(Poetry) Soul Lost

I saw you in my dreams last night and you were smiling at me.
It’s the time when my mind’s at rest and when I feel serene.
No matter what you do in them, no matter what you say,
I cherish this most of all when I’m in night-time play.

It’s the little things about you that I miss most of all.
Did you feel my presence or my heart-felt call?
I saw the sparkle in your eyes and I miss you calling my name.
But now I know it wasn’t true and you were playing a game.

I cannot seem to stray away from longing thoughts of you.
You were my path of righteous light as I saw a different view.
You were my greatest Love I’ve ever known in my life.
I was on the road to redemption and wanted you as my Wife.

As the days go forth I wonder why you left me so alone,
Now I’m guarded and I fear that my heart has turned to stone.
As days become weeks and weeks become months, I think I miss you more.
Now I’m left with an empty void since you walked out the door.

How am I to live again when you’ve taken my heart with you?
You pulled the rug from under me and I didn’t have a clue.
I thought you loved me with all your heart, I thought you really cared.
Now I live in solitude and dwell on the things we shared.

There’s few things I do each day and I’ll always see your face.
There’s no joy in my life since I’ve fallen from your grace.
I have no smiles in my heart and there’s no more fun.
You were my island and my nation. You were my radiant Sun.

Now I’m just an empty man wandering without my soul.
Just a shell since you left; your absence has taken its toll.
How can I heal this vacant void you left in me that day?
Angels mourn our parting now as skies grow dark and gray.

I cried to God and confessed my sins just to have you back.
Now I see no future and my twisted world is black.
He abandoned me by taking you I begged Him as I swore.
Now I lost all faith in Him and we don't speak no more.
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1 year ago
I may not quit but I fail to try,
deep inside I'm still curled up and cry.

It's my destiny to be alone.
No woman to call on the phone.

Too jaded to begin again,
To start now or I don't know when.

I'm just starting to heal in my heart.
Knowing that I still love her although apart.

I cannot fathom the events for now,
you can see the stress on my brow.

I've had enough so I refuse to play.
So I choose not now or any other day.
1 year ago
You've loved, you've learned, you've stood at deaths door
It's no wonder you want no more

To say you haven't love for yourself
leaves little room for anyone else

You know as well as I
Today or tomorrow we might die

Please don't waste away
not now or any other day

You're worth more to some
so never let the day come

Don't give up the fight
You're no quitter, no, not this night
1 year ago
At times I still ask why,
why get up again and try.

But life has gotten me down,
I've got a permanent frown.

I do appreciate what you say,
but I'll wait for a better day.

I have no love for myself,
yet alone for anyone else.

Almost a year and I still wanna cry,
so now, I'll push my limits unless I die.

There's still hope but time is running out.
I'm still hurt and filled with doubt.
1 year ago
Love is a crazy thing
Well worth that initial sting

Don't let the darkness swallow the light
For this kind of love is willing to fight

Love is not the bad guy who's trying to win
Just wants the chance to show you a different kind of spin

Try not to close that out
Love is not easy. It's far from being about

Find out for yourself
Don't put your heart up on that shelf

Your a complex, intense man
I'd like to see you try once again
1 year ago
Love is a fleeting thing,
it has a painful sting.

You need darkness to have light,
my existence is a painful sight.

Love is a liar and brute,
discussing it further is moot.

My heart is closed for now,
I've taken a internal vow.
1 year ago
A soul twisted in pain
A loss without a gain

Darkness with no light
As for me I feel your plight

I have faith one sunny day
Love is waiting and will find it's way

Let yourself open a path to your heart
Live each day and life will play it's part

SassyBri ~