to come to shower with me.

In the shower I told her to clean me.
She grabbed a soap and started cleaning me.
She kissed my nipples and grabbed my dick and rubbed it.

She got down to her knees and started licking my balls but only for like 20 seconds.

She turned me around and soaped my back and started on my ass.

She rubbed my ass whilst she soaped it and then she spread me cheeks and soaped that area and she asked if she could put one finger in.

“Not now” I said.

“Your ass is just the sexiest ass I´ve ever seen”, “please let me do something” she said.

“Can I lick it”? she asked?

I had never been asslicked before but I was loving playing with her and I like to try new things so I said yes.

She started and it was weird but when she grabbed my dick and started rubbing it I started to like it.

I was a little embarrassed and she put a piece of her tongue in my ass and then she put one finger, as far as she could, up my ass and I was a little shamed but I loved it.

She was pleasing my dick with one hand and fingered me and she twisted her finger gently and it was very pleasant and she bite my ass cheeks, not hard and nothing I had tried before but I was loving what she was doing.

I came again and then I washed her quickly and we got into bed.

We just layed there and I touched her and she looked at me, smiled and said:

Great you loved what I did. I just love your ass. Little and cute and the whole ass is gorgeous, not just your cute little cheeks.

“Thank you but we have to finish the last part of our game” I said.

“Yeeeah, I was thinking, maybe we should do it next time” she said.

"No we do it now" I said.

I saw she was little scared.
She should be.
I was going to cane her.

"Take to pillows and put under you" I said.

Her ass was high up in the air but her body was also relaxed.

"Because you fingered me in shower, without me saying yes to it, I am going to cane you 10 times with this cane.

I was holding a cane, the same that was used in schools in Scandinavian countries before it was banned.
It´s not thick so you are supposed to hit few times. Then it will be more embarrassing for the person who receives the punishment.

"You don´t touch your ass". "I´m going to cane you hard and fast and you count each stroke and if you haven´t count the stroke when the next stroke comes then you will get 2 extra strokes".

I started and she did as told.
After stroke number 9 I waited.
Then I hit har as fast as I could.

"Ah ah oh aah" she screamed.

She did well by not touching her ass so she wasn´t going to get any extra strokes.

Not with this cane.

"Are you ok" I asked her.

"Yes" she said but she was very calm and she definitely had been in pain during the caning.


"Then we will finish this game by the last caning".

"Ok but be gentle" she said.

"Like we talked about I´m going to give you six of the best so I can´t do that gentle".

"Are you sure you want to finish now" I asked.

"No lets finish this but do you have anything to put on my behind" she asked.

"Yes I have aloe vera gel here" I said.

"Ok, then let´s finish it" she said.

She went to the toilet and came back in a very sexy school uniform.

I was holding a new cane, much thicker than the other.

"Bend over the table" I said.

"Raise your skirt up and pull down your underpants".

I walked to her and told her to put her hand at the end of the table.

Then I took one anal bead that had been removed from the rest of the beads and put in her ass. Of course it was something for me to grab so I could remove the bead.

"You count every stroke and follow that by: Thank you sir for helping me correcting my behavior."

"You don´t remove your hand out of position when I cane you.
If you don´t do as told you will get much severe punishment next time and of course plus 2 extra strokes for every time you don´t do as told".


"Yes sir" she said.

I spread her legs apart but not much and the first stroke came.



She always hold her position but she moved her legs and you could see her vagina and asshole few times and it was very sexy spanking.

She had few tears after the spanking but she was ok and I put her in bed and put aloe vera on her ass.

Her ass had very good stripes on it and after we had talked for a while and decided to be in contact again.

16 days later she sent me email and told me that the marks were gone and we decided to meet and plan our next game.
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3 years ago
replace the cane with a flogger and I'd love to experience this whole story!!!!!
3 years ago
just so so but have read worse
3 years ago
Tak, fordi du skriver om dine oplevelser ...
3 years ago
eh boring
3 years ago
pretty good, spnking is not my thing do... but the first part of the story is very nice!!!