changing room voyeur experience

This is a true story.

This happened when I was 15 years old, I was shopping with my parents and with my cousin. We were so bored and we were in a department store. We had to wait for our parents who were looking around the clothes section.

Me and my cousin then decided to go near the womens changing rooms. It was the type where you could see in a gap at the side. I watched as the busy area was full of women. I saw one woman who was gorgeous, she was in her 30's blonde and she was holding a dress in the que.

I started getting excited, she moved into the changing room and me and my cousin were still stood there pretending to be waiting for someone. I saw the blonde woman take off her tight jeans to reveal a nice white lacey thong. Then she took off her blouse to show a white bra. she did'nt take that off though. As she turned i caught a glimpe of her dark bush through the lacey knickers, so she was'nt a natural blonde.

I then suddenly saw her look through the gap and i looked her in the eye, we quickly ran off as her husband was outside. But I had that image of her in her lingerie in my head and wanked myself silly later that day.
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10 months ago
nice experience... had the same experience as well... no nipple shots though...
1 year ago
Good shot! I always have to look, too! Never saw any naked breasts, I think.
3 years ago
That brought back memories
4 years ago
great story! I've had the pleasure of catching dressing room flash as well!
4 years ago
very nice