shagging my mates mum

This is something I never would have even dreamed about happening. It was not something you think about happening it just happens but when it does you feel like the luckiest man alive. So it starts off by the time I had to visit a house to price up a job for me and my dads building company. I remember reading the name on the address and it sounded familiar to me.

So I went to the house late one afternoon, I will call her Mrs D because i cant give the name away. Anyway I knocked on the door and Mr D answered and I went in, it was just a normal job, they wanted some work doing in their garden, a wall building and a new patio. Now I knew that these were the parents of Tommy, a lad who I had gone to school with, we had left school 2 years ago, I was'nt that close to Tommy but he was a mate of sorts.

Anyway they were not short of money and the house was big, with a hot tub in the garden and flash cars on the drive. Mr D showed me what needed doing, i cant say i took that much notice of Mrs D but I suppose I did think she was a nice looking woman, i did notice that she had big breasts, she was'nt wearing anything revealing but they looked big under her top. SHe had light brown hair, she was quite small, about 5'6, but she had an hour glass figure.

So job priced up and I went home, and we were going back the next week to start it. First day on the job and me and me Dad were working, and Mrs D had told us that morning that Mr D would not be around, we got the impression all wasnt well. Mrs D was would leave the house in the morning and return in the afternoon. Well on the 2nd or 3rd day my dad left the job early to go and look at another job we had going on.

It was this day when she first seduced me, my dad had gone and i was out the back on the digger, it was mid afternoon, Mrs D came out and asked me if i wanted a drink. I said yes politely, and she walked back to the house, then about a minute later i looked round and she waved me over to the house. I went into the house, and she gave me a cold drink. Then we chatted, it was then i realised that maybe she was tying to seduce me. She was wearing a skirt and a blouse, quite smart, but the top buttons were undone to reveal a big cleavage that i couldnt help staring at.

So as we chatted she was leaning on a chair, and now I was thinking no surely not, shes married and im half her age. But then the topic of conversation changed to did i have a girlfriend, which i didnt at the time. THen she told me shed had a massive argument with her husband, hed cheated on her and she found out. Ok i thought so now maybe she wants to get revenge on her husband. Well i thought i dont mind at all as i was thinking i want to fuck her, I could see she had an amazing body.

She moved over to me, i was sweating anyway from being outside, but now my heart was thumping, she kissed me and as she did her hand stroked along my back to my bum. She was an amazing kisser, now she was moving her hand towards my cock, my cock was going stiff and she rubbed her hand on my jeans, she could feel i was hard.

By now I had my hands all over her, i felt under her skirt, she had a thong on, and i felt her bum, it felt amazing, all the time my cock was going so hard. She took my hand and took me upstairs, I thought what if someone comes back, i asked her, she said her husband wont be back, i said well weve got an hour untill my dad is back. So we hurried and she took me into a big master bedroom. Now i was rushing with adrenalin, we stood kissing and then i began to undo her blouse, every button my hands were shaking, she was so cool. I took off her blouse, she was wearing a white bra, now i saw how big her breasts were, and as she took her bra off i got to see they were massive, ok they werent pert but she was 42. I didnt care, they were lovely and big with nice nipples that were stiff as i licked them.

By now i had took my t shirt off and she had pulled my jeans down and boxers, she was massaging my cock. She was talking dirty to me all the time, now she stepped out of her skirt, she was just wearing a lacey thong now, she had an amazing body, i took off her thong, she stepped out of it, and i saw her nice pussy now, she was well groomed, just had a landing strip. I fingered her wet cunt, it was'nt really tight, but quite good for her age. She moaned as i slid my fingers up her and she grabbed my cock harder. Then she bent down and put her lips around my stiff cock and then gave me a good blow job, but I wanted to fuck her. I asked her if she had condoms, no need she said im on the pill, that was enough.

I knew that if she carried on i would cum so i told her, and she smiled, i suppose she was enjoying this because i was half her age at least. It was like some dream, here i was in the house of a old school classmate with his mum and she was about to give me the best sex ever. She lay on the bed and we carried on kissing, but i soon slid my cock into her wet pussy, i just guided it in and she sighed as it went into her deep. My biggest regret was Id had a wank that morning and knew my cumload would not be that big. But I didnt care as i started thrusting my cock into her.

At this point i was still on edge, i thought of how much trouble i could get myself into, but that quickly went away when she turned over and pushed me down on the bed. She now sat up and then moved down, she guided my cock into her with her hand, the feeling of pleasure was amazing as she then began riding me, i was really amazed at this woman, she was so sexually experienced, she was amazing. As she rode me those big breasts were hanging down and in my face, i held them, kissed them, i was in heaven. Needless to say i didnt last long, I had never experienced a woman like this, and about about 2 minutes I cummed hard, it was amazing, i thrust deep into her one last time. She lay on top of me panting and then kissed me again.

She got off my cock, cum dripping from my japs eye, she then sucked it off, it then started to go floppy and i pulled my foreskin back over the helmet. SHe lay down for a second and we chatted, I didnt know if she had cum or not, but i had a sudden feeling that if i didnt make her cum then it would be awful and she would think im just a boy. So i then performed cunilingus on her, wrong order i know but i didnt care that i had to taste some of my cum in her pussy, it was a great taste anyway, now she really was moaning, and she guided me, and then i felt it, she let out a groan, and a squirt of her cum gushed onto my tongue. Well now at least i had pleasured her, and she had quite an orgasm, i was pleased with myself.

As we both stood up and got dressed i took another look at her amazing body in her lingerie, i was so turned on i wanted to fuck her again but that would have to wait. We both went downstairs and then i looked at the clock, it had only lasted 15 minutes, the whole encounter, i was amazed, it felt like hours had gone by. I finished my drink and then she made it clear that this would not be the last time we would enjoy this passionate sex.

I went out and carried on working, my head in an absolute daze, thinking about what just happend. I thought about all those years when i was just a k** and she was fucking her husband, what a lucky bastard, and he went and cheated on her, well thats my gain, now I had had the pleasure of having those breasts in my face and her cunt filled with my cock.

We finished the job in 3 weeks, i managed to fuck her 3 other occasions on the job, but we carried on for another 2 months, i would go around when she called me. But then one day she told me she was getting back with her husband, she was really kind though and told me she had enjoyed some great sex and that whoever i end up with is a lucky girl.
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4 years ago
excellent, much like y 1stt me with my best friends mum!