(Poetry) My Death

I felt your icy fingers upon my soul as you gazed into my eye.
I heard your demons beckoning as you lifted up your Scythe.
You called my name within your list as you wrung your hands in glee.
You beckoned my soul to heed your call but you won’t set me free.

I’ve earned a special place in your realm of suffering and pain.
You’ve waited for souls just like mine in this existence and plane.
I’d lead your minions of harvested souls that have lost their way in life.
To enhance Mankind’s suffering by creating mass pain and strife.

I’d be f***ed to live and to suffer on the Earth right now.
I’d have no joy and misery by taking unhallowed vows.
I’d exist on this plane in misery with the ignorant souls on this Earth.
I’d corrupt all the innocent souls from the time of their birth.

Since time began you searched throughout and harvested souls like mine.
You patiently waited for our time of death and collected us by design.
Some are minions, some are demons and some are like I am;
We would exist on this Earth as Generals of the Damned.

You commanded me to survive and corrupt all innocent souls,
By recruiting your minions one at a time by manipulation and control.
Exuding your will through maliciousness, I get the souls you desire.
So you’ll have the souls you crave for your unholy funeral pyre.

I’d lead your minions throughout the Earth, seeking the souls to reap.
I’d lead your demons throughout the land for those souls you want to keep.
I’d do your bidding on this Earth where God has abandoned the land.
I’d harvest the souls on this world where His holy name is banned.

I’d command the Unholy minions about as we cause suffering and pain.
I’d commit your armies into the fight and strengthen your domain.
I’d lead your f***es into this war with your banner held up high.
We’d harvest the souls to join the cause or increase your evil supply.

By your command I’d lead your troops with another banner in place,
by hiding the truth in an Army of Light as I command with another face.
I’d use His armies’ powers and the weapons that I know so well.
I’d collect those souls that you desire and fill the Abyss of Hell.

Master, I obey thy orders to me and submit to your evil will.
I’ll lead your minions throughout this Earth to ****, pillage and kill.
Master, I will do your beckoning and others will hear your call.
The Unholy will only grow in size as we conduct your evil cabal.

For flesh is weak and the will is soft, I’ll heed your evil command.
I’ve led your minions and collected souls out in the desert sand.
Mercenary minions of your will, we’ve lost our souls and grace.
We are the Soldiers of the Damned who lost identity and face.

We are the Ones that are tempted by the simple sins in life.
Tempted by adventure and profit, we cause chaos and strife.
We are the Masters of Misery and Pain and carry your bidding so well.
Replenishing your minions with fresh souls for the Eternal Armies of Hell.
100% (8/0)
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1 year ago
what's it like to have an old groupie?minion
1 year ago
Ya know, I get you and I am afraid, but compelled. Frightning. Stephanie
1 year ago
You can feel the darkness.
1 year ago
"I’d be f***ed to live and to suffer on the Earth right now.
I’d have no joy and misery by taking unhallowed vows."

I'm so sorry Frank. I feel as thought I can relate to your every word. The despair you feel of leading a life which is not wholly in line with your conscious; the feeling that you cannot resist the impulses you worked and trained so hard to instill within your very being; the actual relishing of that role as an administrator of death and destruction. I can't help but to see you struggling to find your own humanity against the backdrop of a life which was dedicated to war.

I agree with Bri 100%. Light and darkness both surround us at all times. It is our perception which determines how much of each we see. The guilt which I gleam is some of your poetry a man who possesses a very strong sense of right and wrong, who has a firm grasp on morality, and who IS a am man of peace and kindness. Yet your professional life demanded of you actions which were so grossly out of harmony with the true nature of your soul. It's difficult to forgive yourself for things you've done in the past, especially when you are (rightfully!) proud of the strength of character which afforded you the opportunity to fill such a unique and prestigious place in our armed forces.

All i can say is that you still have every damned right to feel proud of what you did, even if there is discord in your soul as result of certain actions. You served honorably and put your life at risk. At the end of the day, you did what you did for the soldier to the right and to left of you. Even in war, we are human, and sometimes our actions are dictated by anger and rage. Our emotions are warped out of necessity to help us cope with the unspeakable horror that both we and the enemy are perpetrating. Are souls bend in war, and when it is over, when we straighten our heads out again, if we are kind and compassionate people, we invariably are our own worst critics and it is easy to condemn.

Please don't condemn yourself. Just by virtue of writing this I think you are demonstrating that you are a valuable person. Your circumstances didn't destroy your humanity like it did many others. Your humanity is intact. And please remember that if you find yourself unable to let go of the guilt, know that guilt been the force which has given us some or our most revered saints. If you cannot forgive yourself, take that guilt, own it, and use it to affect the goodness and peace which I can see clearly resonates with the true song of your soul.
1 year ago
Nothing is true; everything is permitted.
-Hassan E. Sabbah aka the Old Man on the Mountain
1 year ago
Well that certainly is dark. I don't believe for a minute that this is the way you are. The darkness you see and feel is surrounded by light. One day it will penetrate back to your heart. You're a good man who has had a lot of bad things happen in this life. Know that you are loved in spite of the strife. Let the warmth wrap around you and smother out the cold. I hate to see you in this way. I know love will find you one day.
1 year ago
The Rat censors the words in the following order...

Force, Forces and Rape. Don't blame me. Had they just had a poetry area I'd post it there.