Cum On Over

Hanging out on the couch watching tv, I hear a knock at the door. When I answer the door your standing there. Earlier I had called you and told you to come over cause I wanted to suck your dick. "Hey, come on in." You walk in and I shut the door. You ask me if I want to hang out first or just get straight to business. I give you my answer by backing you up against the wall.

I slowly move down to my knees, running my hands down your chest and stomach. When I reach your belt, I undo it and then work on the zipper. Then I pull your pants down to your knees. I start to massage your cock over your boxers, your starting to get hard for me and that gets me hard. I grab your waistband of your boxers and pull them down.

Your half hard cock is now on display for me. I begin to salivate as I run my hand over your cock. As you watch me feel and caress your cock it makes you harder. I feel you grow in my hand. I move my hand down to massage your balls. I can't wait to get those in my mouth.

I start to stroke your cock. Watching your face as I slowly move my hand up and down along your hard shaft. You push your hips against my hand, wanting me to stroke faster, but I won't let you take control. As I slowly stroke you, I begin to lick the head of your cock. My tongue swirls around the rim of your head. Then I take your head into my wet mouth. I gently suck on the head as I stroke you. My tongue continues to swirl around and around.

I know you want more and I'm planning to give it to you. I move my hand away and take you deeper into my mouth. I can almost get you all the way in. When I put you all the way in my mouth you breath a sigh of releif. I then pull you out of my mouth and drive you back in. I love the way your cock fills my mouth. I hold your hips against the wall so I can suck your dick. You watch your cock move in and out of my mouth. My lips wrapped tight around your shaft.
Your cock begins to glisten with my saliva. I move to massage your balls while I blow you. I squeeze and fondle your warm balls, giving them a gentle tug.

After sucking your cock for a while I take you out of my mouth and move down to suck on your balls. You part your legs as best as you can to give me more access. I move up underneath you and begin to lick your balls. My warm tongue slides over your sac. I take one of your balls into my mouth to suck on. I work your ball around in my mouth and then I move to the other one.

While I work your balls over with my mouth, I unzip my pants and pull my cock out. I begin to stroke myself. You grab your cock and stroke yourself as well. I continue to suck and lick your balls, moving deeper in to lick your taint while you jack-off.

Still stroking my dick, I take your cock back into my mouth. I can taste the little bit of salty precum dripping out of your cock. I know you'll cum soon. I pull you out and you ask me why I stopped. "I want you to fuck my mouth and then cum in it." You get a big ole grin across your face.

I take you back into my mouth. You run your fingers into my hair and soflty grip it. You begin to drive your cock slowly into my mouth. You take your time, slowly driving it in and then slowly pulling to the head only to drive it back into my mouth. I can feel my cock getting closer to cumming while I watch the excitment you get at fucking my mouth.

You begin a steady speed, thrusting your hips back n forth. You close your eyes, obviously imagining something. Maybe your imagining your cock driving into my tight ass or maybe my cock going into your ass. Whatever your imagining doing, your enjoying it. As you make love to my mouth I'm still stroking my cock. Your cock in my mouth excites me so much that I end up exploding in my hand.

It's not long after that you tense up and I feel your cock begin to pulse. Then I feel it. Your warm cum shoots into my mouth. Wave after wave of it, pulsing onto my tongue. You buck your hips to drive the cum into my mouth. I move my hand up to take control of your cock. I stroke your cock while I suck to get all the cum out of you. When I get as much as I can I pull you out. You gave me quite a load there. It's so warm, I can feel it sliding around my mouth. Then I swallow it all down. You lean against the wall breathing deep. I then lick your shaft and head to get any cum I might have missed. Then I squeeze up your shaft to get any cum still hiding. And looky there, another drop. I lick the cum off my hand while we smile at each other and laugh. Then I ask, "Wanna watch some tv?"
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2 months ago
You can call me any time and I'll be right over for some Naughty Fun that we'll both Like!
1 year ago
so what's your address?
1 year ago
1 year ago
i so wish i had people that i could call whenever i needed my fix of juicy cum!!!!!!
1 year ago
so when do we get to do this for real???