(Poetry) I Still Long For You

Your presence still haunts my neurotic thoughts and all my nocturnal dreams.
Half a year has gone by since we’ve made love and I still hear your erotic screams.
Your memory is seared in my mind as I remember your beautiful face.
But now I stare at the side of the bed which is now an empty space.

I was your Master and Servant, someone you thought you could tame.
I watched you writhe in pleasured agony, and felt you as you came.
I can feel your juices flowing down as l brought you closer to me.
I can feel your body grinding slowly with unbridled energy.

I hear your cries of passion as you grabbed my hair in vain.
I feel your body tensing up as you shivered, shuddered and came.
I feel your heartbeat pounding, as you were slowly catching your breath.
As I fell deeper in the Void, while your lips grew slick and wet.

Your hands were wrapped around my neck as you began to kiss my face.
I can feel my excitement growing firm while my heart began to race.
You teased me with your talented tongue as a Demon tempts with sin.
I could feel my anticipation slowly rising, and my desire burning within.

Your lips traced down upon my shaft, licking and sucking on me.
I can feel your warmth upon my skin as you began to set me free.
I let loose my fury within as my member clinched and flexed.
With an agonizing moan of ecstasy; I lay there totally spent.

The Planets aligned, Stars were brighter; the Universe was all in sync.
But as time flew by, we were foolish to act, and we really didn’t stop to think.
I still miss your loving memory but our time has come to pass.
Our time was short but loving, as it flew on by so fast.

Our hearts were boundless; our souls were forged within the Crucible of Love.
Our Passion was a heavenly gift from the Gods up high above.
Through the years of my life, so you’ll know; I’ve only loved a few.
So I have no choice but to persevere but I’ll always dream of You.
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Posted by Sinatra877
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1 year ago
i love this one
1 year ago
This is very lovely. I was actually rather touched by this. The line reading "When I feel your heart beat," really did make me catch my breath even before I read the second part, as I think you tapped into something universal to the dance lovers play with that remark. It's like you forget to breath when you feel the other person's life.
1 year ago
this is a very impassioned piece. so tender yet so bitter sweet in its journey.

nice poem :)
2 years ago
Absolutely. Every word. My muse was my personal pain.
2 years ago
well written.did u write this?