the night my auntie saw me naked

This is a true story, something that happend when i was 19 years old. I was staying at my cousins house one mid winters night. We had been playing 5 a side football down at the local recreation club and had returned home. It was about 8 o clock in the evening and we got back and I was all sweaty from football.

So i went to have a shower, i wen to the room i was staying in to get my clothes ready to take into the bathroom and then took my stuff to the bathroom with my towel. The problem was that the key had gone from the lock and that was the only way to lock it. My other cousin who was only 3 years old at the time was always taking things and he would take the keys out of the doors.

Oh well i got undressed and did feel a bit uneasy as i knew there were people around, my auntie was in her bedroom across the hallway with my cousin. Anyway i got in the shower and turned it on, i was just getting used to the nice warm water o my skin and i thought about having a quick wank as normally its the best place when staying with guests.

I rubbed my cock, i already had a semi hardon, my balls were so heavy as i hadnt had a wank in a few days. Then i heard my little cousin outside the door calling my name. Oh shit i though and stopped wanking, it felt wrong, then i couldnt believ it he opened the door of the bathroom. The shower cubicle was literally opposite the door, so i could be seen easily.

THen i heard my auntie calling from the bedroom to my cousin, he was laughing cause i was in the shower naked. I didt kow what to do, i thought should i get out and close it, im more visible then. He kept running to the bedroom and then coming back laughing. My auntie could obviously hear what was going on and asked him to close the door ad leave me.

But he didnt so i though right the only way is for me to do it, so i opened the shower cubicle door and as there was no point in walking to the other side of the bathroom to get my towel i just stepped forward to close the door. As i did my auntie was coming out of her room into the hallway to tell my cousin off for being naughty. She looked towards me in shock, i had quite a semi hardon as id been a bit turned on knowing she was there.

Water droplets dripped from my half retracted foreskin, the helmet and japs eye just visible my black hairy pubes glistening with water. I made no effort to cover up, there was no point, it wasn't a big deal. There was a spilt second where we made eye contact and she looked at me, she apologised and picked up my cousin and I closed the door.

I had the rest of my shower in peace and had no problem beating one off thinking about what had happend. She must have seen my cock and after all those years when i saw her naked when i was a k** she saw me a fully grown man naked.
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Sooooooooo Wtf Ya Didn't Even Slip Her The Meat Or What Dude Hell i would have Breeding Away Lol
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Thanks for sharing